Tuesday, November 29, 2005

a fork in the road

I ran three miles today...all of it with my pup, which is his long run now. But I have a dilemma, I love running, always have. But not sure I like racing!! The Turkey Trot was brutal...felt like the last 6 miles of the marathon. I just dont know that I want that -- I like going slow, going long...at the pace where I enjoy the scenery. My pal, Coach Fred, doesnt even know what sites he passes when he races. Do I really want to miss the "Village People" in boystown or the bikini-clad firemen, the dragon in Chinatown, the cemetaries in New Orleans...the answer right now is NO! I looove smelling the roses...life is too damn short--so, for now, slow n steady, steady n slow, that's the way I want to go! goturtlego


Mark I. said...

hi lora, you did not put your geocode longitude/latitude into the RBF map so it cannot display you on the map. You may want to go read the instructions and update your info. :)

Reen said...

Hi Lora,

Well - some of us missed the dragons even though were going slow! I guess I need to pay more attention!

- Reen

Julie B said...

If you like s l o w and l o n g; you might think about ultrarunning :)