Thursday, January 25, 2007

Changing things around...

I'm trying to get used to my new work schedule. Problem is, I can't wake up early enough to run before work. So I'm trying to run afterwards. It hasn't worked out too well...yet.

Two days this week I was just too tired to do an after-work run...I've been a morning person for as long as I can remember! I made it to the club a few days ago, but never even thought about worrying what I had for lunch! As a regular morning runner, there's never anything in my stomach before I run, except for a banana and a cup of coffee. The pickle I had with my sandwich for lunch that day was not settling in well a few hours later and it totally ruined my running.

I tried again tonight. Skipped the pickle that Panera Bread included with my tuna on wheat (love their bread!) and the run went much better. But.....I wasn't hungry for dinner afterwards! So I had my Endurox drink. Guess this will bring me down a few pounds!

The trainer approached me again.....offered me a free weight training hour with him. Begged me to try him out. I told him I can't afford him.....he gave me the whole sales pitch that the club will be having specials at the end of the month (probably around the time the "resolution people" fade away). I gave in.....Saturday at 3 pm. I told him I won't tolerate him beating me up as I want to run long on Sunday morning. If he tries, I'm just going to have to take him down!!

p.s. anyone interested in my amazing dating stories must fly out here and run with me!!! :) And remember, whatever is said on a run, stays on a run!!!!

Saturday, January 20, 2007

Tagged AGAIN!!!

It's just an epidemic!!
I must name 5 things that are mainly unknown about me......hmmmmmmm

1) I am an absolute PEN freak!! Never, and I mean NEVER leave me alone with your pens for you shall never find them again!!

2) I HATE shopping for clothes. When I absolutely must, I will go and buy an entire wardrobe so that I can avoid it again for years. (running stores are totally excluded from this hatred, I'm out of control when I get into one.)

3) I do believe I was one of the first to be on back in the day.....where I was given horrible looks from neighbors and friends when word got out.

4) I hired the same P.I. that checked out O.J. during his famous trial, to check out a man I was dating. (Did I forget to mention that I have THE MOST wildest dating stories from after my divorce??!!) I met this P.I. at a Denny's where he actually showed up in a trenchcoat!! His work was shoddy and I yelled at him and refused to pay him in full (No wonder O.J. got off!!)

5) When pushed I can argue like the wildest lawyer you know (I look very innocent don't I??--many confuse me with a librarian), in home care I was known for putting in catheters before you knew what hit you (or entered you as the case may be), I suck at drawing blood, I can curse and pull out my Brooklyn drawl in the thick of any ghetto situation, AND I am one wild disco dancer--raised during the 70's when the glistening ball in the middle of the ceiliing was all the rage!! Do the hustle....dododododododo!

You all didn't think I would only give you five now did you?? After all, I'm tawkin about ME here! :)

I won't tag anyone cause it goes against my religion..the eleventh commandment that Moses dropped stated....Tho shalt never pass on infections to the innocents. the fun stops here!

Friday, January 19, 2007

are we having fun yet????

Red Nails is correct....tho the actual name of the color is FISHNET STOCKINGS........

Sorry....just wanted to have some fun!! ;)

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Tricking My Mind

I'm going to try a trick with my mind. I'm going to say to myself, over and over, "Hey ultrarunner girl--what's going on? How do you run so fast and keep yourself looking so fantastic???" If I think I'm already there, maybe I'll get there faster!

After lots of reading up on what plan to use to prepare for my first ultra, Ice Age 50K on May 12th, I've decided to concoct my own plan. Well, sort of. I'll use the mileage of Pfitz's 55-mile a week, but go by my body's signs to see about the speedwork. Speedwork is pretty new to me, I play around with it by myself (run as fast as you can to the next tree), but nothing on a schedule. So far, no injuries in the three years I've been seriously running.

I do get a weekly massage (remember Beast Woman??) and I've been doing a series rolfing sessions which leaves me bruised (of which I've received lots of comments and concerns) and I'm sure those have helped my body stay looser. I also stretch during each run after my first two easy miles. I plan on continuing all that (tho I'll stop the rolfing after the 10 sessions--and I will make her ease up when she hits "7" in pain, not "11"---she's shocked how much pain I can take without much facial expressions, but then she says, "Oh yeah, you run marathons"--see what "they" think of us!!?)

So this week starts the training. Unfortunately, I've contracted quite the respiratory bug (I think from all the "infections" you guys gave me on here!) so I've been holding back a bit until I can fully breathe, but I'm rearing to go.

