Sunday, December 31, 2006

Happy New Year

A bit blurry (sorry) but still contains the very best wishes for a Happy and Healthy New Year!!

Thursday, December 21, 2006

The purse, the first hung pic and stuff....

Isn't she beautiful?? It's like buttah! Yep, that's the ordered purse from the Showtime show, Weeds. I love her!! Bayley does too!

Hung our first picture bought on our trip to Seattle in the summer of 2005 by a street vendor. We have wonderful memories of that trip and I fell in love with the amazing trails that I ran there. Hopefully, one day I'll be back!

A birthday passed by. I got a terrific gift from sweet Haight! I mentioned this juicer while we were watching a bio on Jack La Lanne's life (he still wears those tight jumpsuits). Yes, the man listens closely to me!

I'm reading up on fasting and detoxing plans. I think I'm going to try one and see how it goes. I've emeshed myself in this book, How to Get Well: Dr. Airola's Handbook of Natural Healing: Books: Paavo Airola. When I was in nursing school, during my nutrition course, I was committed to eat more nuts, seeds, fruits and vegetables based on what I was learning. Raising kids made that very difficult, but now its my turn to do for I'm back to what I truly believe in.

Having met lots of foreign caregivers of my patients, I've been learning their ways of healing skin problems, digestive problems and healthier eating. I've used what they've taught me as I care for other patients, steering away from medicines and expensive lotions with great success. One from Belize stated that her grandmother used to go into the backyard, pick an herb, either grind it up or boil it and use it to heal whatever ailed family members. We've gotten too far from that....all towards filling the pockets of drug companies. It's time we relearned all that doncha think?

Friday, December 15, 2006


Been a long week. Back to work and very busy. On my first day back, an ex-coworker called with a position available at a hospital that sounds perfect for me. I have an interview next week to see how well it could fit into my life. I kept saying let me just finish the move and then I'll check out other jobs...this fell into my lap the first day back. In yiddish we call this "beschert"----"meant to be". Let's just see if it is.

Still at 25 miles of running for the week, with one day of weight training and one day of biking. I'm glad I didn't lose any steam with my running due to my move. But the weight training has been disappointing. I'm bringing over my hand weights and stability ball from my house so that I could return to that routine when I'm really scrunched for time. I enjoyed the weight machines at the club, but even though it's right in the building, I still had trouble dedicating a straight thru 45 minutes for it a second time this week.

Tomorrow I plan on running long on the trails up north. I've missed running outside, especially on trails, so I'm very much looking forward to revitalizing my soul out there. I couldn't find anyone to run with me, and that could be a blessing in disguise. This trail is busy enough on the weekends for me not to be afraid of my safety and the weather is looking good--so it's all coming together.

I've continued to see Ximena, the deep tissue body work gal, every other week. She gets soooo deep into my body that I have bruises a week after seeing her. She has gotten rid of some very long-standing tightness in my body. She's also been a terrific resource for alternative area I want to include more in my life. This week she was talking about detoxing and gave me sites to check out, so I'll share: and this one: Welcome to Karyn's.

Reminder to self: charge up the ipod and the garmin tonight!!

Sunday, December 10, 2006

All Coming together... the new homestead. I'm really loving being a citygirl again. I can walk everywhere to do my chores. I think the city is where I most fit in, though a little country retreat every now and then would be nice. I do miss running on the trails.

I've been running on the treadmill down at the club all week since the frigid temps have continued throughout the week. They are just breaking today, so, hopefully, I'll get outside again. I'll have to figure out my routes to take here. I'm kind of leery as I run while it's still dark out, so I'm thinking I'll be on the treadmill a bit least until the sun rises around 5 am (what is April???...oh crap).

I haven't gotten to a yoga class yet. But I did do a full body workout on the weight machines and with free weights. I printed out a program from They have a muscle professor program that you can pick from. Then you plug in the weights you used after you're done and they increase it for you the next time around. So I walked around the club with my little paper and pen trying to find what machines fit these descriptions. I'll probably be tweaking it as time goes on, but at least I got that going. I'm still shooting for weight training 3x week.

One of the trainers at the club is from my other club and my daughter worked out with him there. So he snagged her for a free workout and is now trying to get her (or me rather) to sign her up for a whole set of personal training. Hmmm.....she's 19 years old...when I was 19 I worked my butt off, went to college and paid for all my extracurricular activities. And my purses, I was (still am) BIG on a new purse every year. So...she's cut off. She doesnt like this idea too much--oh sucks sometimes!

Speaking of purses....(weaving away from the men can be excused) my daughter had me watch a new show on Showtime, Weeds....she says the mom on it reminds her of me (geesh..the mom sells weed in a beigy, boring, upscale community---well not that part she says, but the way that mom is so cool ) anyways I digress.....I was watching it and fell in love with her purse. We women are nuts, ya know?? So I went online, and low and behold (do people say that crappy saying anymore?) they had a website devoted to the clothing and such from the show. How crazy is that??? And how much more crazy is that I ORDERED THE FREAKING PURSE??? ok...that's my crazy woman confession for the month. I'm glad I got that out. I'll be back to running next time. (and I'll take a pic of the purse when it comes in) :)

Sunday, December 03, 2006

2nd week off

ahhhh......all is working out well. I moved, I unpacked and I got reconnected to the internet after SIX days of no connection!! How did we live before we had the computer??? Before TV?? Well, I had those days to remind myself. Remember Little House on the Prairie---where they sat around and TALKED to each other all night long???? Yep...lots of talking, reading, quiet time!! Who knew?????

The first two days after my move, the weather was beautiful. 50 degrees. I ran along Lake Michigan and into the Northwestern University campus. Oh it was amazing. (My ex husband actually proposed to me on the rocks of the University, so it was with warm thoughts when I passed that spot).

Then the storm hit!! I think we got 6 inches of snow by me. Thankfully, I didn't have to work. And double thankfully I have a beautiful new health club in my condo building. So off I trotted in my shorts and tank to the elevators connecting to the club. It was great.....except now I have to readjust to the temperature. I was sweating bullets.

The second day I went, I took a SUCCEED tab before I started and that helped a lot. I'm not happy being forced back on the treadmill, but I won't complain due to the convenience. They have some yoga classes that I'll be going to this week. I have NEVER taken a yoga class. I'm waaaay overdue!

Sunday, November 26, 2006

She's mine, all mine...

I broke down!! I had to have her! My son let me borrow his fancier ipod for my 10 mile run on Saturday. He has a special playlist on it just for me, but he will be moving to his own place next week. So I just had to get my own.....and it comes in RED!!!! Even the armband is red! My most favorite color in the world!! It's all about passion, isn't it??

Running with music is such a treat for me. And as I may be running alone on my long runs for awhile to come, I'm really excited to have "company".

I'm building up mileage. I've stopped running to my favorite ravine because the hill workout there is too much with the increased mileage. I'll increase on flatland, then worry about speedwork. Meanwhile, I continue doing my weight training. I"m devoting 2007 all for the Ultras I hope to be able to do. I've been reading lots at So much to learn, I love it!!! I'm maintaining my weight loss, which is my goal thru the new year.

I move to my new condo on Tuesday. I have two weeks off to get everything organized. Lots going on, but it's all good.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Boot Camp--checked off!!! :)

I survived and conquered!! And I believe I found the Fountain of Youth in the meantime. Who knew it was all about strength training, aerobics and good foods? A wonderful support system keeps the smile there, tho. And I include my blogger pals in that group!!

A very Happy & Hearty Thanksgiving to you all!!
I think I smell the pies baking already!

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Settling Down...

I'm home from NJ. It was a fast in and out....left Friday nite with the kids, straight from work and returned very early Monday morning and went right to a patient. But it was wonderful! The ceremony at my Dad's gravesite was very "hamish"--a yiddish word meaning "full of warmth and love". My brother said some beautiful words and the survivors stood together with our arms around each other. The older Grandkids wore my Dads hats for fun just before we left (I wanted them to wear it to the cemetery, but Mom nixed that!) That's my son and daughter on the left and my oldest nephew on the right. Of course, we all returned to Mom's house for some food--it ain't a Jewish get together without food!! Eat Mamala Eat!!

I did pretty good with my eating over the weekend. I did indulge some--Mom had frozen chocolate twists in the freezer--OMG!! And the kids bought me a bag of tootsie rolls to make me feel good--so how could I not! No guilt, trust me! It was worth every bite.

