Sunday, December 10, 2006

All Coming together... the new homestead. I'm really loving being a citygirl again. I can walk everywhere to do my chores. I think the city is where I most fit in, though a little country retreat every now and then would be nice. I do miss running on the trails.

I've been running on the treadmill down at the club all week since the frigid temps have continued throughout the week. They are just breaking today, so, hopefully, I'll get outside again. I'll have to figure out my routes to take here. I'm kind of leery as I run while it's still dark out, so I'm thinking I'll be on the treadmill a bit least until the sun rises around 5 am (what is April???...oh crap).

I haven't gotten to a yoga class yet. But I did do a full body workout on the weight machines and with free weights. I printed out a program from They have a muscle professor program that you can pick from. Then you plug in the weights you used after you're done and they increase it for you the next time around. So I walked around the club with my little paper and pen trying to find what machines fit these descriptions. I'll probably be tweaking it as time goes on, but at least I got that going. I'm still shooting for weight training 3x week.

One of the trainers at the club is from my other club and my daughter worked out with him there. So he snagged her for a free workout and is now trying to get her (or me rather) to sign her up for a whole set of personal training. Hmmm.....she's 19 years old...when I was 19 I worked my butt off, went to college and paid for all my extracurricular activities. And my purses, I was (still am) BIG on a new purse every year. So...she's cut off. She doesnt like this idea too much--oh sucks sometimes!

Speaking of purses....(weaving away from the men can be excused) my daughter had me watch a new show on Showtime, Weeds....she says the mom on it reminds her of me (geesh..the mom sells weed in a beigy, boring, upscale community---well not that part she says, but the way that mom is so cool ) anyways I digress.....I was watching it and fell in love with her purse. We women are nuts, ya know?? So I went online, and low and behold (do people say that crappy saying anymore?) they had a website devoted to the clothing and such from the show. How crazy is that??? And how much more crazy is that I ORDERED THE FREAKING PURSE??? ok...that's my crazy woman confession for the month. I'm glad I got that out. I'll be back to running next time. (and I'll take a pic of the purse when it comes in) :)


runliarun said...

A little bit of crazy indulgence is good from time to time. It shows we appreciate ourselves. And what beats that? No one will, if we don't.

Mike said...

Just kidding Lora! Life is too short - feed your passions. An extra couple, 25..uh hundred purses never hurt nobody! ;-)

Todd said...

yeah I saw more purse talk. I am jealous of women and their purses so lucky. hehe My sister bought a imation prada purse and I was like I would never date a girl with prada. She wishes it did not say prada also.

Hmm maybe the trainer does not like your daughter but thinks of her as a cash source. Older men preying on hot younger girls telling them how pretty they are and how much they need to do this.

Sheila said...

It's LO and behold, not LOW and behold, and yes I still say that. I was totally impressed by a young kid working as a checker at the local Jewel, who when I asked him how he was, he said, "Flustered." I smiled and said that's not a word I usually hear from somone his age, and then he told me he wants to be a writer, and so on.

Life is full of surprises and presents us with insights into ourselves at odd moments. Which is how you came to be united with a new purse!

Isn't that wonderful?

Neese said...

I can't wait to see the purse! -- I was wondering when the day would come that you see something on TV and can in a couple clicks order that very same item! You are so hip Lora :-)

Firefly's Running said...

Pictures, pictures!!

JeffM said...

Being a guy it's easier for me to find a running route, but for you 5AM in the city might make it hard.

Deb said...

O.K....I've never seen the show but gotta check out the purse! I say keep buyin em if it makes you happy!!!

*jeanne* said...

A city gal again.
I LOVE my life, make no mistake.
But, ah, ah, ah, I LOVED (and DEEPLY miss) being a New Yorker.