Wednesday, April 18, 2007

My Plan for this Year....

This year has been pretty erratic with my running. Trying to get used to my early work hours has been challenging for me and has affected my running. I am not going to make it to do Ice Age 50K--I haven't been able to get a long run beyond 15 miles in. Well, I think I"ve finally got it going steadily again, but I've made a big decision. I'm hiring a coach!

I've been pretty conservative with my running. Like many of my constant readers know, the girlfriend I ran my first marathon with got a pelvic fracture during that race and to this day has not been able to run. That and hearing about the many injuries that runners succomb to has made me ever so careful with my running. Though I must say I've always enjoyed myself, but I've always held myself back. I've hardly done any speed training.

So I went and asked Lisa Smith-Batchen - Endurance Athlete & Personal Coach to coach me through the rest of the year.....right into my first 50-miler Rocky Raccoon---and she said YES!!

I told her my goals were to run a 5-hour Chicago Marathon (last year was my PB at 5:14) and to just finish Rocky Raccoon. She said she could absolutely help me obtain those goals. Oh boy.....I must admit I'm scared but also verrrrry excited. She said last year she helped 20 of her clients achieve this goal and they had a big dinner there the night before. Wow---how amazing does that sound??!!

So this is my 50th birthday gift to myself--wanna come and help me celebrate???