I ran 9 miles around Mom's retirement community on Saturday. The elderly neighbors were out doing their morning walk and cheered me on as I passed them. My brother and Mom went out walking while I was running, so I had some wonderful company on my walking breaks.

I ran during the same hours as the JFK 50-miler, so I pretended I was running with
Run with Me and Relentless Runner, spurring them on to the finish. I pretended Mom's house was one of the pitstops along the way, and I named it The "Mamala/Tatala-you-should-stop-and-eat-before-you-fade-away-to-nothing" PitStop. I ate 1/4 of a bagel & cream cheese there at 4.5 miles, went to the bathroom, stretched and continued on, just like in a real ultra, huh? I know....I have quite the imagination! Ya gotta dream!!!!

Tuesday, November 14, 2006


I have one week left of the Boot Camp I signed up for with I am supposed to be 4 lbs less by next week! I have maintained the last few weeks, but not lost, because I didn't tighten up my eating habits. My exercising is never a problem for me as I love to run and I've gotten the weight training in 3x week (of which I am really proud).

So I've accomplished a lot in this Boot Camp but not what the Coach expected of me. Therefore, as of today I'm kicking it in HIGH GEAR and I'm going to get there by next week! This will be most rough when I get to NJ for the weekend as Mom LOVES enticing me with chocolate, my all-time weakness! So here's my pat answer for her, "NO MOM....I can't.....I will lose money if I eat that!" Think it will work???? Lord give me strength!!!

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Girls Best Friend

Nothing like a 5 mile sunrise walk with one's pup to soothe one's soul.

I've had a rough week--planning a trip to NJ next weekend for Dad's cemetary plot unveiling and having to discuss Hospice with a patient's family just took so much out of me. I'm quietly soothing myself, with the wonderful help of those closest to me (and wonderful blogger pals who have made soothing comments) so I'm slowly coming back to myself.

My running is going real well, and I'm looking forward to Saturdays morning run--or rather the breakfast afterwards to hear the NYC Marathon stories.

and so it goes.......

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Monday, November 06, 2006

Pfitzy Lora

This week will have me up to 20 miles. Three weeks post-marathon and I'm feeling good. I will slowly build up to 30 miles/week. By the second week in January I will attempt my first Pfitz plan--up to 55 miles/week as I head towards my first 50K.

Lotsa firsts happening here for me--let's just hope this body holds out.

Friday, November 03, 2006

Lifestyle Changes

Some of you have asked me how I did it. I've done many changes to how I live my life eating wise, but I will say the biggest impact has been this book... Start there!

Changes I've made....

  1. 3-4 cups fresh veggies daily
  2. 8 cups water daily
  3. equal protein and carbs in a meal
  4. at least 540 minutes of exercise per week
  5. Small meals, 4-6 per day
  6. Resistance training 3x week (part of 540 mins)
  7. Daily Multi-Vitamin (Centrum)
  8. Daily Fish Oil Pill
  9. Daily Calcium/Magnesium (my pms is cured!!)

Do not forget that veggies and fruits are CARBS! This is where carb loading happens...not the pasta and rice we've all been told to do. I gained 10 lbs my first year of training due to this--it is WAY TOO EASY to overeat pasta. Can you only eat a portion size?? 1/2 cup?? I doubt it!

more thoughts to come.....

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Hit My Goal!!!

127---did you hear me---I WEIGH 127!! That was my goal!! Holy crappola!! I haven't been down here for 10 years!!

Thank you Coach David is a killer, but it works!!

And, thank you, Julie B for telling us all about that site!

The Coach wants me down to 125#, gotta run and pack my lunch.

Sunday, October 29, 2006

Lora & Anne

Here are the girls that will be running together at next years Chicago Marathon at a 4:15 pace! (Rene are you in too??) We'll be sticking together no matter what!

I'm working on getting her to do Ice Age. I think I'm almost there ;)

p.s. This was her 14th Chicago Marathon!

p.p.s. She's skinnier than me--the sweater hides her fabulous figure!

p.p.s.s :::she's single!!::: don't tell her I told you!

Friday, October 27, 2006

Open Mouth, Insert Foot

Did I say no Ultras??? Was that me??? I must have been hysterical!!

I've entered the dark side, and there's no stopping now it seems!

I've been challenged by my crazy girlfriend, Anne, to join her in a 4:15 Marathon time next year. I plugged in that time into to find my long run, tempo run and speed run paces. I will work up to those times this year and shove that time in her face (lovingly, of course)!! :) for the ultra.....Ice Age 50K here I come!!!!

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Chicago Marathon Report

What a day!! I woke up at 4 am, didn't even need the alarm. Had a good night's sleep, which I was grateful for. All my stuff was ready from the night before, so I relaxed with my coffee and reading emails, blogs and such and then got ready.

The weather seemed to still be shakey. Hanging in the 30's with possible showers throughout the morning. My decision of longsleeves and shorts remained.

Drove myself into Chicago...parked close to the Hilton (paid $20 for that privledge) but I remembered last year when we parked in a less expensive lot quite the distance away. My legs were killing me walking to the car....never again I promised! Went into the Hilton--great scene. All the runners were roaming around, hanging out, stretching--the place had been taken over. Didn't see anyone so I hit the bathroom and then made my way over to the tent that was in the Charity Village designated for I-Runs, the program I signed up with.

Everyone was there. Parked myself on a bench with John (my pace leader for my first marathon)--he was a chatty cathy. He was still deciding what pace to run. He's slower than me, but I talked him into running with me at the 5:00 pace as we had decided a few weeks ago. (He never really pushes himself--so wasn't it my job to do it for him???) I felt good and decided the 5:00 pace was correct as I wanted to push myself too, even tho all the charts said I'd be closer to 5:15. I'd move on down if I needed to, but I've been soooo cautious this year due to all my buddies getting injured, so I wanted to see what I had in me finally.

I read somewhere that if you slather yourself in vaseline it would protect you from the wind, so I did just that. The last stretch of the marathon is along Michigan Ave--a real killer in this marathon, you begin to hit the wall and then the wind bashes into you--nothing like a good challenge to see what you've got in ya.

We went to the Start--John was so chatty he made friends with all the folks around us. I kept quiet and focused, and tried to stay warm. Todd was with us too....he was also chatting away. I was shivering, had a garbage bag around me but it wasn't enough. Heard the National Anthem being sung--that was new this year, we couldnt hear it last year, they must have added speakers...and we even heard the gun go off. Took 22 minutes to get to the start line--shuffling all the way. Todd found a mylar wrap on the ground from the Pig Marathon (the ground was full of discarded clothes) and wrapped it around me--great help, and I decided to save my mylar at the end of the race for next year.

Off we went. At around Mile 1, Todd said he wouldn't make it if he kept this pace so he was gone. Then at Mile 2, John had to pee (already????) and he went off into an alley. I was all alone!! A totally new experience for me. Last year I was with Rene and Haight, until Haight got brave around mile 21 and took off. Rene got me through the roughest part of the race, where I just wanted to sit down and complain to my Mom! No Rene, No Haight, No Todd, No John!! Holy Crap Batman!! I didn't consider this in preparation.

I decided to pretty much go into myself, ignore the crowds and stay focused on form, drinking, taking in gels and keeping the pace. Last year we all had our names on our shirts and were waving to the crowds (Haight had "Big Daddy" on his---oh boy did the women love that!!). I didn't have my name this time so it was easier to ignore everyone.

I stayed close to the 5:00 pace group. They had about 6 people with signs and red balloons attached, so even if they got a bit ahead of you, you'd still be able to see them. I ran through the different areas of Chicago, really loving "Boys Town". The boys were out like last year...dressed up as military, doing rifle dancing--dressed up as showgirls, strutting their stuff. Didn't see the "Village People" dress up group like last year. That area is always packed, it's probably the funnest place to watch the marathon besides the finish.

At 5 & 10 miles I had my GU with water from the water stops. Sipping on my water bottle between those miles. I felt struggles at all. At around Mile 15 I started to slow down. I saw the red balloons creeping ahead of me. I decided to kick it in....told myself that I could make it back next to them in an hour without too much trouble. Kicked it in slowly, with a smidge of some trouble, but keeping to my plan.

