Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Turquoise Daze

I run early in the morning, not many runners/walkers/bikers are out. So I get to recognize the regulars. I have "names" for them....shirtless guy, longblond pony, snobwhodoesntsayhi, olderguywithearring, friendlygalwithchoclab...well a "new" runner passed me today...."turquoisetightsman". The Turquoise grabbed me.....the color of my first car. Datsun B210 hatchback. What a great car...had to learn the stick in an afternoon cuz I wanted that car so badly. I was 21....paid for it myself. After a year, my then-husband had me sell it and buy a "grownup" car. An oldsmobile. yeeeeeeech!! Well....I've paid my dues.....back to fun again.....I drive a Jeep Wrangler!! golorago

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