Sunday, November 26, 2006

She's mine, all mine...

I broke down!! I had to have her! My son let me borrow his fancier ipod for my 10 mile run on Saturday. He has a special playlist on it just for me, but he will be moving to his own place next week. So I just had to get my own.....and it comes in RED!!!! Even the armband is red! My most favorite color in the world!! It's all about passion, isn't it??

Running with music is such a treat for me. And as I may be running alone on my long runs for awhile to come, I'm really excited to have "company".

I'm building up mileage. I've stopped running to my favorite ravine because the hill workout there is too much with the increased mileage. I'll increase on flatland, then worry about speedwork. Meanwhile, I continue doing my weight training. I"m devoting 2007 all for the Ultras I hope to be able to do. I've been reading lots at So much to learn, I love it!!! I'm maintaining my weight loss, which is my goal thru the new year.

I move to my new condo on Tuesday. I have two weeks off to get everything organized. Lots going on, but it's all good.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Boot Camp--checked off!!! :)

I survived and conquered!! And I believe I found the Fountain of Youth in the meantime. Who knew it was all about strength training, aerobics and good foods? A wonderful support system keeps the smile there, tho. And I include my blogger pals in that group!!

A very Happy & Hearty Thanksgiving to you all!!
I think I smell the pies baking already!

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Settling Down...

I'm home from NJ. It was a fast in and out....left Friday nite with the kids, straight from work and returned very early Monday morning and went right to a patient. But it was wonderful! The ceremony at my Dad's gravesite was very "hamish"--a yiddish word meaning "full of warmth and love". My brother said some beautiful words and the survivors stood together with our arms around each other. The older Grandkids wore my Dads hats for fun just before we left (I wanted them to wear it to the cemetery, but Mom nixed that!) That's my son and daughter on the left and my oldest nephew on the right. Of course, we all returned to Mom's house for some food--it ain't a Jewish get together without food!! Eat Mamala Eat!!

I did pretty good with my eating over the weekend. I did indulge some--Mom had frozen chocolate twists in the freezer--OMG!! And the kids bought me a bag of tootsie rolls to make me feel good--so how could I not! No guilt, trust me! It was worth every bite.

I ran 9 miles around Mom's retirement community on Saturday. The elderly neighbors were out doing their morning walk and cheered me on as I passed them. My brother and Mom went out walking while I was running, so I had some wonderful company on my walking breaks.

I ran during the same hours as the JFK 50-miler, so I pretended I was running with
Run with Me and Relentless Runner, spurring them on to the finish. I pretended Mom's house was one of the pitstops along the way, and I named it The "Mamala/Tatala-you-should-stop-and-eat-before-you-fade-away-to-nothing" PitStop. I ate 1/4 of a bagel & cream cheese there at 4.5 miles, went to the bathroom, stretched and continued on, just like in a real ultra, huh? I know....I have quite the imagination! Ya gotta dream!!!!

Tuesday, November 14, 2006


I have one week left of the Boot Camp I signed up for with I am supposed to be 4 lbs less by next week! I have maintained the last few weeks, but not lost, because I didn't tighten up my eating habits. My exercising is never a problem for me as I love to run and I've gotten the weight training in 3x week (of which I am really proud).

So I've accomplished a lot in this Boot Camp but not what the Coach expected of me. Therefore, as of today I'm kicking it in HIGH GEAR and I'm going to get there by next week! This will be most rough when I get to NJ for the weekend as Mom LOVES enticing me with chocolate, my all-time weakness! So here's my pat answer for her, "NO MOM....I can't.....I will lose money if I eat that!" Think it will work???? Lord give me strength!!!

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Girls Best Friend

Nothing like a 5 mile sunrise walk with one's pup to soothe one's soul.

I've had a rough week--planning a trip to NJ next weekend for Dad's cemetary plot unveiling and having to discuss Hospice with a patient's family just took so much out of me. I'm quietly soothing myself, with the wonderful help of those closest to me (and wonderful blogger pals who have made soothing comments) so I'm slowly coming back to myself.

My running is going real well, and I'm looking forward to Saturdays morning run--or rather the breakfast afterwards to hear the NYC Marathon stories.

and so it goes.......

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Monday, November 06, 2006

Pfitzy Lora

This week will have me up to 20 miles. Three weeks post-marathon and I'm feeling good. I will slowly build up to 30 miles/week. By the second week in January I will attempt my first Pfitz plan--up to 55 miles/week as I head towards my first 50K.

Lotsa firsts happening here for me--let's just hope this body holds out.

Friday, November 03, 2006

Lifestyle Changes

Some of you have asked me how I did it. I've done many changes to how I live my life eating wise, but I will say the biggest impact has been this book... Start there!

Changes I've made....

  1. 3-4 cups fresh veggies daily
  2. 8 cups water daily
  3. equal protein and carbs in a meal
  4. at least 540 minutes of exercise per week
  5. Small meals, 4-6 per day
  6. Resistance training 3x week (part of 540 mins)
  7. Daily Multi-Vitamin (Centrum)
  8. Daily Fish Oil Pill
  9. Daily Calcium/Magnesium (my pms is cured!!)

Do not forget that veggies and fruits are CARBS! This is where carb loading happens...not the pasta and rice we've all been told to do. I gained 10 lbs my first year of training due to this--it is WAY TOO EASY to overeat pasta. Can you only eat a portion size?? 1/2 cup?? I doubt it!

more thoughts to come.....