I made it back to the 5:00 pace group at around Mile 20. I started looking for Haight and my son, David--the plan was they'd be between 20-21. Kept my eyes open, but didn't see them. And the pace group was getting away from me again. I knew I wouldn't be able to push myself back up to them, so I went to Plan B....goal of 5:15. I kept my eyes on my watch and kept that new pace. Did my GU as planned, every 5 miles, and I had no trouble. That is until Mile 21.

Warning...bodily functions about to be discussed! I was at my time of the month......that is, any day now I would be. So my tummy was squeaking out little cramps reminding me of that. I was able to ignore that..hey, I've delivered two babies and did one marathon--I can handle this little pain. But then my colon started squeaking. Well, I don't know about any of you, but the pain you get when you have the runs is brutal to me! I didn't know if it was my GU (chocolate with caffeine) that was doing it, or my menses starting. But i needed a portapotty. And, smart me, decided that I wasn't going to stop!! I had a goal, God Damn It!!

I suffered through the cramping, walking when it got really bad. I needed some help. So I decided to talk to my pals. I sang Happy Birthday to Sheila--twice. I chatted with my Dad and then I took out the big guns---RENE HELP!! She came back to me....all the words she spoke last year, like "This is fun! We're doing great!" came rushing through my mind. She kept me going. I imagined her next to me and just dug in. Mile 22, 23.....24---then I heard my name!

Haight and my son were there!! YAY!! I was miserable though....and my son was taping me on his phone (damn those phones). My first words were, "If I EVER talk about an ultra again, smack me hard!!" Haight asked me what I needed....." a toilet!!" "Anything else?" Yeah--CHOCOLATE!! I had filled a bag for him to bring and it had halloween sized Milky Ways. I didn't know if I would be aggravating my colon more, but I couldnt give a shit. It was like I was dilated to "10"--DON"T FUCK WITH ME! I ate the chocolate and struggled off....I think they were giggling (damn MEN!)

OK Lora, less than 2 miles, dig in hard and just do it. I thought of my blogger friends. How I so wanted to write a report I'd be proud of....I started writing it in my mind to keep my mind off the DAMN PAIN IN MY LEGS AND COLON!!! I thought of the portapotties waiting for was a golden paradise for me at that point. No....that thought was too painful. I needed Rene there she to me, smiling at me, getting me to the Finish.

Up ahead was the biggest friggin mountain in the world....MOUNT RANDOLF!! Goddamn this mountainous Chicago!!! I walked up it--deciding that when I rounded the corner, I'd begin running (if that's what it was called at this point!). I made it up, turned the corner and the most beautiful sight in the world was up ahead. THE FUCKING FINISH LINE!!! I smiled, I thanked God and Rene and I ran in. I was thrilled.

I heard my name--Bonnie from my running club was on the right waving......Haight and David were on the left waving. I looked at my watch and it said 5:14--holy shit!! I did it!! I pushed and stepped over the finish!! Oh dear Lord, thank you for this beautiful day!! Got my mylar, a banana--scanned the food (yucky english muffins, fig newtons)---yeah, that's what my colon needed---arrghhhh! I finally found my heaven, the porta potty....and felt much better.

5:14:49 That's me!

(The pics above----me at Mile 24--plenty miserable. And then that evening, meeting up with the bloggers at Goose Island Brewery--Elizabeth was entertaining me, and that's my son, David, on the right.)

Monday, October 23, 2006

Chicago Marathon

Finish time: 5:14:49------- 31 min PR!!

Very sore!! This may be the end of my road running days! Off to the trails!!

BUT---I finally hit the 120's in weight!! Holy Crap!! Now I know, all I have to do is run 5 hrs to get there!!!!!!!

Report to follow......time to ice and drink water......

Saturday, October 21, 2006

I've Sowed...Now to Reap!

The Marathon Expo........

Guess who I found there?? Sweet and adorable Elizabeth!! I recognized her as we were roaming around! She is such a sweetheart. And, of course, how could anyone miss Todd, who stands like 8 feet tall!!!

I still have no clue how the weather will be. Rain, snow, 40's, 30's--good ol Chicago. I'm planning on shorts and a long-sleeved shirt with dry reinforcements coming at mile 21 (Thanks to Haight and my son, David). Then they'll hang out at the Hilton bar, along with about 20,000 others, until I finish!

Oh, and yeah.....I'm shooting for 5:00 if all goes well. But I'm always happy just to finish with no injuries!! WOOHOO!!!! Isn't life great??!!!!

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Farmdale Trail Run

It was a beautiful day! Well....let me back up to Friday morn. I got an email from my ultra pal, Kent, stating that he hoped I made a mistake in my blog cuz the race was Saturday NOT Sunday! Holy Crap!! After checking the Race homepage I realized I must be under way too much stress to have made a mistake like that!!

I rearranged my plan for food and water for that day and asked the Princess if she was available on Saturday instead of Sunday. No problem! Whew! Cancelled movie plans for Friday night, and stayed in, got my stuff put together and hit the sack early.

Woke up at 3 am, had my coffee, got dressed, stirred the Princess and off we went. A boring 3-hr drive. Steph brought her pillow and blanket, cuddled up in the front seat and was out in no time. I had to bounce around a few times, sing out loud and pinch myself to stay awake.

Made it to the race 45 mins before race time. Got my goodie bag, race number (#4---boy did I sign up early or what??) and headed back to the Jeep. It was freezing out! I had planned on wearing shorts and a short-sleeve shirt, but luckily the race tee was a long-sleeved technical one, so that went over my shirt and kept me warm throughout the race.

Dave Tapp, the RD, made a little speech. Where was the Start line, someone asked? "See those two trees," he said, "right between them". Gotta love the laid-back atmosphere of trail running!! There was an 8-miler and a 33-mile race starting together and running along the same path for a few miles, then a split off. I was only doing the 8-miler as I have the marathon next week. My plan was to run this race very comfortably, word was there were hills, rocks, roots and little streams to get through and I didn't want to stress my legs out too much.

I ran at the back-of-the-pack and was quickly with the last two runners. The path was mostly a single track, rocky and rooty, winding through the woods, open fields, across two streams and up and down small hills. You couldn't take your eyes off the path, or you'd risk falling flat on your face! I love this stuff!! I had totally forgotten to set my garmin, and I noticed there were no mile markers, so I just went with the flow--it was such a cool feeling to not think about that--just me out there with Mother Nature and a few other crazy people, enjoying the morning fresh air!

What a blast!! We ran through two aid stations, the first had three adorable little kids with pink noses and cheeks, trying to stay warm by jumping up and down. Dad (found out later it was Jason Zimmerman there--darn, wish I said HI!) was very friendly and helpful--I grabbed some pretzels, took a swig from my water bottle and headed off. There was a bunch of downed trees on the trail that you had to climb, jump over or use the teeter-totter provided to get over. I made it across the small streams without getting wet (yay Montrails!) The second aid station I hung out a few extra minutes. A handful of sweet men were there, chatting with the runners. They told me I could continue on if I wanted and I was so tempted, but I held myself back knowing it wouldnt be a smart move for the marathon.

Finished up the last two miles winding in and out of easy-marked trails. The RD did a great job of marking the trail...every time I looked up I saw the friendly yellow ribbon to remind me I was on the right path. The last marked trail said "most difficult"---ahhh the RD has an evil side to him, I like that! That was a fun stretch! Moved aside to let some of the ultra runners through, each making a kind remark.

Ran in towards the finish line, smiled purty for the photographer and got my bling-bling from the RD. Told him how beautiful this trail was and that I plan on being back for the Ultra next year. He was very kind and gracious. This was the inaugural race, so I MUST come back each year, don't I??

Went through the Chow Tent....subway sandwiches, chili, soup, pretzels, corn chips, fig newtons, bananas and Pop was set up. I grabbed some yummies, glanced at the giveaway table (hats, shoes, visors) but didn't see my name so I mosied on to the Jeep. Steph complained of a tummy ache so I gave her my pop and headed home.

A wonderful morning was had by all!! A great big shout out to Dave Tapp, for putting together a beautiful race, very well organized, to my beautiful daughter for keeping me company, but mostly, to Kent, for making me realize the race was today!!! Whew!!

Juli A and Lora

Two Alpine Runners!


