Wednesday, January 10, 2007


A-Available or Single? With a wonderful man who makes me believe again.
B-Best Friend? Haight and My Mom.
C-Cake or Pie? Decadent Cake (tho a hot apple pie with vanila ice cream comes close 2nd)
D-Drink of choice? Water
E- Essential Item? PENS!!
F-Favorite color? Red for passion!
G-Gummi Bears or worms? gummi bears (can I add white and dark chocolate??)
H-Hometown? Brooklyn, NY
I-Indulgence? weekly massage, BlackJack phone
J-January or February? January-I think Feb should be crossed off the calendar!
K-Kids & names? David & Stephanie
L-Life is incomplete without? a few loved ones
M-Marriage Date? Not sure I could do it again!
N-Number of siblings? 2--older sis, younger bro--I'm the stable middle child!! :)
O-Oranges or Apples? clementine oranges
P-Phobias/Fears? Losing my Mom
Q-Favorite Quote? "You tawkin to me?"
R-Reason to smile? cause I've been blessed
S-Season? Spring--flowers blooming are amazing to me
T-Tag three people
U-Unknown fact about me I used to be known for my speeches/fundraising skills
V-Veggie? I love them all---just hate the time to cut them all up.
W-Worst Habit? perfectionist
X-X-rays you've had? teeth, chest....blah, blah, blah
Y-Your favorite food? seafood (especially ones with tentacles--mmm)
Z-Zodiac? Sagittarius


Reen said...

Great List! Were you really up at 2:05am?

Jack said...

D & G - Thats me.
J - I totally agree with Feb. (no races in Germany in February :(
L & R- Totally yes!
V - That's me too.
Y - Tentacles? You're weird (but in a loving way).

Chris said...

So many tentacle jokes...

Congrats on keeping up 25/week. I'll be ready to hang in a couple weeks, just have to remind my legs what motion feels like first. :) see you soon.

Neese said...

lol re: PENS!!

JeffM said...

Good answers!
Tentacles? As in octopus and squid?

*jeanne* said...

Food with TENTACLES.

OOOOK. This is where you and I DIVERGE. HUGELY.

Ryan said...

Good stuff thx for sharing! One of my favorite foods with tentacles fried calamari…yumm! BTW nice job on that 12 mile trail run, also I just got tetris on my phone, I think I need to add black jack, it's great for the commute.

From Here to There said...

Totally agree with you on cutting up veggies... sigh.

Black Knight said...

Nice list. I see that the infections are always worst, now the questions are 26!