Saturday, October 06, 2007

Marathon Eve

Prep time!!
Went to the Expo today and tried to zip through it quickly, as Coach suggested, but you know how that goes.
There were great deals on boxes of Gu and boxes of Nuun tablets that I HAD to search around for them.
And since RED is my fav color...and lo and behold a booth for "Dirty Red Athletic Wear for Women" appeared, I just had to hit that place!!
Well....I gotta say I'm nervous. The forecast is for a high of 88F. Not good. I'm hoping to meet up with Haight at the half way mark and further on down so he can pass me ice in a bandana. Hopefully, kind souls along the way will provide us with ice.
And I have something wonderful to look forward to. Rene, who ran with me two years ago at this marathon, and has been healing from her pelvic fracture ever since, has just gotten back to running and will run me in the last few miles!!!! She was my lifesaver when I hit the wall way back then. So I'm sooo looking forward to having her run me in.
I am dedicating Mile 21 to my wonderful Coach who is presently sitting on her butt pedaling her bike across the desert to accomplish another one of her amazing goals. And mile 25 is dedicated to Jack, who today ran his first Ultra back on our home shores.
So I'll have plenty to think about. I have strict instructions from Coach on eating and hydrating every 40 minutes which I'll have to write on my hand so I don't forget.
And tonight is another cooooooold bath. BRRRR! I think that's the absolutely worst part of long-distance running!!!
Here's to tomorrow and whatever it brings!!!!


Firefly's Running said...

Good luck, Lora! You will do great!

*jeanne* said...

Marathon TODAY! goes on...
I hope it was a wonderful and awesome 26.2.

Thanks for stopping by, Lora.