Fashionable Ultra Folks

Formal Announcements by RD

Monday, October 09, 2006

Mom's Thighs

They say you don't get to pick your parents. But when it comes to Mothers, God definitely blessed me. Yes, she it the typical NY Jewish Mother...advice on life, loves to talk and a bad cook. Listening to her Brooklyn accent (which I've basically worked hard to lose--though I still have some words I have to concentrate on--> arrow, orange and kaufman) warms my heart and she is a wonderful role model on how to enjoy your elder years. She is always telling me of the museums, operas, books and lectures she has gone to/read. I'm just so proud of her.

What I could have done without, though, was her thighs. It was always a challenge in my life to lose them, and I finally got to a point a few years ago of accepting them. Well, guess the freakin what??!! They are disappearing!! Right before my friggin eyes!! Go figure!! Oh running gods out there---I do so love and adore you---thank you for all the blessings you have bestowed on me!!!

I ran 12 miles with me ol running group, The Alpine Runners, back up in the NW suburbs on Saturday. My first time back there since I was recruited to the lakefront for the Half Marathon Program in July. It was great to be back running with my pals. These runs are all on the streets, different than the lakefront which has a nice trail path, but my legs had no problems. The orthotic I got made last year has been one of the best investments so far! That, and of course, my shin and calf exercises/stretches which I consistently do.

We caught up on all the gossip and on each others lives. I miss these gals. Though I'm still waiting for Rene and Todd to return. And, of course, one day even Haight!!!

I ran 5 miles this morning down and up the ravines. I'm walking less and less up these hills, feeling stronger and stronger as each week passes. I'm supposed to be tapering now for the Chcgo Marathon, but I'm doing some nice strong runs--only 3 times this week though. I think I'll get myself back into swimming between the runs to make sure my body stays put together. I havent hit the pool since my triathlon back in July! And I will add a Vit C tablet along with my regular Multi Vitamin, just to make sure no viruses get thru.

This Sunday I have an 8-mile Trail Race 3 hours south of my home. My precious lil daughter said she'd go with me...."We have to leave at 4am" I told her (she's 19--she'll probably be coming home around that time!).....but she's still in. Soo, I think I'll ask the RD if she can volunteer at a water stop....who knows, maybe she'll get the bug to get into shape (a mother can dream.....I'd really be happy if she just shows up!!)

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

During the Race

Making our way down Lake Shore Drive at around Mile 9.

Our Little Group

Caroline, Erin, Me, Maria, David & Chris...the Saturday morning group just before the race!!

Monday, October 02, 2006

Chicago Half-Marathon

What a blast I had!! I got there early-- 6:15 for a 7:30 race. Thought that would be real early, but nope----plenty of people already there! I was so surprised! With 10,000 people signed up and 7,000 of them new runners---it was amazing they were rearing to go!! What a great city!!

I wore the new shorts from New Balance and was a bit worried about chafing (rule no 1 for any race is nothing new!!) so I gobbed myself up with Glide--actually the shorts felt nice and comfy. The shirt was the one I had been wearing for training, so no worries there. I made my way to the RoadRunners tent and saw.....The sign I'd be carrying.... whew, it was light and small. Beth, my "running boss" also told me to pass it over to runners next to me thruout the course---great idea!! I saw all my runners prepping at the tent--got some pics, but missed pics with the brother and sister. I hope to see them out on the lakefront so I can take one of them down the road.

Beth led all the pace leaders to the start line. That felt so strange---we were a line of people in the same outfits with our numbered signs walking in a row. People were commenting to their friends, pointing us out--we were celebrities!! I lined up by my spot and runners immediately came over to me and asked about the pace, was I walking at all, how was I doing the water stops. My plan was to run an 11:20 pace consistently except for water stops. Those I would walk thru. Beth gave us all a whistle---I blew it every time I stopped at the water stops, and every time I began again.

I had five of my own runners with me from the training program and a bunch from Kathy's group, the pacer ahead of me in training. (They were the young wild girls!! So fun!!) A bunch of other runners kept close around me and we made lots of jokes and screamed up until Mile 9ish. I got great support with the sign, Erin, Caroline and Yan wanted to hold it, so I got some breaks. David, another of my runners, stayed close behind me--close enough that I could hear his panting for miles to come. We all screamed when the first runner past us---male of course, and I told them to keep an eye out for the first gal. We all went crazy when we saw her....she looked at us like we were nuts. I love this job!!!!

As we ran along, I was disappointed that three of the water stops did not have any gatorade. I don't know if they ran out or just didn't plan for it at those stops. Well, it turned out to be a beautiful day, with the sun beating down on us while we ran down Lake Shore Drive--temp probably hit the high 60's. My runners needed salt!! I was a bit worried. As soon as we hit gatorade, I yelled out for them to drink it as much as they could. I knew I had to pull in the silliness and get them to focus.....this could be tough without sodium.

They continued on quietly for the next few miles. I didn't hear David's panting anymore. I encouraged them to run tall, no death marching on my shift! Arms close to your bodies, no waving or yelling at the crowds....dig in deep and keep moving. Don't even smile---wastes too much muscle energy! They were listening....they kept at it. That was until we saw the ambulance!

At around mile 12, a gal was on the ground. Paramedics were tending to her with oxygen and she looked pretty limp. I yelled back at everyone not to look, that she would be fine. But I think they started to dwindle away. 100 feet later, there was a man on the ground--people all around him waiting for the paramedics. That was the kicker. I yelled back that he just needed sodium, but I lost my group. The mental hit was too much. The group around me was gone, and I basically ran alone the last mile, picking up a few runners along the way. My finish time was 2:29:22---a bit too fast!!!!

I waited after I hit the finish line......and along came Chris!!! One of my runners!!!! YAY!! He made it in!! We hugged--I was just so proud of him! He had been struggling for a few weeks with leg pain, but he figured it out and felt fine. I plan on bugging him towards the marathon next year. :) Then I saw Maria--YAY!! Naughty Maria had three rum n cokes the night before, "You told me to do just what I do every Friday night!" Silly girl--but she made it, whew!!!!

I started to feel a bit dizzy, so I hit the bananas and pretzel tables and went back to the tent. The rest of the runners made it over bit by bit. I was just so proud of them. I hope they will be back on the lakefront....some of them want to cheer me on at the Marathon. How cool is that! This pacing was such a wonderful experience, I highly recommend it! Now on towards the rest of Marathon training!!!

We Finished Right On Time!!

Me and John, the man that was my pace leader when I was in training for the marathon, and this races 2:40 pace leader--right behind me, with our new bling-bling!

Friday, September 29, 2006

You're All Amazing

Wow--you all just blow me away. Thanks for all the believing in me. Makes me want to just book a marathon in each of your states (countries) just so I can run with yas!!

I'll take mucho pics to post. I'm getting very excited!! I emailed the group I trained for this race and have heard back from many of them. They are very nervous and it's just awesome to see the race thru their eyes....brings it all back to when I started. And that's what it's all about--getting more people into the sport, more people getting healthy, sharing this great feeling.

The shoes are sponsored by New Balance--lucky for me since that's what I wear. Each pace leader got to pick their style--I wear the 1023's, which are now the 1000's. We are all given a specific outfit to wear---must have lots of advertising for New Balance on it. Nothing like America and their bottom lines!!

And, oh, by the way--I'm only 7 lbs away from my goal! Holy Cripes Batman!!!

Monday, September 25, 2006


I got a call today from my "running boss", Beth, the wonderful lady that runs the training program for the Chicago Half Marathon. Seems the 2:30 pacer for the race is unable to make it and she asked me to fill in. YIKES!! After talking a bit with her regarding how my running is going, we both decided I can handle it (even with carrying a stick??? Yes, she said!! oyyy). So there you have it....Meet the Chicago Half Marathon 2:30 pacer!! And what's in it for me?? A new pair of shoes!

Please send strong vibes so I can meet this goal!!

Saturday, September 23, 2006

Electronic Breakdown

The 20-mile run went really well. What a difference a year makes! My only wish is that I'd have enough time to do one or two more of them, but that's not possible before the Chicago Marathon. So, it's on the plan for the next big race.

I set out my "stuff" the night before. I figured I needed to wake up at 4am, have my coffee to get "cleaned out", hit the road by 5:10 and get on the running path by 6. I would do an hour running alone, 5 miles, then 6 miles with the running group, then off alone again for another 9 miles.

