Saturday, December 31, 2005

Last Run of the Year

Ran an easy 6. A little ping in the knee showed up so afterwards I stretched real well and iced it. Not pushing anything yet. Still running every other day, stretching daily and weights 3x weekly. Not even the New Year and I'm on par with my resolutions!!!! Seeing the pic I know I'll eventually have to work on's always something!!

Friday, December 30, 2005

My Hanukkah Gift

A running girl tire cover!!!!

Thursday, December 29, 2005


How do you like it??? Lucky for me to be chosen by Okolo to create my bloggers head. Talented guy, methinks! And how did he know my fav color was red????? These men today are so clever!!

I"ve been running every other day, 4-6 miles. A bit soreness pops up on my rt inner thigh but Dr Jaime continues to work on it. I"m trying to be real good about stretching and strengthening 3x/week as I'm commited to getting in the best shape I can this upcoming year. I'll be ready for the spring running season when it comes! Just gotta get thru the next 2 months--the worst ones weather-wise here in Chicagoland. God I'm sooooo in need of a sunny vacation!! (Tho I'd spend it in the shade reading!)

Saturday, December 24, 2005

Happy Holidays!

Merry Christmas to those that celebrate on this day

Thursday, December 22, 2005

My Body, My Machine

Ran 5 miles today on the treadmill in an hour--just can't seem to get up to bundling up and risking running in the snow and ice. I even put the heartrate monitor on for the first time in months! My coach would just tsk! tsk! me.

Now it's time to consider the upcoming year. I think I need to start really learning what my body is telling me. I have all the info I need....this past year was all about learning the real basics of running/racing and challenging myself to a marathon. Now I need to take myself to the next level. I think I'm ready.

Time to stop thinking of the next race and living off a schedule, tho I still plan on doing this 1/2 Marathon ->Hillstriders Running Club, the world's biggest 8K ->Shamrock Shuffle , and, of course, The LaSalle Bank Chicago Marathon. It's now time to focus on eating well and losing those last few pounds. Time to begin strengthening the weakest parts of my legs. And time to respect the worthiness of stretching properly. These are the gifts I give to myself this upcoming year.

Monday, December 19, 2005

Hello Treadmill, My Old Friend...

The sun may be shining, but that temp scared the crap outta me. So, the first day back will be on the ol' trustworthy treadmill. How quickly I forget how easy it is to just jump right on her...just a running bra and shorts, socks, shoes, doorag n water. Life is good.

Did 3 noises from the legs. Gave myself a lot of time afterwards for some good stretches.

The pup remembered too. Got right back up into his old spot and didn't seem to mind one bit that I wasn't taking him out for our 4 mile run. I'll have to work on that tho, don't want to see him putting on some poundage....his health is important too.

In case you've noticed, I purchased a digital camera over the weekend. This is way too fun!!!!

A Joke, right????

So today is my gonna be my first day back at running, after a 2 week hiatus. Guess what!!?? With the wind chill, we're at -14........ok, who's challenging me???????

Friday, December 16, 2005

Infected by an Italian

So Run with the Black Knight infected me! Is there more to me to know?? I'll try hard!

First, the rules: Write 5 random facts about yourself, and then list the names of 5 people whom you in turn infect. Also, leave a post to these people letting them know they have been infected. (Who started this?? I want names!!!)

  1. I've never aquired the taste for beer. I'm all about water.
  2. I hit a lady the first day I got my license (she was fine!) When I got out to check on her, I locked my keys in my car. I discovered valium that day!
  3. Halloween is all about slutty costumes for me.
  4. Born and bred in Brooklyn, NY, I was all about being a street-wise city girl. Teenage summers I was sent upstate NY to summer camp. In the middle of the night, I would sneak out of my bunk and make my way over to the boys side. I had to cross a rocky pond and climb a hill to get there.....Mother Nature tapped me on the shoulder those nites and I've never been the same.
  5. I hardly wear makeup, I hate shopping, I dont wear jewelry, I drive a jeep and I love getting dirty. Thank goodness I have a vagina to remind me I'm a chick!

My turn to infect??? You all got the bug already...oh buddy who ran beside me at the Chicago Marathon---ReenRuns--she's diseased now!!!

