Sunday, May 27, 2007

Soldier Field !0 Miler

What a fun race!! About 5000 runners were signed up. Though it didn't seem as crowded as that.
I followed Coach Lisa's instructions and warmed up for 10 minutes, ran easy the first two miles of the race, then did a run/walk combo, and kicked it in the last two miles.
I was hoping for a 2 hour time---I made it in 1:56:26!! I'm real pleased as I'm just starting to get back into the shape I was last year and it seems with my Coach's new plan, my body is responding quicker.
I've added the Tucson Marathon to my list of races for this year and I'll be celebrating my 50th birthday there as it is close to my real birthday. Coach Lisa will be there with a bunch of the folks she's coaching, so it should be a fun time!!
I'm treating myself to Ben & Jerry's Mint Chocolate Chunk tonite (don't tell Coach!!).

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Not Even 3/4 of a Glass???

I had a difficult run today---why would that be?? I tried to think--I slept hard last night==why would that be??? Well.....I'm a cheap date. I only need 3/4 of a glass of wine to hit the "tipsy" status. Yep...real cheap date. Went out with the girls from work to celebrate one of them finishing chemo for breast cancer and I had my favorite wine. I only left with cursing as my only vice??!!

Saturdays I've been running along Lake Michigan, along the parks of Evanston, IL and meeting up with the magnificent campus of Northwestern University. It's mostly trail running, so my legs are happy campers. I love seeing all sorts of folks out there, running, walking, hiking, picnicing. There was some sort of Walk for the Family going on with lots of strollers and lil tykes out there. How fun!

I bought the radio extension for my ipod and am sooo enjoying NPR while I run. I sometimes need a break from just music, and laughing during my run is most enjoyable.

And, you'll all be glad to know, my jumproping is getting better. I'm just about at a full 2 minutes of it!!! Next Saturday is my next race...The Soldier Field 10-Miler....where we wind up on the 50 yard line at the finish. Too cool, huh???

Monday, May 14, 2007

The Greatest Gifts in my babies...

I feel so blessed to have the gift of children!!

Sunday, May 06, 2007

Training Has Begun

I got my first two weeks schedule for training. Interesting to see that my coach fully believes in a mix of running and walking and a day of powerwalking. I've discovered I'm a much stronger runner when I mix the two together.

She has me starting slowly, the first two weeks I suppose is to see how I do and then know where to proceed from there. I've done my first yoga class already and loved it. Of course, as my luck would have it the intstructor who so impressed me is leaving for the summer! The class was interesting as ten years ago yoga was only known in very small circles.

I went to dinner with three guys that use my coach, well actually two of them hire her, the other enjoys learning from his friends. These two were wearing Marathon Des Sables teeshirts and were happy to share their experiences. They believe that will soon become my goal too. Well, I've learned never to say never! I certainly never thought I'd be training for a 50-miler when I was heading towards my first marathon!

So far, I've done running/walking, powerwalking, the elliptical, spin class, core exercises and a yoga class. She had me buy a weighted jumprope too---can't ever remember the last time I used one!! I was probably 10 years old!!

When I told her about my puppy eating my $500 custom orthotics she recommended I purchase this: Treat-Heal-Cure: Plantar Fasciitis & Heel Spurs which I have and noticed I had no shin pain while running. Spending $30 is much more appealing to me, so I'll see if it continues to work in the long run.

She also has had me track my eating over the last two weeks. I don't think she'll like seeing the few cups of ice cream I indulged in, but ya gotta live, don't ya??

I'll be at the Ice Age Race this coming Saturday, serving at the 40-mile water stop. My daughter will be joining me, and will help me cook our family's special chicken soup for the runners. So stay tuned for pics!!