My son lent me his ipod and even set up a "Lora's Running Playlist" for me to use. As he and I listen to the same old rock music, it was pretty easy for him to do, but I was still touched that he put it all together for me.

All went well until I pulled into the parking lot at 6am. It was still dark out, I was the only car there and it was a well-hidden area. My mind fought with itself for a bit.....stay here or move to a better lit area. I was almost out the door when my logical side got the best of me. Like it or not, I'm a chick, and we have to take these I moved to the main street for this first hour of running.

The first hour went well...I didn't use the ipod just yet as my mind needed some clearing. I saw only four runners the first half hour. I was a bit creeped out and realized this was stupid to be all alone, but of course I kept on going. By 6:30 the running groups started showing up.

For those of you that haven't see what goes on here in Chicago, it's pretty amazing. There are 3 or 4 main organizations that have running groups specifically to train runners for the Chicago Marathon. The largest is CARA, Chicago Area Runners Association. There are about 25 runners in their packs, lead by a pace leader in a special tanktop advertising the group. Pace groups run from 7:00 thru 12:00, so just imagine six of these, 25 runners deep, times 4 different programs and you can figure how packed up the lakefront can be. Of course add the "regular" people out there not in a paid-for program, along with the bikers, walkers, dog walkers and you have a good visual.

I ran back to my car, moved it to the other parking lot, which is closer to my group, changed my top (to my advertised tanktop), refilled my water bottle, forced down the frosting-tasting Gu, gulped down water, and off I went.

There were only two people in my group....hmmmm, the rest must be slacking since it was only a 6-miler. But these two were the ones showing up every week, a brother and sister, who both seemed to be naturals at listening to their bodies and keeping their pace based on that info. I was proud of them for being there. I've watched both of them increase their endurance and speed thruout these weeks and I must say, it's a great feeling to know that they will accomplish their final goal next Sunday.

We kept a comfy 12:00 pace for most of the 6-miles, with the brother taking off a bit at the end. Ahhhh, he has some extra energy he has yet to tap into. I predict he will do better at the race then he even imagines.

We got back to the start, said our goodbyes, and back I went to my car to refill my water bottle, change my top again, gulp down another Gu with water and get the ipod ready to go.

Off I went. I was heading out for 4.5 miles, then turning around back to my car. I got a real kick out of hearing the songs my son picked for me, Respect, Yellow Submarine, (I'll fill more in as I remember them--damn this early dementia) and I realized how great it is to run with music. That's right......this was my first time. In all these years of running I've just gone with my thoughts and the sounds of Mother Nature. Not a bad thing, but for long runs, it sure does help to have some assistance when you're alone.

I continued the 12:00 pace and soon hit the asphalt area. Most of the lakefront is trails, and I wore my Montrails which made my feet very happy. But hitting that asphalt for the 5 miles basically just sucked. My shins were aching a bit and I had to stop a few times for a good stretch.

Unfortunately at around mile 15, the ipod shut off. Or rather, I couldnt hear the music anymore, the screen was still on. I couldnt figure out what the problem was, so I just keep plugging along. Then, at around mile 17, my garmin died! The battery recharging gods were not my friends today.

As I continued on, I realized how much stronger I felt from the last time I did a 20-miler (a year ago). I was in agony then, and walked a lot. This time, I was achy, but that was it. By mile 19, the agony hit, but I had the experience to make it thru with mind games and basically just ignoring it.

Here are the breakdown of my miles as requested by Neese (just for you Sweetie!):
Mile 1.......11:42
Mile 2.......11:24
Mile 3.......11:49
Mile 4.......11:13
Mile 5.......11:14
Mile 6.......11:53
Mile 7.......12:23
Mile 8.......12:35
Mile 9.......13:09
Mile 10......12:04
Mile 11......11:41
Mile 12......11:21
Mile 13......13:18 -- walked & stretched
Mile 14......11:57
Mile 15.......11:23
Mile 16......12:34

I'm happy with my times. I got home, showered (there is nothing so wonderful in this world as a hot shower after a looooong run) hit the pillow for 2 hrs, got up and then iced my legs.

I'm off to my girlfriends home for dinner. Happy New Year to all the Jewish bloggers out there. May this year bring you all good health and happiness.....and a few good PR's!!

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

The Weather Turns

Fall is here. It was 40 degrees when I set out to run this morning. First time wearing pants and ear coverings! I used to think I couldnt live in a city that didn't have a changing of the seasons, but I'm starting to reconsider. A taste of both would be nice....Chicago in the summer & spring, and just maybe, Tucson or someplace in New Mexico for the winter. Time will tell.
I have my first 20-miler this Saturday. I haven't done one in a year! I'm trying to work out the nutrition part. My friend, Fred, who got me into running races three years ago reminded me of his recommendation of Accelerade before each run. I had tried it, but gave it up because the watered-down creamsicle taste didn't do it for me. He told me to tough it out and try it again. So I did...this morning before my 5-miler to the hills. Well, I don't know if it was that or the fact that I've been eating only fresh fruits and veggies these past few days (lean proteins too) but every mile felt great.

So my plan is to have Accelerade before my run, carry half gatorade-half water in my water bottle, somehow get a Naked fruit drink halfway, and Endurox for my recovery drink. The gels will be my next try if this doesnt work. I just can't do the sweet beans. The sugar doesnt make me happy.

The weight keeps dropping :) Ten more pounds and I'll stabilize. It's hard to stay with only veggies, fruits and lean proteins, but I'm hoping that will get easier in time. BadBen mentioned a juicer in my comments, so I'm thinking that would be a great purchase-----it's always somethin' eh?

Monday, September 18, 2006

Finally.....A Long Run

On Saturday I ran the 10 miles required for the groups half marathon training. So glad to see everyone able to make it and doing well. They are all ready for the race on Oct 1st, and I'm excited to run with them that day and see them accomplish their goal. They all plan on running with the 2:40 pace leader, which is really cool as he is the one that was my pace leader when I trained for my first marathon. I'll be very happy to see him again.

I went on with three other gals to do another 8 miles on the lakefront. The temperature started creeping up and I knew it would slow me down. I was testing out eating a pack of beans slowly, as it bothered my stomach in the last race when I ate it all at once. That worked real well on this run, but by mile 12 I was S-T-A-R-V-I-N-G! Not good! I really don't like the sweetness in the beans during my runs--last year I used GU and I'm thinking of trying that this Saturday for my 20-miler. Tho I hit the wall hard at mile 21 of the marathon last year, and was very hungry. I need to find something to carry that will work, with enough calories, that won't upset my stomach. The search continues.

At mile 16 we were in front of the Lincoln Park Zoo and we saw a group of people dressed up as fruits carrying signs. Fruit of the Loom was protesting???? One of the girls had to check it out, so we all stretched while she went over there. It was the drink, Naked, advertising and giving away free drinks! Perfect! We all ran over and enjoyed. I wish I had my camera. The girls said last week they saw a group doing makeovers and they ran over and got goodie bags with makeup in them. Nothing like living in a big city!!

I ran real slow....the first 10 miles I ran a perfect 2:01 with my group. I was happy with that. Sat around for about 1/2 hr waiting for the other girls to get in---I stretched during that time. The next 8 miles was done also in 2 hrs since they wanted to do a run 4 mins/walk 1 min thruout. I wouldn't have done that if I had the choice, but I went along with the crowd. Since they like to chat (I'm not your typical gal----not very chatty, don't even like talking on the phone) it made sense for them. The good thing was that I recovered real well. I had a massage the same day as the long run and did the special ice-heat-ice in the evening. No aches the next day at all. I think if I slowly build up after the marathon, and get my body used to the longer runs again, and I religiously do weight training twice a week, I'll be a happy camper.

I've lost all the weight I had taken off I'm down to the lowest I've been in years. But I'm still aiming for at least another 10 lbs. I'm feeling dedicated now....I bought The Paleo Diet book and am sticking to their methods. It basically advises you to eat the way we did back in cavemen times.....lean protein, lots of fruits and vegetables and NO processed foods at all.

I've become a firm believer in thinking all this processing is a big cause of diseases Americans are suffering with....that and of course overeating which is a terrible American pasttime. Add to that the lack of exercise in the majority of Americans lives and we're dealing with a major problem. I won't even touch on tobacco. I get to see the results in my patients daily. Auto immune diseases, heart disease, cancer.....I just wonder how we'd do if we eliminated the processing--and if we could eliminate abuse of alcohol, cigarettes and lack of exercising --I'd happily be out of this job.

