Sunday, April 27, 2008

Anne and Lora

My crazy girlfriend who wants to run MdS with me (we're at her daughter's wedding this past Saturday night)!!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Marathon Des Sables

I'm on the list!!

Hopefully, Jay and Lisa will have room for me!! If so, this year I will be training heavy--and it's all about Mom. She was so proud of me when I did Rocky Raccoon, one of my cousins from Israel emailed us her answering machine message, which we read at the funeral, where she talked about it (and my brother transferred it over to a file that I now have on my computer). So this is for you Mom! I know you'll be watching me the whole way!!

I"ve finally started to lose weight. My head just wasn't in it. I have been watching my weight since I hit puberty and it's so damn tiring! I have a real sugar addiction, especially chocolate, so it's really a life-long thing. But when I started getting close to hitting 50, I felt like enough is enough. At this age I should eat whatever I want, whenever I want it! Right??!! Wrong!!

This extra 20 lbs I gained (and most of it from my old office job--geeze, the crap everyone keeps around by their desks is evil! I'm back in the field seeing patients, so bye-bye office and all your sugar-shit!!) just has to go.

I've been running outside again. The weather in Chicago has finally broken, so I'm running during the week by Northwestern University, and on Saturdays I'm back with my running group on the lake in Chicago.

It's been a bit of an adjustment being outside due to my asthma, but I'm working on it. Slowly but surely I'll get it all back.

I'll be leading the Chicago Half Marathon training program again this year. We had 200 sign up for it last year, and they are predicting more this year. Unreal how many are getting into running. The Chicago Marathon just closed -- hitting 45,000 already!! So I guess it'll continue to take me 25 minutes to get to that starting line!!

I've also signed up for a Women's Only Running Camp in June led by Coach Lisa. It'll be in Wyoming in a beautiful resort Grand Targhee Resort so I'm really looking forward to all I'll learn there. And Lisa told me there'll be someone there that walked the MDS this year, which is my plan next year. I'll be pulling lots of stuff from her brain!!

and so, life does goes on...........

Monday, April 07, 2008

New Goals

After a long walk with my pup on Sunday, I realized I need a big goal to keep me occupied. So I called Coach Lisa and told her my idea. She told me to wait a week or two before I make a decision. So I'll wait to tell you all.
Some hints:
It's in the desert,
This year's just finished,
my Coach has lots of info about it on her blog.
Can you guess??????

Thursday, April 03, 2008

Back Home

I came home this evening, a very rough week it was.

I am still in shock, and anger is now breaking through.

The last time I saw my Mother was at Rocky Raccoon.
I just might have to get back there next year and beat that baby.

Spring seems to have broken through - hopefully, I'll get outside tomorrow morning for a well-deserved run.

Thank you all for your wishes and prayers. It helped.