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Just a Muscle Strain

I went to the podiatrist yesterday to see if I had a stress fracture--verdict? NO. WOOHOO!! Seems that my very high arches (thanks Mom!!) does bad things to the legs as I run long. So I left with a list of running shoes to buy, a leg immobilizer to sleep with, shoe inserts, a prescription for Celebrex (but also learned that pineapple acts as anti-inflammatory so I'll stock up on that instead), and twice-weekly visits to the physical therapist to learn how to strengthen properly and stretch out the tight calves. I asked him if I should consider being a tri-athlete instead of a marathoner but told him running is my real love, he said I could run til the end of my days as long as I do it right. I LOVE THIS DOC!

So today I see Dr Jaime, the physical therapist, and she'll tell me when to tie on my shoes again! Ohh I'm dying to get out there. And I also just ordered yak-trak, so, baby, I am set!!!! Bring it on!!

Sunday, December 11, 2005

61 Things About Moi

  1. Hot Rocks was my first album
  2. My teenage room was filled with blacklite posters and mobiles
  3. I shared a room with my older sister
  4. She stored her precious makeup in a locked container so I couldn't use it.
  5. I knew how to pry it open.
  6. I am shocked by how many people smoke.
  7. Just Say No was a crock.
  8. Some days I just want a Dove Bar for dinner.
  9. Some days I do just that......with no guilt whatsoever.
  10. I love words....especially onomatopoeia ones.
  11. I was a runner-up in the 3rd Grade Spelling Bee.
  12. I always have to think when I spell "similar" cuz of "familiar"
  13. I love to say the words "mittens" and "buttons" cuz I enunciate the dbl letters.
  14. I think I'm weird at times.
  15. but I don't give a shit.
  16. I have attended and screamed out at a number of Barry Manilow concerts.
  17. I luv Aqualung.
  18. I know the above two don't go together
  19. but I dont give a shit.
  20. There's a tree removal service in my town called "Asplund"--I can't help calling them assplungers.
  21. Another company that sells home plants is called "RenttoKill"---but I don't get it!
  22. I am ashamed at how this country treats it's elders
  23. and our veterans.
  24. When I meet a vet I say, "Thank you for my freedom." Then I ask them to show me their tattoo--they always comply.
  25. I love to listen to the wisdom of our elders--more should try it.
  26. I have never gotten over the movie "Jaws"
  27. Some people have told me I look like Linda Blair.
  28. My sister was horrified by The Exorcist.
  29. I would scare her with sounds from the movie
  30. That was mean
  31. but I don't give a shit.
  32. I think we've all gone crazy with ringtones.
  33. I think the obesity problem in our country is directly proportional to the increasing number of pushbutton features in our cars. Can't we just crank open a window for G-ds sake!!!???
  34. My favorite flower is a daisy.
  35. Yes, I know it's a weed--I believe weeds have rights too.
  36. I love gargoyles--the more grotesque the better.
  37. I have trouble with authority.
  38. Maybe that's why both my kids have had run-ins with the police.
  39. I drive over curbs with my Jeep cuz I can.
  40. I watched Seinfeld only the first year it was on..then it became a fad so I stopped watching.
  41. I am constantly amazed how men can name the title of Seinfeld episodes and break out in laughter together.
  42. I think I have the best masseuse in the world.....I call her Beast Woman
  43. but not to her face.
  44. I can't handle the overstimulation of Las Vegas.
  45. I love Colorado & New Mexico.
  46. I considered moving to Taos.
  47. I'd love to attend a Southern Baptist Service.
  48. I have a terrible singing voice.
  49. I got it from my mother---she used to sing to the radio when we were young, my baby brother always cried.
  50. I love filing my nails, but I dont like nailpolish.
  51. I can multitask to a fault.
  52. I have googled all the men I have dated.
  53. They never knew.
  54. I hired a Private Eye on one of them.
  55. He met me at Dennys with a Trench Coat on.
  56. I eventually confronted the guy with what was found out...the P.I. yelled at me for it, I yelled back and then fired his sorry ass!
  57. I don't like being yelled at.
  58. It brings out the gutter-sounding broad deep inside me.
  59. Running has set me free.
  60. I pray I'll always be able to run!

Friday, December 09, 2005

Electrical Muscle Stimulation

OK....I went and done did it!! I hurt myself. Not sure how--too much, too soon, too fast??? I didnt even get into the heavy-duty marathon long runs yet! I have even added a biweekly strength and spin class. I did everything by the book, doggoneit! And the left shin didnt still yelled out!! So I went to the physical therapist and she strapped her fancy EMS machine to my leg and zapped it! She wasnt sure if it was a stress fracture or just a shin splint, so I've been sent to see a Doc for an xray.

So on my perfect day off...Monday...the one day a year I really treat myself to a spa day...Cuz it's my birthday!!!....I have to sit in a doctors office and get an xray---Life aint fair I tell ya!