Friday, September 15, 2006

It just happened....

had the dreaded Marathon Nightmare. All I remember is that the friend driving me to the marathon said he'd help me out by dropping me off at mile 23, then I discovered I forgot my running shoes! I immediately started to think I should do another marathon so I'd get it right. I checked into the Arizona one but it was sold out! What a nightmare!!

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Thinking Back...

to a year ago when I was in training for my first marathon. I had joined a Chicago running group to get me through the training, Higdon's Beginner program. I was so pumped. I hardly missed a training day, had no major injuries and met some wonderful people that I stay in touch with still.

And I learned a lot and grew. Over this past year I:

finished that first marathon
PR'd twice
learned how to run in all kinds of weather
spent hundreds of dollars to run in all kinds of weather
discovered trail running
bought my first pair of trail running shoes
discovered gps running watches
lost 10 lbs
gained it all back
lost it again plus a few more
gained back that few more
learned how to swim
finished my first sprint tri
spent more money on tri clothes
spent gobs of money on a road bike
paid for a coach
went to physical therapy for a hamstring issue
decided, wisely, to have a weekly massage
began to be pulled to the dark side....thinking of doing an ultra
began to run carrying a bottle at all times
always drank Endurox after my runs
wondered why I never tried an ipod
bonked, cried & felt exhilarated on my runs
tried walking after each mile--learned to respect the walk
subscribed to many running mags
wanted to only read books on running
started this blog
discovered runners around the world have hearts of gold
lost my precious Dad
helped Mom deal with newly diagnosed breast cancer during dads illness
learned how strong I can be
learned how much I hate death
became a pace leader
loved to share what i'd learned
didnt keep up with marathon program due to 1/2 training interference
didnt really mind
changed my goal for second marathon-just cut off 15 mins
started to weight train
bought a condo
put my house on the market
having sleepless nights over possibly not selling my house
visited Seattle--ran on amazing trails there
got my wild daughter to graduate HS
wished pot was legal so I could catch a break
and thru it all, I continue to run. Thank you Lord.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Runners Edge Half Marathon Report

I had a great time! I've been looking forward to this race to see the difference in a trail race vs a road race. I knew there was a more casual attitude, and that was part of the attraction.
I woke up early....Haight was volunteering and they told him to be there by 6am! The race started at 8:15. We heard parking is an issue, so we decided to get there a bit after 6 so we wouldnt have to walk a mile to the car after the race.
We arrived and were sent to lot A/B--right at the finish line! Yay!! Haight left to help and I relaxed in the car and watched the setup. It was so early, the portapotties were still on the flatbed!

I snuggled into my jeep, keeping warm and listening to music (it was drizzling out) until I saw Todd walk by--he was volunteering too. I jumped out of the car and led the lost soul to the volunteer sign-in. He was assigned to water stop 2/11, which is where this pic was taken.

I finally met up with the other Alpine gals I was running with and we headed over to the start. I had my gps watch on, my trail shoes on (Montrail) and carried my beloved water bottle filled with half Gatorade/half water. I had two bean packets ready to go in my pockets. This chick was prepared!

We took off and shuffled thru the first few miles getting our legs warmed up. Of the four gals I was with, one took off ahead of us pretty early, which we expected. Three of us stuck together until the last few miles. We were in pace with a couple behind us and we all took bets on when the lead male runner would pass us by. I chose mile 4, but it turned out to be 4.5, so I didnt win.

The path was nice and wet--I like when it drizzles during a race, it keeps me cool, keeps my legs going longer.....and I love when I get dirty---the old tomboy in me! When one of us would fall behind, we'd yell out that we're sharing sex stories and that friend would rush up! (Then we had to come up with something--come run with us to hear the stories!!)

I noticed the mile markers were off at mile 4--the curse of Race Directors, runners with GPS watches! But it evened out by mile 10-11. Luckily my watch automatically marks off the miles and my time, so I don't depend on the signs.

I had one pack of beans at mile 5--forced myself to eat them all,even tho I wasnt enjoying it. I regretted that as my stomach wasnt happy with this decision. One of the gals I was running with needed a potty, I told her the woods are your bathroom in a trail race--she held off!

My shoes untied TWICE--I hate when that happens. So I'm sure to buy lacelocks--I already have them on my road shoes.
There was lots of puddles on the trail, lots of horse crap and hardly anyone out there but the runners. That was nice as I run on this trail regularly and the mountain bikers come by pretty fast--I think the rain held them off. Also, IMWisconsin is this Sunday, so many of them that are usually out there were resting up.

I started feeling tired around mile 10 and just followed the shoes of my girlfriend in front of me. I repeated one of my mantras, "John Jacob Jingle Hyman Schmidt...." from my old camp days. It kept my mind off my tired legs.

The mile 9ish water stop offered beer!! Though I've never acquired a taste for it (yeah I was a nerd in college) my girlfriend in my age group decided to have a cup--I knew then I was going to beat her!

At mile 11, I saw Todd at the water stop. He saw me coming and had two Gatorade cups ready to go into my water bottle. Thanks Todd!! I felt reenergized and kicked it in. My last two miles were my fastest. I kept an eye on the time the whole way so I knew I was going to make it before the 2.5 hr cutoff. I made it by a minute! YAYYY!

And the best part of the race???? The party afterwards at Flatlanders. What a great job they do there. We were given two drink tkts and a raffle tkt when we arrived. Flatlanders and Runners Edge (the store that sponsors the race) supplied the raffle prizes--which were outstanding! I didn't win anything but I was very impressed with the giveaways. There was free food there too---all for a $40 registration fee. Not bad! I can't imagine they make any money from this race--all the more reason to respect this store (there's actually two of them, one in Wilmette, one in Libertyville). I will be sure to shop there more often.

One of the guys in my Half Marathon training group says he wants to do this race next year--just a little pressure for him by putting it on my blog (hi Mike!) :)

I definitely recommend this race, and I look forward to more trail races in my future.

Monday, September 04, 2006

Runners Edge Half Marathon

2:28:55--A new PR!!

Report to come.....

note to self.......

--get lace locks for trail shoes

--ice baths ROCK--even if they make you scream!

Alpine Gals

Haight & I at the Start

Got Milk?

How cruel is this new ad campaign, "Got Milk, Get Oreos".

How's a girl supposed to hold onto any kind of diginity with that kind of pressure???

Who can I complain to??

Sunday, September 03, 2006

Resting up

Carb loaded at the very "hot" teenage place to be seen. This is a real greasy spoon place that teens have claimed as their own for years now. If you visit Chicago with a young adult, put it on your list!

Ran 13 miles with the lakefront group on Saturday. One of the gals from Alpine Runners, that I used to run with before I was drafted to the lake, showed up. That means only one gal left up there to run by herself!! I just know she's blowing a cork over this. Oh well....gotta do what ya gotta do.

The group hung thru their longest run--everyone made it in running--YAY! I decided not to run Milwaukee Marathon as my 20-miler (even tho I signed up) but to do the Chicago Half Marathon and to share the experience with them all. I'm really looking forward to that--I was signed up for it last year but had to miss it because my Dad took a turn for the worse, so I flew into NJ. Word on the street is that it's a great half....starting at the Museum of Science and Industry (my favorite Chicago museum besides the Art Institute) and thru the streets surrounding the Univ of Chicago and then mostly on Lake Shore Drive which runs along our beautiful Lake Michigan. And now the Half is closed--10,000 runners are signed up. So amazing how this sport is growing.

Tomorrow is my first Half Marathon of the season. I missed the inaugural Half that I like to run in March due to my Dads death. I can't believe I haven't done a running race since the Shamrock 8K in March. Though my focus in the spring was for my first triathlon that I did in July, it still seems odd. Now I'm fully back to just running, as I've discovered that I can't make the time for three sports right now.

There's a 2:30 cutoff for the race tomorrow. Normally I would believe I could do it, but since I ran 13 miles yesterday, I'm not sure I'll be rested up enough. I'll give it my best shot, but we shall see. So to give myself some kind of edge...I'm going for the dreaded Ice Bath today!! So if you hear a blood-curdling scream later in the day, don't get scared.

Friday, September 01, 2006

If you're going to get sick....

