Monday, October 08, 2007

Chicago Marathon cont.....

Great headgear, huh!! Glad I'm familiar with the Badwater Marathon for that extra clothing idea!! And that bump on the top of my head--ICE ICE BABY!!!!
Well....I'm just kinda in shock over this whole experience. I only found one water stop that ran out of water....I don't use the Gatorade, so I have no clue what was going on there. The runners behind me must not have had water though, since, at my pace, we were grabbing whatever was left.
I do believe the water stops were not prepared and that there should have been sprinklers and ice at each one. The weather was no surprise, the forecast had stayed the same for the past five days. So how could the race officials not have had time to prepare. They also knew how many 1st timers there were out there. Those are the ones that most need to be helped out.
Thank goodness for the spectators! They were fabulous! Bringing us water, ice and turning their sprinklers on! I had my salt tablets and GU every 45 minutes, and Sharkies every hour. I brought Heed in plastic bags to empty into my water bottle, so my calories were okay.
Some people ignored the police telling them to quit and went all the way through. I'm not that kind of a rebel (anymore). I decided at the 3 mile mark (the second water stop) that this "race" was going to be a fun one and time had no significance......I just wanted to finish. I wanted to enjoy this race. I removed my earphones, and just took in the crowds. Being my third Chicago Marathon, I pretty much knew what was out there.....but this was one wild day, and I didn't want to miss what was happening!!
The firemen!! I can't say enough about them. They were out there on their engines, spraying us down!!! On the ground handing us water. Someone near me stated they just wanted to see the chicks in wet tee shirts, but I'm giving them the benefit of the doubt! Thank you Chicago Firefighters!! You were awesome!!
The police!! Yes....they made me stop. But they were very busy keeping an eye on each runner that fell, waiting for an ambulance to come and help.
The Chicagoans!!! Wow!! What a big heart these folks have!! Great big thanks to the people of Chicago for pulling us through!!
All my friends made it in okay. No casualties here!
Now check out this video Blogger Todd is the big guy getting interviewed, AND, my pace leader for my first marathon is the guy at the end who takes off his glasses!
It seems the man who died had a heart defect that had nothing to do with the weather. My sympathies go out to his family.
More and more people are taking up running. I support that 100%. But there doesnt seem to be a need to keep increasing the size of a marathon. This year had 5000 more than last year! It took me 25 minutes to get to the start line. Thats just insanity!!
So what have I learned from all this? Maybe it's time to learn to run with a camelbak!


robtherunner said...

Glad to hear you were alright and enjoyed the experience. What a crazy day in Chicago!

Todd said...

yeah I was in the video.

yes I am still upset. As Lora knows I could made it since well we did a ultra marathon in 95 degrees heat 2 month earlier.

We had water at mile 11 barely got water at stop 1 and stop 8. The other stops people who sprinting from area to area looking for water. We got more water from the fans that the marathon.

This video was a very common scene at all but 2 stops I went too.

I do not know how you could use heed. my first him I almost died in 86 degree temps because all they had was heed. IT just does not cut it for me. It has 1/2 the eletrolytes of gatarid.

Full Metal Lunchbox said...

Ready for next year?


The 2008 Chicago Marathon

Official Motto: "The race has been cancelled.  There are no more ambulances to help you."

Firefly's Running said...

What a post, Lora! I am just glad that you were okay.

Running Jayhawk said...

I'm glad you're okay Lora. I'm right there with you on the diverted path. BOO.

Thanks again for the email about the Nuun. Mike and I were dropping them in water bottles like Candy the day before the race. I almost forgot we had some!!

Stephen said...

I actually heard about what was going on in Chicago while I was in the middle of the Portland marathon.

I'm so glad you're OK.

Ben, aka BadBen said...

I always carry (at least) a water bottle in a marathon, and always have. It's not that heavy, and I've used it strategically in Marathons to skip water stations and finish with a better time.

For my Trail Nerd events that are in the hotter months (including the shorter ones), we require participants to carry their own water supply, even though we have aid stations. In our longer events, you can get DQ'd for not having a hydration implement.

Maybe these larger events should at least think about this for a rule, if they aren't going to limit the field.

Happy trails,
Bad Ben

Taryn said...

Congrats for getting out there and for powering through 16 miles. Anyone who could hang that long on such a day is a star in my book!

JeffM said...

Amazing!! All that training, you were ready. Glad you're ok and now you have a great story- you were there in 2007 when the water ran out.

Lisa Smith-Batchen said...

Hi Lora,

So proud of you for running a very SMART race. And I love the photo of you and your modified hat. You look ready for Morocco already! You had an epic experience and now we are going to have you focus on your marathon goals for the Tucson Marathon. So great that I will finally meet you in Arizona! Bring more of your friends from Chicago...we'd love to have them!

Coach Lisa

Brooklyn said...

When I first heard they called the race due to heat, I vaguely recalled you were running this one and I was SO worried; so I'm very relieved to find out you're OK. I think you were smart to call it a day. There will be other races under more normal circumstances.

As for 13-minute pace, maybe you and I could do our next marathon together...that's about where I'm at these days and could use the company. LOL

runliarun said...

I heard this was an organizational disaster, with scarce water supplies and insufficient emergency resources. Sounds like a battlefield report. So glad you are fine.

Jack said...

Wow, that was sure a day to remember! Sorry they pulled the rug out from under you - I know you were dealing with it.