Thursday, October 18, 2007

Body Changes.....FINALLY!!!

I'm finally starting to see the effects of all my hard work. My body is firming up -- blows me away actually because I've started to believe that I'm just too old to ever see the body I've always dreamed of---well, ladies and gents....I am here to announce it is NEVER too late!!!

Today's workout:
20 mins on treadmill with incline
20 mins on stairmaster
10 mins on rower

10 mins stretching
3x (5 frog hops and 5 mountain climbers)
2 x 2 min wall-sit

No wonder this body is changing!!!!

Monday, October 08, 2007

Chicago Marathon cont.....

Great headgear, huh!! Glad I'm familiar with the Badwater Marathon for that extra clothing idea!! And that bump on the top of my head--ICE ICE BABY!!!!
Well....I'm just kinda in shock over this whole experience. I only found one water stop that ran out of water....I don't use the Gatorade, so I have no clue what was going on there. The runners behind me must not have had water though, since, at my pace, we were grabbing whatever was left.
I do believe the water stops were not prepared and that there should have been sprinklers and ice at each one. The weather was no surprise, the forecast had stayed the same for the past five days. So how could the race officials not have had time to prepare. They also knew how many 1st timers there were out there. Those are the ones that most need to be helped out.
Thank goodness for the spectators! They were fabulous! Bringing us water, ice and turning their sprinklers on! I had my salt tablets and GU every 45 minutes, and Sharkies every hour. I brought Heed in plastic bags to empty into my water bottle, so my calories were okay.
Some people ignored the police telling them to quit and went all the way through. I'm not that kind of a rebel (anymore). I decided at the 3 mile mark (the second water stop) that this "race" was going to be a fun one and time had no significance......I just wanted to finish. I wanted to enjoy this race. I removed my earphones, and just took in the crowds. Being my third Chicago Marathon, I pretty much knew what was out there.....but this was one wild day, and I didn't want to miss what was happening!!
The firemen!! I can't say enough about them. They were out there on their engines, spraying us down!!! On the ground handing us water. Someone near me stated they just wanted to see the chicks in wet tee shirts, but I'm giving them the benefit of the doubt! Thank you Chicago Firefighters!! You were awesome!!
The police!! Yes....they made me stop. But they were very busy keeping an eye on each runner that fell, waiting for an ambulance to come and help.
The Chicagoans!!! Wow!! What a big heart these folks have!! Great big thanks to the people of Chicago for pulling us through!!
All my friends made it in okay. No casualties here!
Now check out this video Blogger Todd is the big guy getting interviewed, AND, my pace leader for my first marathon is the guy at the end who takes off his glasses!
It seems the man who died had a heart defect that had nothing to do with the weather. My sympathies go out to his family.
More and more people are taking up running. I support that 100%. But there doesnt seem to be a need to keep increasing the size of a marathon. This year had 5000 more than last year! It took me 25 minutes to get to the start line. Thats just insanity!!
So what have I learned from all this? Maybe it's time to learn to run with a camelbak!

Chicago Marathon

I'm okay. I'll add more later. Just a crazy day out there! I was forced to stop at Mile 16. While I trained for an 11:20 pace, I had to hit a 13 mile pace by mile 3. They had no water at the seconde water stop.

People were going off track to hit the water fountains on the lakefront path, some bought water in the stores.

By the third water stop, we were all over the people with the big water containers. They didn't even have time to fill the glasses. Neighbors were bringing out water, turning their hoses on. Every medical tent was filled. They ran out of ambulances!

Firemen turned on the hydrants and hosed us down and finally blocked the streets off at Mile 16 and made us walk in 4 miles to the finish. All the hydrants were open the entire 4 miles! It was nuts!!

But I'm okay--much too sore for only 16 miles! Crazy experience!!!

Saturday, October 06, 2007

Marathon Eve

Prep time!!
Went to the Expo today and tried to zip through it quickly, as Coach suggested, but you know how that goes.
There were great deals on boxes of Gu and boxes of Nuun tablets that I HAD to search around for them.
And since RED is my fav color...and lo and behold a booth for "Dirty Red Athletic Wear for Women" appeared, I just had to hit that place!!
Well....I gotta say I'm nervous. The forecast is for a high of 88F. Not good. I'm hoping to meet up with Haight at the half way mark and further on down so he can pass me ice in a bandana. Hopefully, kind souls along the way will provide us with ice.
And I have something wonderful to look forward to. Rene, who ran with me two years ago at this marathon, and has been healing from her pelvic fracture ever since, has just gotten back to running and will run me in the last few miles!!!! She was my lifesaver when I hit the wall way back then. So I'm sooo looking forward to having her run me in.
I am dedicating Mile 21 to my wonderful Coach who is presently sitting on her butt pedaling her bike across the desert to accomplish another one of her amazing goals. And mile 25 is dedicated to Jack, who today ran his first Ultra back on our home shores.
So I'll have plenty to think about. I have strict instructions from Coach on eating and hydrating every 40 minutes which I'll have to write on my hand so I don't forget.
And tonight is another cooooooold bath. BRRRR! I think that's the absolutely worst part of long-distance running!!!
Here's to tomorrow and whatever it brings!!!!