Monday, August 28, 2006

Time to Relax

I'm in New Jersey, visiting my Mom for the week. I'm enjoying myself very much...but I'll back up to get this blog up-to-date.

Had a real shitty run. Four miles that felt like I was a brand new runner with every step I took. Not sure what was up with I'll just chalk it up to "some days are like that".

Ran 12 miles with the half-marathon training program, then another 4 miles with my girlfriends. My group did great....this was the longest run for many of them. It is very exciting to watch them all accomplish this goal...tho it's too bad I won't actually be running with them at their race because it's my 20-miler long run on that day. I'm hoping to have some kind of get-together with them the next week to listen to all their exciting race stories.

I finally invested in two ice paks and got rid of the frozen peas. Boy these things are damn expensive!! But they're much bigger so they cover a larger part of my leg. I still havent had the courage to do an ice bath....maybe with the 18 miler!

Left real early for the airport...checked in my luggage at curb check-in and I had already gotten my boarding pass online, so all I had to do was get through security which was pretty uneventful. Thank goodness! With all that's going on out there, I was concerned that it would have been a very stressful day. Piece of cake!

Went out for a 5-mile run around my Mom's retirement community. She does a 3-mile walk a few times a week so I followed her route (I won't tell her it's just under 3 miles) and the second time around I cut it short. It's strange here......there are leaves already on the ground. We don't usually get the leaves falling until the first week in October. What is happening with this climate?????

Thursday, August 24, 2006


Last year's Chicago Marathon. Rene, Haight and I at the Start line. Just a reminder to get us all pumped again!!!

Sunday, August 20, 2006


Can you stretch your quads on one leg and sip on Sheila's favorite drink with your free hand?

Whatta Weekend

Set up to pick up Cris--Brooklyn Blogger at 6:30 am. He was in a real crunch for time, so I knew we couldnt do the entire run with my group. I'd have to cut it short in order to get him back to the Congress Hotel for a meeting with his boss. No problem--it's what we RBF'ers do for each other.

He was outside stretching when I arrived--looks just like his blog pics. I drove to the lakefront and introduced him to the other runners in the group, along with a few of my girlfriends. The temp outside was nice but the air was so thick you could slice through it, so we did some walking with our running. I think I lost one of the runners forever to Cathy's faster group (he's a young, single guy--have I mentioned that Cathy's group is young, single women??) Can't say I blame him!!

Cris was a doll--a fun guy to run with. Too bad I waited too long to sign up for the NYC Half Marathon next Sunday, as I'll be in town visiting my Mom and I could have run it with Cris. Oh well, it was closed out by the time I decided--what a crazy town! I got him back to the hotel in time for a shower--I'm sure his boss appreciated that. Thanks for making time for me Cris--til next time!

OK Rene--you've had enough time to recouperate from the '06 Chicago Marathon--now you need to be my running partner again!! We met for a loooong hike on my favorite trail on Sunday morning. No more wussie crap about her body is still broke/hurt/achy/painful. Enough I say!! What do the therapists and Doctors really know anyways??!! Lora needs Rene to run her in the marathon in ten weeks---GET BACK INTO IT RENE!!!

Rene was my partner through my first marathon training program. She got me thru it when I hit the wall at 21 miles. Without her, I probably would have walked the rest of the way in. But she was telling me how great this was, positive talking the whole way!! She was amazing! AND--we later learned she did it all with a chipped pelvis bone--Rene is my hero and I want her back!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, August 16, 2006


Good & Plenty....unopened
weight lifting.....2x this week
runs.....4 miles, 5 miles, 4 miles so far--on schedule
icing....every night
stretching....every night
fluids.....urine is consistently light yellow

So arent the first two allowed if all else is perfect????

Another Great Running Day

I didn't expect today's 4 miles to be so good. I started out a bit achy, with tight hamstrings that I've been fighting for awhile. So I walked and ran--did the hill down Ravine Rd--sweated up a storm. I've been feeling a bit more dizzy after my runs the last few days, so today I took a Succeed tablet as soon as I got home. I'll see how that works out. I naturally have very low blood sugar (90/50) so salt and I are good friends.

