Sunday, November 13, 2005

Where do I go from here????

It's confusing. How to continue after my first marathon....I had great support while training for Chgo Marathon...Chgo offers a terrific 18-week program where I met a wonderful group of people every Sat as we trudged along towards this exciting goal.

Well now our goal has been met---so now what??? They've left me flat and dry!! I joined the running group I've been training with, but we have no schedule to follow...pick your own long run and see who will run with you on Sat morns (tho there's plenty of people to run with) So, I planned to do another marathon (Tampa Marathon end of Feb) using Hal Higdons Intermediate I training, but my friend, Coach Fred, said I shouldnt go all the way back to the beginning since I already have the mileage built up. So on the long run this past week I did 8 miles instead of 6--and I got blasted!! At the bagel place we go to after our long runs, my pace leader for my training program said I'll regret doing that as the weeks add up...that I need the step-down weeks to prepare my body for the real long runs to come.

Total confusion.....who in G-d's name do I listen to now??? I even compared HH Int I program with NYC Marathon plan...and what a difference!! So many different plans to chose from with totally different setups!! What's a new marathoner to do???????

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