Best to do it with a Jewish Mother! Did my body and mind purposely do this knowing it's the best place to break down?? Probably! Not that I was terribly sick, but a chest cold took over me for about three days while I was visiting my Mom. She suspected something when I asked for a blanket while we were watching TV. Before I knew it, I had an echinacea pill, a Vit C pill, hot tea with honey and lemon and her favorite "dickie" shoved in front of me.

I finally ran again on Friday....5 miles....felt so ready to do more but I didnt want to push it as I have 13 miles tomw with my group and a Half Marathon on Monday. I highly doubt I'll make the cutoff time, 2.5 hours, but I'm going to enjoy myself.

When I got back to Chicago, I got a call from one of my girlfriends that there's an extra entry into the NYC Marathon floating around if I was interested for a mere $250. I think I'll wait until I make it in by lottery. That will be either next year or, for sure, by 2008. Gonna kick some butt on those bridges!!

Monday, August 28, 2006

Time to Relax

I'm in New Jersey, visiting my Mom for the week. I'm enjoying myself very much...but I'll back up to get this blog up-to-date.

Had a real shitty run. Four miles that felt like I was a brand new runner with every step I took. Not sure what was up with I'll just chalk it up to "some days are like that".

Ran 12 miles with the half-marathon training program, then another 4 miles with my girlfriends. My group did great....this was the longest run for many of them. It is very exciting to watch them all accomplish this goal...tho it's too bad I won't actually be running with them at their race because it's my 20-miler long run on that day. I'm hoping to have some kind of get-together with them the next week to listen to all their exciting race stories.

I finally invested in two ice paks and got rid of the frozen peas. Boy these things are damn expensive!! But they're much bigger so they cover a larger part of my leg. I still havent had the courage to do an ice bath....maybe with the 18 miler!

Left real early for the airport...checked in my luggage at curb check-in and I had already gotten my boarding pass online, so all I had to do was get through security which was pretty uneventful. Thank goodness! With all that's going on out there, I was concerned that it would have been a very stressful day. Piece of cake!

Went out for a 5-mile run around my Mom's retirement community. She does a 3-mile walk a few times a week so I followed her route (I won't tell her it's just under 3 miles) and the second time around I cut it short. It's strange here......there are leaves already on the ground. We don't usually get the leaves falling until the first week in October. What is happening with this climate?????

Thursday, August 24, 2006


Last year's Chicago Marathon. Rene, Haight and I at the Start line. Just a reminder to get us all pumped again!!!

Sunday, August 20, 2006


Can you stretch your quads on one leg and sip on Sheila's favorite drink with your free hand?

Whatta Weekend

Set up to pick up Cris--Brooklyn Blogger at 6:30 am. He was in a real crunch for time, so I knew we couldnt do the entire run with my group. I'd have to cut it short in order to get him back to the Congress Hotel for a meeting with his boss. No problem--it's what we RBF'ers do for each other.

He was outside stretching when I arrived--looks just like his blog pics. I drove to the lakefront and introduced him to the other runners in the group, along with a few of my girlfriends. The temp outside was nice but the air was so thick you could slice through it, so we did some walking with our running. I think I lost one of the runners forever to Cathy's faster group (he's a young, single guy--have I mentioned that Cathy's group is young, single women??) Can't say I blame him!!

Cris was a doll--a fun guy to run with. Too bad I waited too long to sign up for the NYC Half Marathon next Sunday, as I'll be in town visiting my Mom and I could have run it with Cris. Oh well, it was closed out by the time I decided--what a crazy town! I got him back to the hotel in time for a shower--I'm sure his boss appreciated that. Thanks for making time for me Cris--til next time!

OK Rene--you've had enough time to recouperate from the '06 Chicago Marathon--now you need to be my running partner again!! We met for a loooong hike on my favorite trail on Sunday morning. No more wussie crap about her body is still broke/hurt/achy/painful. Enough I say!! What do the therapists and Doctors really know anyways??!! Lora needs Rene to run her in the marathon in ten weeks---GET BACK INTO IT RENE!!!

Rene was my partner through my first marathon training program. She got me thru it when I hit the wall at 21 miles. Without her, I probably would have walked the rest of the way in. But she was telling me how great this was, positive talking the whole way!! She was amazing! AND--we later learned she did it all with a chipped pelvis bone--Rene is my hero and I want her back!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, August 16, 2006


Good & Plenty....unopened
weight lifting.....2x this week
runs.....4 miles, 5 miles, 4 miles so far--on schedule
icing....every night
stretching....every night
fluids.....urine is consistently light yellow

So arent the first two allowed if all else is perfect????

Another Great Running Day

I didn't expect today's 4 miles to be so good. I started out a bit achy, with tight hamstrings that I've been fighting for awhile. So I walked and ran--did the hill down Ravine Rd--sweated up a storm. I've been feeling a bit more dizzy after my runs the last few days, so today I took a Succeed tablet as soon as I got home. I'll see how that works out. I naturally have very low blood sugar (90/50) so salt and I are good friends.

I came home and did a strong upper body weight lifting regimen. Honestly, I just can't get over how strong I've been feeling. There are times when I feel I'm too old to really buff up and get into the ultra running world...then there are days like today where I run pass the 20 and 30-something runners and think, "Yeah, this is what 48 looks like, so keep it up!" is in Chicago for business this week. I'm draggin him out on Saturday morning with my running group for 7 miles. Hopefully he'll feel up to running another few with me and my girlfriend Cathy, who is doing NYC Marathon, same as him.

I'll be in NJ next Sunday visiting Mom for a week--she is on a whirlwind of grabbing in theatrical performances (she just saw Music Man & Cats) so I told her to leave something for me to share with her. I can't wait!

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Today I Was ON

5 Magnificent Miles---down to my secret hiding place--ravines, rocks and roots. A glorious run!! I should make it a lap event--it's really too beautiful to keep to myself. 10 laps---a 50-miler! We really need some ultras in this area.....hmmmmmmm.

And the energy....where did it come from??? Could it be the stuff some bad boy brought home last night???

Which bad boy you ask????

Monday, August 14, 2006

You're All So Patient

So what's those pictures about. OK---here's the scoop.......I think I'll go backwards.....

I have a new love....a new water bottle...I'm naming him Bruno. See, he saved me....took the brunt of my fall today...I came crashing down this morning while out on a run and Bruno stepped up to take in the bruising and possible breakage. So I've raised him to god-like status...along with my Buddha....that's his new spot. He deserves it! He be da MAN!! Peacefulness from Buddha, Strength from Bruno. I'm a lucky girl!

Hiking day! Haight and I took the pup and went out to my new favorite trail. We hiked for about 6 miles. It was just so peaceful and helped in getting the kinks out from my long run the day before.

Ahhh...the best is saved for the last. What a wonderful day I had. I started the day with a long run with my group. They ran 10 miles--did great. For most of them, this was the longest they've ever ran--they all held up well. They all had water bottles--I'm so proud of my little group!

I went on for another 4 miles with Cathy, a gal from my running club who is also a pace leader on the lakefront. I'll be runnig Milwaukee & Chicago Marathons with her. Yep, we've lost our minds.

Saturday night Haight treated me to a night at Ravinia to see the performance of Gypsy! Starring Patti Lupone as Mama Rose! Mannnn....I was in freakin heaven!!! I MISS BROADWAY!! I MISS THE PEOPLE THAT GO TO BROADWAY!! It was unreal....the people (oh gay men I sooo miss you--my town is so frigging beige) and Patti was to die for! May she have many years of belting it out for us, sharing her amazing talent. GoPattiGo!!

Have you seen the show? The movie? Rosalind Russell as Mama Rose and Natalie Wood as Gypsy--a must-see movie!! Ya gotta have a gimick! ;)

to be continued (ran out of time)

Friday, August 11, 2006

Pouring it on

I love Fridays. It means I made it thru the week without telling upper management that they are mean people and I quit! Of course, I dream of telling them with a Brooklyn edge to my words. Ahhhh, the amazing thing about growing older and wiser is that I can manage the unfairness in this world with a shrug, and just move on. It is what it is, but it amazes me--my reaction, that is.

I was once a street smart girl. A tough chick. I once got out of my car when a car full of disco gals (like mine) tried to take my parking spot, walked up to their car, placed my crotch up against the edge of it, and said, "Go ahead, just try to park here." Oh yeah, I was tough---I wasnt even 21. And I looked like the girl next door.