I came home and did a strong upper body weight lifting regimen. Honestly, I just can't get over how strong I've been feeling. There are times when I feel I'm too old to really buff up and get into the ultra running world...then there are days like today where I run pass the 20 and 30-something runners and think, "Yeah, this is what 48 looks like, so keep it up!" is in Chicago for business this week. I'm draggin him out on Saturday morning with my running group for 7 miles. Hopefully he'll feel up to running another few with me and my girlfriend Cathy, who is doing NYC Marathon, same as him.

I'll be in NJ next Sunday visiting Mom for a week--she is on a whirlwind of grabbing in theatrical performances (she just saw Music Man & Cats) so I told her to leave something for me to share with her. I can't wait!

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Today I Was ON

5 Magnificent Miles---down to my secret hiding place--ravines, rocks and roots. A glorious run!! I should make it a lap event--it's really too beautiful to keep to myself. 10 laps---a 50-miler! We really need some ultras in this area.....hmmmmmmm.

And the energy....where did it come from??? Could it be the stuff some bad boy brought home last night???

Which bad boy you ask????

Monday, August 14, 2006

You're All So Patient

So what's those pictures about. OK---here's the scoop.......I think I'll go backwards.....

I have a new love....a new water bottle...I'm naming him Bruno. See, he saved me....took the brunt of my fall today...I came crashing down this morning while out on a run and Bruno stepped up to take in the bruising and possible breakage. So I've raised him to god-like status...along with my Buddha....that's his new spot. He deserves it! He be da MAN!! Peacefulness from Buddha, Strength from Bruno. I'm a lucky girl!

Hiking day! Haight and I took the pup and went out to my new favorite trail. We hiked for about 6 miles. It was just so peaceful and helped in getting the kinks out from my long run the day before.

Ahhh...the best is saved for the last. What a wonderful day I had. I started the day with a long run with my group. They ran 10 miles--did great. For most of them, this was the longest they've ever ran--they all held up well. They all had water bottles--I'm so proud of my little group!

I went on for another 4 miles with Cathy, a gal from my running club who is also a pace leader on the lakefront. I'll be runnig Milwaukee & Chicago Marathons with her. Yep, we've lost our minds.

Saturday night Haight treated me to a night at Ravinia to see the performance of Gypsy! Starring Patti Lupone as Mama Rose! Mannnn....I was in freakin heaven!!! I MISS BROADWAY!! I MISS THE PEOPLE THAT GO TO BROADWAY!! It was unreal....the people (oh gay men I sooo miss you--my town is so frigging beige) and Patti was to die for! May she have many years of belting it out for us, sharing her amazing talent. GoPattiGo!!

Have you seen the show? The movie? Rosalind Russell as Mama Rose and Natalie Wood as Gypsy--a must-see movie!! Ya gotta have a gimick! ;)

to be continued (ran out of time)

Friday, August 11, 2006

Pouring it on

I love Fridays. It means I made it thru the week without telling upper management that they are mean people and I quit! Of course, I dream of telling them with a Brooklyn edge to my words. Ahhhh, the amazing thing about growing older and wiser is that I can manage the unfairness in this world with a shrug, and just move on. It is what it is, but it amazes me--my reaction, that is.

I was once a street smart girl. A tough chick. I once got out of my car when a car full of disco gals (like mine) tried to take my parking spot, walked up to their car, placed my crotch up against the edge of it, and said, "Go ahead, just try to park here." Oh yeah, I was tough---I wasnt even 21. And I looked like the girl next door.

Not many understood me back then. How could they....I mostly hid that behavior. Expressed it in wild situations like that. My friends were always shocked when I did things like that. I'm lucky to be alive from some of the antics I pulled. My folks had no idea. I was a great student. I loved to read. I looked sweet and innocent. Had a very calm affect about me. Helped me get away with lots. I was like two different people.

