Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Keeping On...

Had a great weekend. Ran with the Saturday morning runners training for the Chicago 1/2 Marathon--did 8 miles with them. My little group is holding up...no physical issues so far. Next week is double digits for them, it's been pretty cool to watch them progress and get excited. That's the greatest reward in helping out.

Sunday I missed an email from Kent, my new ultra runner pal, so I went running myself at the beautiful trail he introduced me to. I was prepared for a nice, HOT, long run. I strapped my waist pack on with an extra Gatorade bottle, two packs of jelly beans, and a hand-held bottle.

I got to the trail and set out. Well, the trail is a bit confusing for a newbie. I ran all around for 7 miles until I found the right way to go!! Sheesh!! I was even concerned with safety. I've never run alone away from my neighborhood, and I wondered how it would be. There were about 15 bikers that passed me in two hours, and only two runners. Pretty sparse area, perfect for the peacefulness, but a bit scarey. I think it's ingrained in us women to worry when we're alone, and I knew that if anyone approached me, I could be in trouble. I hate that I have to deal with that, but it's reality. I'm sure I'd be good at the old "hard kick" all our Dad's tell us to do, but I wanted something a bit more concrete. So I bought a pepper spray at NB when I bought my new shoes. Just feels weird.

The next day I had the great pleasure of being bullied by Beast Woman...my fabulous masseuse. She told me something interesting regarding some of my aches and pains in my legs---ice your knees and at the same time, use a heating pad on your thighs. She says it confuses the nervous system. I got a real kick out of that. I'm a medical person....you want me to consciously 'confuse my nervous system'????? OK.....call me crazy...but I'm game. I did it that night.....guess what? Yep...the aches are gone. Go figure!! Are you brave enough???


neese said...

sweet. i'm up for new techniques!

way to go on the run, i totally understand what you mean about that feeling.

Mike said...

Run defensively - The pepper spray is a good call!

I need to go see my own version of the "Beast Woman" here...I wonder if they could be related! ;-)

Todd said...

I need a massage but not from a beast woman. if I wanted a beast woman I see my ex gf.

yeah I am scared when I run alone also. Now you know why I am sad your gone. I need you to protect me.

Firefly's Running said...

Cool! I will have try that technique when I hurting next. Pepperspray is VERY good to carry with you.