Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Altzheimer's Run

5 am--getting dressed to do my 5 mile run...temp 40--this weather changing daily is messing me up. In the summer (or rather until it goes under 55) all I need is a running bra and shorts. I never fit in with the "recommended" clothing on the Runner's World website. So, of course, I overdressed. Overdressed AND forgot my glide!!! I will regret that the next few days for sure!!

My dog ran my 2 mile warmup with me. I love having him along, but does he have to smell every bush we pass in the first 1/4 mile??? Wonder if the vet could disconnect that nerve?? ok--ok--dont sic the animal rights people--it was a split second thought! Luckily, I live right across from my running path, so I drop him in the door and finish up on my own. I can even hit the toilet if need be!!! Do I have a great life or what????!!!!!

Had oatmeal and a banana for breakfast. I can start the day off just great with eating...even into lunch. But by 3pm--WATCH OUT!! All those evil Lora's come out and tempt me with bad things. I see them dancing around--chocolate chips, hershey bars (no peanuts please), ice cream with rainbow sprinkles (did you know that around the country the Dairy Queens dont all have rainbow sprinkles??? WHat's up with that?? How do you spell FRANCHISE???) Anyway...as I sit here writing this I am soooo trying to ignore those cravings...just politely typing and sipping my coffee.. I'm a good girl..........for the moment.

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