Anger brewing in this adorable young lady which would take years to work through. And not without some damage of course. but I made it. Why, I wondered. Why didn't I become trash..I really had no guidance. But I kept plugging along....going blindly ahead in life. Demanding an education. Craving it. Keeping my sweet look thru it all. Why???? two little words...unconditional love. By Mom & Dad. They had no clue of my behavior outside of home. But they loved me like crazy. Dad sparkled when I was near. Mom loved to listen. It saved me. And taught me a tremendous lesson.

And I have learned how to do it back. See, last night I went with my baby...for college orientation. She is a bright girl...wants to be a pediatrician....but she messed up in HS. She was tough...street smart tough--but she, unlike me, let it all out. To anybody that got in her way. Had (has) a very big mouth--an attitude that nobody could beat her down. It got her kicked out of school, had to finish up at a computer-seated-loss-of-identity-storefront-makeshift-HS. But she finished. Walked down the aisle with the rest of them and got her diploma (with me praying the whole time that she wouldnt give them the finger as she crossed the stage)

So now she is going to a community college near home. All of her friends are leaving soon. Off to Colorado, Iowa, Univ of Illinois, Florida, Kansas, Michigan, Wisconsin. This beautiful, bright girl is staying behind for damage she has done--from damage done to her. A very hard lesson for sure. So I listened last night. On the car ride there and back. Through her tears and illogical expressions, I listened. And I told her I was proud of her. And that I loved her. And that she can do this. It didn't wrench my heart out. It's part of her journey to a healthier life. And I'll always be there. To listen. I've learned it's an incredibly rare talent. To just listen. But a few did it for me. And now I'm giving it back. And so it goes............

"Women are made to be loved, not understood." Oscar Wilde

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

My Goal for Today...


Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Keeping On...

Had a great weekend. Ran with the Saturday morning runners training for the Chicago 1/2 Marathon--did 8 miles with them. My little group is holding physical issues so far. Next week is double digits for them, it's been pretty cool to watch them progress and get excited. That's the greatest reward in helping out.

Sunday I missed an email from Kent, my new ultra runner pal, so I went running myself at the beautiful trail he introduced me to. I was prepared for a nice, HOT, long run. I strapped my waist pack on with an extra Gatorade bottle, two packs of jelly beans, and a hand-held bottle.

I got to the trail and set out. Well, the trail is a bit confusing for a newbie. I ran all around for 7 miles until I found the right way to go!! Sheesh!! I was even concerned with safety. I've never run alone away from my neighborhood, and I wondered how it would be. There were about 15 bikers that passed me in two hours, and only two runners. Pretty sparse area, perfect for the peacefulness, but a bit scarey. I think it's ingrained in us women to worry when we're alone, and I knew that if anyone approached me, I could be in trouble. I hate that I have to deal with that, but it's reality. I'm sure I'd be good at the old "hard kick" all our Dad's tell us to do, but I wanted something a bit more concrete. So I bought a pepper spray at NB when I bought my new shoes. Just feels weird.

The next day I had the great pleasure of being bullied by Beast fabulous masseuse. She told me something interesting regarding some of my aches and pains in my legs---ice your knees and at the same time, use a heating pad on your thighs. She says it confuses the nervous system. I got a real kick out of that. I'm a medical want me to consciously 'confuse my nervous system'????? me crazy...but I'm game. I did it that night.....guess what? Yep...the aches are gone. Go figure!! Are you brave enough???

Friday, August 04, 2006

It's TWINS!!!

6 lb and 8lb non-bouncing medicine balls!! They just arrived to join their cousins, hand weights and a stability ball, in helping me stay in shape.

Sheila recommended the book Strength Ball Training, which I'm waiting for delivery. In the meantime, I've been strength training casually. I know I have to pick it up steadily, my goal is three times a week, but this heat has drained me this week.

Hopefully, this will get me moving.

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Alpine Runners Pizza Party

I've been away from my running group--the Alpine Runners for about a month now. It was great to see everyone. Todd, who ran with me at my pace, continues to give me grief for leaving him to be on the lakefront. But the gals in the pic I get to see often, two of them are also pace leaders with me. These are also the gals I'll be rooming with in Milwaukee and cutting up the Marathon course. Yep, we're crossing the border and gonna make some trouble!!