Monday, October 08, 2007

Chicago Marathon

I'm okay. I'll add more later. Just a crazy day out there! I was forced to stop at Mile 16. While I trained for an 11:20 pace, I had to hit a 13 mile pace by mile 3. They had no water at the seconde water stop.

People were going off track to hit the water fountains on the lakefront path, some bought water in the stores.

By the third water stop, we were all over the people with the big water containers. They didn't even have time to fill the glasses. Neighbors were bringing out water, turning their hoses on. Every medical tent was filled. They ran out of ambulances!

Firemen turned on the hydrants and hosed us down and finally blocked the streets off at Mile 16 and made us walk in 4 miles to the finish. All the hydrants were open the entire 4 miles! It was nuts!!

But I'm okay--much too sore for only 16 miles! Crazy experience!!!


RunBubbaRun said...

I'm glad you are okay, I was thinking about you..

I was pacing my friend at 12~13 min pace.. He dropped at mile 11. Got caught in the choas at the end..

It was like a disator zone out there..

Firefly's Running said...

I am SO glad that you are okay, Lora!

Ben, aka BadBen said...

I'm glad you're okay. To me it's unbelievable - How can they run out of water by the 2nd aid station?


E-Speed said...

glad you are okay. sorry that the day did not go as planned!

lizzie lee said...

Hi Lora, I found you through Jeff. Coincidentally I have been starving for news from any Chicago runner, and voila, Lora shows up.

I am really glad you are ok, but certainly seems was a major disaster. I quite don't understand how they could run out of water in the 2nd water stop.

Can we spell "lawsuits" all over the place? Even though the weather didn't help, it seems the logistics failed terrible.

The ironic thing is that I ran 18 miles the day before (from 7am-11am) with gloves, headbands, and 3 layers of clothes, in Seattle where the temperatures are 45-48 early in the morning. The highest? 55 at mid afternoon. I am right now in DC and can't believe how could be so hot here when in the other side is so cold.

Again, I am glad you are ok. I pray for the runner that died, and for the other 300 that were taken to the hospital. This is not what we expect after months of training, dedication and courage.

Please, let me know about your experiences, so we learn from them.

Full Metal Lunchbox said...

Will I see you out there next year?

I hope so.

Sam said...

Very glad to read you're okay.
I've been marathoning for over 10 years now and running for 15 and I've never seen anything like that and I hope I never see it again.