Monday, May 29, 2006

Getting Back into It All

This week should find me back up to a 20-mile running week since I sprained my foot. Next week I will start building up for the Marathon. So far nothing is creaking or causing any concern. I'm hoping to be stretching, weight training and xtraining enough to stay injury-free.

I've lost 3 pounds already since starting the Leanness Lifestyle program on Friday. Boy they sure make you accountable. But I guess that's the point....we as Americans sure do eat waaay too much. And I think since I really started running again a few years ago, I've given myself a little extra okay to eat more, after all, I'm a marathoner! Shouldn't everything you put in your mouth be burned off?? Well....I've learned in organic chemistry how it really works, that dreaded Krebs Cycle that gave me nightmares trying to memorize it....that's the reality of what one burns...I know it, but I try to forget it and think I deserve the treats I give myself. Well sure I do....but there's a price to pay, and I no longer want to pay it. So, it's time to step out of denial and get what I truly want in life...the fit and healthy body I work so hard for.


angie's pink fuzzy said...

you can do it!!!

Jack said...

Great post! I've been stuck on the same weight (15 pounds too much) ever since I started training for a marathon about 15 months ago. I always thought I could get away with eating more because I run so much. Totally not true! I have been trying to find the fine line between enough (to provide the needed energy) and too much. I'll have to write a book when I figure it out.

Good luck with your goals!

iliketoast said...

you are great just the way you are