Oh well...I'm continuing with the spin class and strength class twice a week. I guess I'll bump it up if running will be a no-no for awhile. Who knows.....maybe I could learn to swim!!??

Friday, December 02, 2005

39 Things About Me

1. I loooove the color Red.
2. I named my dog Bayley after John Bayley, the writer, cuz I was touched by how much he loved and took care of his wife when she had alzheimers.
3. I don’t have to pee sometimes for 8 hrs.
4. New nurses hate to train with me for above reason.
5. I was a "fag hag" in my late teen/early twenties
6. I was also a disco bunny.
7. I am proud of both above labels!
8. I try hard to read only one book at a time, tho I usually have 3 going.
9. I wanted to be a teacher, but in HS they told us there were too many.
10. Cuz of above, I went to 5 different colleges trying to find what clicked for me.
11. I didnt do HS athletics cuz the word on the street was you were a lesbian if you did.
12. I won All Around Athlete at summer camp
13. I learned how to use a tampon under duress cuz I had to "bring the team in" during swim meets at Camp Tagola Color War.
14. I used to work out to Jane Fonda’s workout tape.
15. I love flannel Pjs even tho they make me look matronly.
16. I hate makeup.
17. I hate shopping
18. I curse like a sailor.
19. I’m originally from Bklyn, NY–which explains above.
20. I still can only draw stick figures.
21. I love and admire my Mom
22. My Dad is a chauvinist pig and it drives me crazy.
23. I know how to ease the common cold
24. I believe Andrew Weil is brilliant.
25. I yearn to have a cabin in the woods.
26. I love being alone
27. NYC pizza is the best by far, IMHO.
28. I crave hot dogs with mustard and sauerkraut.
29. I have trouble saying Kaufman midwestern style.
30. When I get mad, my bklyn accent comes out.
31. I hardly get mad
32. I love to people watch.
33. I’d secretly like to disappear with my pup and a backpack into the woods for a week.
34. I hate the town I live in.
35. I love the town I’m moving to at the end of next year.
36. Tom Cruise makes me sick
37. I wish I majored in English Lit with a minor in Philosophy.
38. I worked at Starbucks for 2 years and loved it
39. Sumatra is my favorite coffee and Anniversary Blend, when it's available.

Thursday, December 01, 2005

A Woman's Prerogative....

I started a spin class last week---and this week a strength class. I'm really not happy being a "turtle"--just don't know how to move to the next stage without too much pain! So, I thought if I strengthen up, include non-jarring aerobics to lose a bit more weight, the speed will come easier. I've never been afraid to workout...I rather love it/need it. (Hello endorphins, my old friends.)

So here's the plan to get me to my next Marathon-->
Monday...........4-5 mile run, tempo
Tuesday..........5-8 mile run
Wednesday....Strength Class & Spin Class
Thursday.......4-5 mile run
Friday.............5-8 mile run, Strength Class
Saturday........10-20 mile long run
Sunday...........Spin Class--read NY Times!

That's my story and I'm sticking to it!! (for now)

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

a fork in the road

I ran three miles today...all of it with my pup, which is his long run now. But I have a dilemma, I love running, always have. But not sure I like racing!! The Turkey Trot was brutal...felt like the last 6 miles of the marathon. I just dont know that I want that -- I like going slow, going the pace where I enjoy the scenery. My pal, Coach Fred, doesnt even know what sites he passes when he races. Do I really want to miss the "Village People" in boystown or the bikini-clad firemen, the dragon in Chinatown, the cemetaries in New Orleans...the answer right now is NO! I looove smelling the is too damn short--so, for now, slow n steady, steady n slow, that's the way I want to go! goturtlego

Friday, November 25, 2005

5-mile Turkey Run might say this is the first race I raced!! I have been just trying to finish smoothly, with no injuries, but my girlfriend, Anne, who has run 13 Marathons said, "Enough is enough! This is your year!" So she ran beside me and with a zero degree wind chill, hills and wind in our faces, she encouraged me thruout the 5 miles....and, oh man, before I knew it, I crossed the finish line at 52:04!!! No walking, no stopping for water...just good old-fashioned racing!! Life is good.

So...I'm gonna dig in, try hard to lose these last 10-15 lbs....and kick butt this coming year!! GOLORAGO!!

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Pulling it all together.....

31 miles of running last week. Someone in my running group told me that I'm doing too much, definitely going to hurt myself. I just don't know what's right or wrong--trying to listen to my body. I still havent started any speed or tempo work..just not sure I'm ready for it.