Not many understood me back then. How could they....I mostly hid that behavior. Expressed it in wild situations like that. My friends were always shocked when I did things like that. I'm lucky to be alive from some of the antics I pulled. My folks had no idea. I was a great student. I loved to read. I looked sweet and innocent. Had a very calm affect about me. Helped me get away with lots. I was like two different people.

Anger brewing in this adorable young lady which would take years to work through. And not without some damage of course. but I made it. Why, I wondered. Why didn't I become trash..I really had no guidance. But I kept plugging along....going blindly ahead in life. Demanding an education. Craving it. Keeping my sweet look thru it all. Why???? two little words...unconditional love. By Mom & Dad. They had no clue of my behavior outside of home. But they loved me like crazy. Dad sparkled when I was near. Mom loved to listen. It saved me. And taught me a tremendous lesson.

And I have learned how to do it back. See, last night I went with my baby...for college orientation. She is a bright girl...wants to be a pediatrician....but she messed up in HS. She was tough...street smart tough--but she, unlike me, let it all out. To anybody that got in her way. Had (has) a very big mouth--an attitude that nobody could beat her down. It got her kicked out of school, had to finish up at a computer-seated-loss-of-identity-storefront-makeshift-HS. But she finished. Walked down the aisle with the rest of them and got her diploma (with me praying the whole time that she wouldnt give them the finger as she crossed the stage)

So now she is going to a community college near home. All of her friends are leaving soon. Off to Colorado, Iowa, Univ of Illinois, Florida, Kansas, Michigan, Wisconsin. This beautiful, bright girl is staying behind for damage she has done--from damage done to her. A very hard lesson for sure. So I listened last night. On the car ride there and back. Through her tears and illogical expressions, I listened. And I told her I was proud of her. And that I loved her. And that she can do this. It didn't wrench my heart out. It's part of her journey to a healthier life. And I'll always be there. To listen. I've learned it's an incredibly rare talent. To just listen. But a few did it for me. And now I'm giving it back. And so it goes............

"Women are made to be loved, not understood." Oscar Wilde

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

My Goal for Today...


Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Keeping On...

Had a great weekend. Ran with the Saturday morning runners training for the Chicago 1/2 Marathon--did 8 miles with them. My little group is holding physical issues so far. Next week is double digits for them, it's been pretty cool to watch them progress and get excited. That's the greatest reward in helping out.

Sunday I missed an email from Kent, my new ultra runner pal, so I went running myself at the beautiful trail he introduced me to. I was prepared for a nice, HOT, long run. I strapped my waist pack on with an extra Gatorade bottle, two packs of jelly beans, and a hand-held bottle.

I got to the trail and set out. Well, the trail is a bit confusing for a newbie. I ran all around for 7 miles until I found the right way to go!! Sheesh!! I was even concerned with safety. I've never run alone away from my neighborhood, and I wondered how it would be. There were about 15 bikers that passed me in two hours, and only two runners. Pretty sparse area, perfect for the peacefulness, but a bit scarey. I think it's ingrained in us women to worry when we're alone, and I knew that if anyone approached me, I could be in trouble. I hate that I have to deal with that, but it's reality. I'm sure I'd be good at the old "hard kick" all our Dad's tell us to do, but I wanted something a bit more concrete. So I bought a pepper spray at NB when I bought my new shoes. Just feels weird.

The next day I had the great pleasure of being bullied by Beast fabulous masseuse. She told me something interesting regarding some of my aches and pains in my legs---ice your knees and at the same time, use a heating pad on your thighs. She says it confuses the nervous system. I got a real kick out of that. I'm a medical want me to consciously 'confuse my nervous system'????? me crazy...but I'm game. I did it that night.....guess what? Yep...the aches are gone. Go figure!! Are you brave enough???

Friday, August 04, 2006

It's TWINS!!!

6 lb and 8lb non-bouncing medicine balls!! They just arrived to join their cousins, hand weights and a stability ball, in helping me stay in shape.

Sheila recommended the book Strength Ball Training, which I'm waiting for delivery. In the meantime, I've been strength training casually. I know I have to pick it up steadily, my goal is three times a week, but this heat has drained me this week.

Hopefully, this will get me moving.

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Alpine Runners Pizza Party

I've been away from my running group--the Alpine Runners for about a month now. It was great to see everyone. Todd, who ran with me at my pace, continues to give me grief for leaving him to be on the lakefront. But the gals in the pic I get to see often, two of them are also pace leaders with me. These are also the gals I'll be rooming with in Milwaukee and cutting up the Marathon course. Yep, we're crossing the border and gonna make some trouble!!

Sunday, July 30, 2006

Weekend Stuff

I wish my dog was a running dog, but I guess I'll just have to accept that mostly he justs wants to hang and cuddle.

The plan for the Half-Marathon Training Group called for a 7-mile run on Saturday. I emailed the participants re: carrying water, wearing a cap, dressing properly and bringing nutrition. So what did I forget to tell them??? NO DRINKING ALCOHOL THE NIGHT BEFORE!

I was impressed cause one gal confessed to her alcohol consuption evening before we started and asked if I thought she should go with the run/walk group because of it. I said absolutely, and I'm sure the reason she survived the run was because she came clean. Not true for the 31 yr old male runner. He bonked at 4 miles--dizzy, nauseous, chills-- and when I tried to call a cab to have him brought in, a nearby physician said he needed an ambulance. One was called and the poor guy wanted to hide in the deepest hole. I told him to just get his blood pressure checked and if it was ok, I'd walk him in. Which is exactly what happened. I believe he learned his lesson!

On Sunday I had a real treat. One of the guys on the ultrarunning web group I'm on met up with me to show me a wonderful trail nearby. Seems the Des Plaines River Trail runs 30-miles, all the way up to Wisconsin. Although the temp said 80 degrees when we started, we were ready. (Well, actually, I should have brought a second water bottle, but now I know better!) It was beautiful--some runners and bikers were out, but not nearly as congested as the small trail near my home.

We completed a 9-mile run, enjoyed chatting with each other and the peaceful surroundings and I'm thrilled to know a place close by where I can escape. He had an extra Diet Coke in his car which he shared and I discovered why Coke is so popular after a long run. Refreshing and calming for the stomach.

Three of my running girlfriends are planning on running the Milwaukee Marathon as their 20-miler run and asked me to come along (Todd is doing that too, I think). I said yes not knowing it's a pajama-party overnight thingy!! Luckily these wild girls won't be able to party the night before (in all fairness one only plays bartender) but it should be lots of fun. They want to try out the Penguins run/walk theory and see how it works. So I'm game. Should be interesting--I'll let ya know!!

Sunday, July 23, 2006

Sunday is Hiking Day!!

Haight and I drove up to Kettle Moraine in Wisconsin for a morning of hiking. We only came across one runner up there and four hikers. Almost all to ourselves.

We filled our camelbaks with water, made pb&j sandwiches, added fig newtons for dessert and we were off.

There are different loops you can take, each with different mileage and terrain. We chose the green loop for 4.3 miles, a rough terrain--some good uphills and downhills, then we returned to the rest stop and had our lunch. Back out there for the white loop, less hillier and less shade, but only 3.2 miles.

I felt strong throughout the 7.5 mile hike and am ready to hit the marathon training program head on! These last few small injuries threw me off schedule, and with my own little fear of doing speedwork, I've been holding back.

So now I'm ready to go...two marathons up ahead in my future, followed by my first 50k in May 2007. It's time for me to kick up my strength training which has been lagging behind. I haven't yet found the program to help me thru, so that search continues. In the meantime, I'll piece together exercises from a few books I have and start there. To the gym this week!!!!

Saturdays Run & Street Fest

A perfect Saturday. Had our group run at the lakefront-six miles. I'm down to 9 runners in my group, which is perfect. This week was much cooler than the high of 90s we hit last Sat, so the running was easier. Of course, Lora taking the wrong turn on the trail and having the group miss a water stop didn't help, but we all made it back in one piece for some great stretching and bonding time.

Haight and I went to a fun street fest in Chicago and even dragged my 22-yr old son and one of his buddies. That's Haight's hurricane I'm drinking--I'm a weakling, three sips and I had a buzz! Geeze--cheap date!!