Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Food for Skeeters

Ran 5 miles this morning. Felt twinges, but it was so damn hot! I was dripping and the mosquitos were feasting on me! I'll bet I lost a 1/4 lb from all the blood they sucked from my body! Bastards! I'll also be doing stomach crunches tonite...I'm going for 200--100 each for Rob and Mr Toast!

I ran past Ravinia Festival..they were already busy setting up for tonight. It's a special day there for me...see, my daughter graduates from HS there tonite! My baby girl! I can't believe we made it! It has been a very rough journey since my divorce 10 years ago. She handled it with a lot of anger, which came out mostly at school. Unfortunately, most of the teachers and counselors she came across handled all this with punishments. That, of course, only made her more angry. Only one person came thru, Dean Bean. He was a special man who, having been from a ghetto, knew how kids react when homelife is stressful and they don't know how to let it out in a healthy manner. He listened to her, gave her time and always told her he believed in her. He was one of those special people you come across in life that stays with you forever. He left the school after a year, but he said he'll be back tonight just to see her graduate! I look forward to seeing him and telling him again how much he meant to us. And special kudos to my baby girl....she made it through, kicking and screaming, but damn.....she made it! Deep breath aint over yet!!

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

working out well

Today's workout: 1 hr bikeride......100 crunches on stability ball. What I learned about myself today is that I truly love being by myself when I run or bike during the week. I get so lost in my thoughts. I also realized that I'm all about endurance. On the bike, it takes me about 1/2 hr to get warmed up....on a run, it takes me close to 3 miles. Then I'm in the groove---what a high!!!!

Monday, May 29, 2006

Getting Back into It All

This week should find me back up to a 20-mile running week since I sprained my foot. Next week I will start building up for the Marathon. So far nothing is creaking or causing any concern. I'm hoping to be stretching, weight training and xtraining enough to stay injury-free.

I've lost 3 pounds already since starting the Leanness Lifestyle program on Friday. Boy they sure make you accountable. But I guess that's the point....we as Americans sure do eat waaay too much. And I think since I really started running again a few years ago, I've given myself a little extra okay to eat more, after all, I'm a marathoner! Shouldn't everything you put in your mouth be burned off?? Well....I've learned in organic chemistry how it really works, that dreaded Krebs Cycle that gave me nightmares trying to memorize it....that's the reality of what one burns...I know it, but I try to forget it and think I deserve the treats I give myself. Well sure I do....but there's a price to pay, and I no longer want to pay it. So, it's time to step out of denial and get what I truly want in life...the fit and healthy body I work so hard for.

Friday, May 26, 2006

Just stop hitting the register button!!

So, The people at Chicago Marathon sent out emails to all of us who did the event last year with a warning of doomsday!! Seems that they are almost at capacity and told us to hurry up and register--within the next day or two!! So guess what silly girl here did??? Yep--gonna do that marathon again. As it was my first and only marathon so far, my time can only get better right?????

So here's the upcoming few months:
6/25 Naperville Women's Only Triatlon--Sprint distance
7/22 Waterfall Glen Xtreme 10-mile Trail Race
9/4 Runner's Edge Trail Half-Marathon
10/22 Chicago Marathon

I've also signed up with Club Lifestyle - Tranform Your Body--Transform Your Life as so highly recommended on Julie Berg: Run On site. Time to lose that last few pounds that are dragging me down.

Ummmm......I'm also putting my house up for sale in the month of June and moving in November. Yeah....I've lost my mind!

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Have I Lost My Mind???

This guy made me do it---> Live to Run - Run to Live. He told me the NYC Marathon deadline for the lottery is the end of this month. SO I SENT IN MY REGISTRATION! I have no intention of running NYC this year, I'm not ready---BUT.....after 3 consecutive rejections, you are automatically in. This is my first application, in 3 years I'll be plenty ready for those bridges. Please pray they don't accept me this year!!

Saturday, May 20, 2006

Why I missed Going to Cleveland....

I didn't go to Cleveland with my running group cuz my daughter had her Senior Prom. That's her on the left with her best friend. They grow up so damn fast!!!

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Ice Age Trail

Volunteering at the Ice Age 50-miler was lots of fun! We handed out plenty of goodies--potato chips, pretzels, pb&j sandwiches, licorice, m&ms, chocolate chip cookies, choc covered grahams, water, coke and Succeed! drink. Coke was the biggest request--lots of stomach issues by mile 40! The runners were very polite, thanking us for volunteering and most still had their sense of humor. When asked if they needed anything, many replied, "A new set of legs." One runner, when I asked what the "N" tattoo on his leg stood for told me, "Knowledge"! Hopefully, I'll be a runner here next year!!

Friday, May 12, 2006

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Visiting Mom

Spent the weekend with Mom back in NJ. On Saturday, we went into NYC to see an off-broadway show titled, "A Jew Grows in Brooklyn". Leave it to my Mom to find a show like that. It was a blast, though. Walked all over the city, well, the west side actually. Gosh, there's a Starbucks on 9th Avenue--the ultimate American statement that an area has changed. That's Mom wearing green in Times Square. And, of course, the best pizza in the world is made in NYC (don't even bother to try to argue this point) so I had to give it its due!! Next time I'll get pics of the hot dog/pretzel street vendors--another one of my NYC favorites!! Only place I have found where you can get mustard and cold sauerkraut on your hot dog--mmmm---I crave it!! So good to see Mom doing so well--and, praise the lord, cancer free!! We celebrated all weekend by eating chocolate!!

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Back in the Saddle

I RAN TODAY!!! YIPPEE!! Only 2 miles at a slow pace--didn't want to take any chances--but all was in working order. Not sure I'll be ready for the Cleveland Half in 2 1/2 wks, but that's ok--I'll do what I can or cheer everyone else on. No reason to sweat the small stuff.

Got rid of the coach. Had three months with her and I think I can manage by myself. I read all these blogs with great info, read all the right books and get some personal info from strong runners around me--so I'm gonna go with the flow. Feels better that way right now.

Got a sneak peek at my condo being built. A pre-dry wall walk-thru. Got to see all the wires and stuff. I like the hat--wish I went into construction. Are there nerdy construction workers??

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Never Enough to Challenge Oneself

So my friend Fred (6time IM) is now into Orienteering Races. I've been following along with his reports and am fascinated! He went with a group of guys into the woods this past Sunday, with a map and a compass, and had to find their way to markers, and then to the finish. Sounded too fun!! So, of course, I bought an Orienteering book (ever the nerd) and will try to learn how to do it. There are nine more events this year. Isn't life funny...I just get the greatest gps watch out there, and now I'll be doing an event that you can only use a compass??? Life is never boring in these parts!!