I'm going forward with keeping 30+ miles a week and I've added a spinning class once already this week! I didnt do all the tensions the teacher recommended, but I made it thru the whole class!! Tho, I must admit, I was a smidge sore the next couple of days. I'm going to try to do two spinning classes a week, along with two strength classes.

On the days I was sore I wasnt sure I should still do my runs....Coach Fred said that I should take my pulse before I get out of bed and if it was WNL (medical term for within normal limits) then I could head out. It was 52 both days after the off I went! Gosh, I'm loving I crazy?????

Sunday, November 13, 2005

Where do I go from here????

It's confusing. How to continue after my first marathon....I had great support while training for Chgo Marathon...Chgo offers a terrific 18-week program where I met a wonderful group of people every Sat as we trudged along towards this exciting goal.

Well now our goal has been met---so now what??? They've left me flat and dry!! I joined the running group I've been training with, but we have no schedule to follow...pick your own long run and see who will run with you on Sat morns (tho there's plenty of people to run with) So, I planned to do another marathon (Tampa Marathon end of Feb) using Hal Higdons Intermediate I training, but my friend, Coach Fred, said I shouldnt go all the way back to the beginning since I already have the mileage built up. So on the long run this past week I did 8 miles instead of 6--and I got blasted!! At the bagel place we go to after our long runs, my pace leader for my training program said I'll regret doing that as the weeks add up...that I need the step-down weeks to prepare my body for the real long runs to come.

Total confusion.....who in G-d's name do I listen to now??? I even compared HH Int I program with NYC Marathon plan...and what a difference!! So many different plans to chose from with totally different setups!! What's a new marathoner to do???????

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Turquoise Daze

I run early in the morning, not many runners/walkers/bikers are out. So I get to recognize the regulars. I have "names" for them....shirtless guy, longblond pony, snobwhodoesntsayhi, olderguywithearring, friendlygalwithchoclab...well a "new" runner passed me today...."turquoisetightsman". The Turquoise grabbed me.....the color of my first car. Datsun B210 hatchback. What a great car...had to learn the stick in an afternoon cuz I wanted that car so badly. I was 21....paid for it myself. After a year, my then-husband had me sell it and buy a "grownup" car. An oldsmobile. yeeeeeeech!! Well....I've paid my dues.....back to fun again.....I drive a Jeep Wrangler!! golorago

Marathon Pics

Coach Fred--IronMan X6!!! Posted by Picasa

Start of Chgo Marathon '05 Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Altzheimer's Run

5 am--getting dressed to do my 5 mile run...temp 40--this weather changing daily is messing me up. In the summer (or rather until it goes under 55) all I need is a running bra and shorts. I never fit in with the "recommended" clothing on the Runner's World website. So, of course, I overdressed. Overdressed AND forgot my glide!!! I will regret that the next few days for sure!!

My dog ran my 2 mile warmup with me. I love having him along, but does he have to smell every bush we pass in the first 1/4 mile??? Wonder if the vet could disconnect that nerve?? ok--ok--dont sic the animal rights people--it was a split second thought! Luckily, I live right across from my running path, so I drop him in the door and finish up on my own. I can even hit the toilet if need be!!! Do I have a great life or what????!!!!!

Had oatmeal and a banana for breakfast. I can start the day off just great with eating...even into lunch. But by 3pm--WATCH OUT!! All those evil Lora's come out and tempt me with bad things. I see them dancing around--chocolate chips, hershey bars (no peanuts please), ice cream with rainbow sprinkles (did you know that around the country the Dairy Queens dont all have rainbow sprinkles??? WHat's up with that?? How do you spell FRANCHISE???) I sit here writing this I am soooo trying to ignore those cravings...just politely typing and sipping my coffee.. I'm a good girl..........for the moment.

Monday, October 31, 2005

Halloween 05

Three weeks after my first Marathon. Chicago was great--amazing community support!! Wore my name on my running bra and got great encouragement from the sidelines! Feeling refreshed now and ready to begin again. Thinking hard about doing Tampa Marathon at end of February. Should keep me going thru the long, cold winter months. My girlfriend wants to push me hard this winter....she thinks a 5:45 time was too slow for me....HEY---I'm thrilled I finished with no injuries!!!! I started working my dog up so he could run with me thru the cold, dark months.....he's up to 3 miles!! I love that I'm getting him in shape too. I decided to do the Intermediate Workout from Hal an intermediate....sounds funny to me!! But here we go!!!!!!