Oh---and, I accepted the new job. Starts next Monday. I've been saying goodbye to all my patients this past week, and I'm not liking that at all. I will miss many of them terribly, it was my most cherished part of the job. No more hands on care--but I'm going out on top--kinda like Michael Jordan huh? (hey....don't mess with my fantasies!)

p.s. I got my first manicure in years to prepare for the management job. Just guess the color!! :)

Friday, January 12, 2007

And another one...

I keep getting infected!! So here's the next one.....

1) Find nearest book
2) Name book and author
3) Turn to page 123
4) Go to 5th sentence and copy the next three to blog
5) tag 3 others

Here's the two books on my bedside table:

Tales Of A Female Nomad by Rita Golden Gelman
pp 123.....5th sentence:
Indonesians do not understand overt rudeness: whatever the circumstances, the impression of civility must always be maintained. I walk over and sit down. "Dr Galdikas, " I say, "I admire your work very much."

A Step Beyond: A Definitive Guide to Ultrarunning edited by Don Allison
pp123.....5th sentence
Swimming. This is one tough sport! More than in any other endurance sport, proper form and mechanics are paramount in swimming.

By the way, I would recommend both books highly.

p.s. I'm taking extra Vit C to avoid all other infections. :)

Wednesday, January 10, 2007


A-Available or Single? With a wonderful man who makes me believe again.
B-Best Friend? Haight and My Mom.
C-Cake or Pie? Decadent Cake (tho a hot apple pie with vanila ice cream comes close 2nd)
D-Drink of choice? Water
E- Essential Item? PENS!!
F-Favorite color? Red for passion!
G-Gummi Bears or worms? gummi bears (can I add white and dark chocolate??)
H-Hometown? Brooklyn, NY
I-Indulgence? weekly massage, BlackJack phone
J-January or February? January-I think Feb should be crossed off the calendar!
K-Kids & names? David & Stephanie
L-Life is incomplete without? a few loved ones
M-Marriage Date? Not sure I could do it again!
N-Number of siblings? 2--older sis, younger bro--I'm the stable middle child!! :)
O-Oranges or Apples? clementine oranges
P-Phobias/Fears? Losing my Mom
Q-Favorite Quote? "You tawkin to me?"
R-Reason to smile? cause I've been blessed
S-Season? Spring--flowers blooming are amazing to me
T-Tag three people
U-Unknown fact about me I used to be known for my speeches/fundraising skills
V-Veggie? I love them all---just hate the time to cut them all up.
W-Worst Habit? perfectionist
X-X-rays you've had? teeth, chest....blah, blah, blah
Y-Your favorite food? seafood (especially ones with tentacles--mmm)
Z-Zodiac? Sagittarius

Friday, January 05, 2007

Back to Basics

Had a great 12 mile run on the trails last Saturday. With my ipod, the time just flows. I didn't pay attention to my speed, just listened to my body....ran fast when I was stoked, walked if I needed to (not much!), and enjoyed being out alone on the trail.

I've enjoyed the relaxation of the runs of the last few weeks. I really only did what I wanted to do based on how my body was feeling, but I kept my mileage at 25 miles/week. Now it's time to get back to a training schedule.

I have my first 50K coming up in May, and it's time to decide on which plan I wish to use. I've definitely decided to hit the maximum mileage at 50 per week. I'm hoping my body will serve me well through it. I'm not doing well with weight training at the club, so I will need to get back to using my home hand held weights.

My mind goes back and forth so much regarding getting real buff for a runner, going faster or just enjoying this whole process without the competitive pressure. Both avenues attract me so I guess I'll see what develops.

Lots will be changing as far as my schedule goes. Seems the new job wants me....the hours are a concern though. I run in the morning and this job will require me to be there at 7:30, with about a 40-minute drive. A good hour run in the morning will see me waking up around 4ish. I know I can do that, but I will be in bed by 7:30 at night!! I'm boring enough hitting the sack by 8:30 nowadays. I'm not crazy about the thought of running after work, but I will have to try it out and see how it goes.

I got a new cell phone and number to prepare for this job as my current phone is thru my present job. Treated myself to a blackjack!! Oh boy---talk about toys!!! This will just blow you away!! Now I just hope I will have time to play with it!!

Time, also to pull in my diet habits. This past week my legs felt dead on my runs. That hasn't happened in months now. So I'm back to guzzling down water all day and getting the veggies in.

Here's to watching all our goals develop through the new year!!