Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Shoes, Sunrise, Skyline

I've been wearing running shoes 1/2 size bigger than my regular shoe size. I decided to try a full size bigger, especially since my feet have been aching after longer runs. So today was the first day with my new Pearl Izumis. It was only an hour run, but at least I didnt trip over my feet. This weekend will be two long runs, so we'll see how they work!
Some pics from my morning run--sunrise at the rocks of Northwestern University and the skyline of Chicago in the distance.
I've also FINALLY figured out how to use the new Garmin that I got about 2 months ago and have been frustrated with. Not so sure I like this one so much, but it's what I got for now.
And--the situps and pushups are getting easier. Coach will probably increase them now that I opened my mouth!!

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Waterfall Glen 10-Mile Extreme

My orders from Coach, at the beginning of this season, was to do three races. This was number 2. I had heard about it from my Ironman friend, Fred, who knew the race director and said the course was a little tough.
Well, he was right. There were plenty of little hills to wear you down, along with the beating of the hot sun, with not much relief (as in shade). They only served water on the coarse, so I was well-packed.
My plan, per Coach, was to do a run:walk at 4:1 for the first 7 miles at a talking pace, and then take off, no walking and pushing it hard. I did just that. It was tough!! I was sweating like crazy and popping salt tablets and enduralytes every hour.
The hardest part was the last 1/2 mile, which was run right by the finish line and they had already started giving out awards by the time I hit that spot!! It was such a small course that we had to go out in waves and I was the last wave, 15 minutes later than the elite. The awards started 2 hrs after their start. So trudging hard through GRASS was no fun while listening to their applauds. But----I did it!! I pushed through!!!
I walked most of the hills in order to save myself for the last 3 mile push, and that seemed to help. I really didnt want to run straight through those last 3, but orders are orders, so I reverted to my ever-helpful nursery rhyme technique, "Hickory Dickory Dock the mouse ran up the clock." I am ever so tired when I resort to this rhyme that the clock only strikes 1, over and over. Keeps the mind from being used up!!

So....another race down the hatch. I was hoping for a 2 hr time. But I was 6 minutes off. Not bad, given the sun and the hills. So I'm pretty darn proud!!!
Now for the big news.....I was planning on doing the Marathon at the Grand Tetons over Labor Day, but nooooooo, Coach wouldnt hear of it!
Sooooo....this should be my time to shine at a 50-Miler! Lord have mercy on me!!!!!

Monday, July 21, 2008

Runners Pot Luck Dinner

I still meet once a month with some of my runners from last years Half Marathon program. Most of them have moved up to the Marathon level this year. I am like a proud Mama with them!!

Willie, one of my Ultra friends, is serenading us with his banjo. He will be joining me at the Grand Teton Races!!!!

Chicago Half Marathoners-In-Training

I am in charge of the Chicago Half Marathon training program here on the lakefront. Here's a group shot of the runners, those that showed this past very-rainy Saturday. They're trying to hide from the rain, under the Waveland Clock Tower. But there was no hiding out on the course! Not all showed up for the group run...I'm hoping they all trained on their own!!!

Friday, July 18, 2008


My Water Bottles!!
I was out doing my run.....up and down my parking garage for 1 1/2 hrs and I placed my extra water bottles on the top floor.
Well.....I came up the second time around and they were gone!! A City of Evanston truck pulled up and asked me if they were mine--I said, "Yes, what's the problem??" They said it was dangerous leaving them out in the open, don't I know what's going on at the airports!! I told them this wasn't the Middle East and this is really taking things a bit too far.
The guy agreed and kindly gave me back my water bottles. But he told me I MUST place them in an inconspicuous spot so that no crazy teenager will come and throw them over into the street for fun!!
Have we totally lost our common sense in this world?????
Driggs, Idaho is looking more and more appealing to me!!!!!

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Lisa Smith-Batchens Training Camp in the Tetons!!

Listening to Jay tell us about the next day's activities.

Leo, in from England, ready for his CrazyMan competition (what is it called-anyone?) and returning to MdS in March!

Judy - an amazing runner who will figure out what to run next!!

Chandler, sitting, thinking: how can I get another meal, I'm starving!?

Matt - Daily 6:15 Yoga Nazi!!

OK--yes, I felt better after doing it.

Jay, offcamera, instructing us on our next day's morning run.

Lisa listening attentively.

Bob - going for his second attempt at Badwater in two weeks, calculating out how much time in the sun he will get.

David - worrying that, yet again, Jay will make him powerwalk.

Julie - wondering if she can truly do Hardrock (oh yes, Julie, YES!)

The start of our runs....Grand Targhee Resort patio.

Jay making sure we have all the equipment to hit the trails.

Dusty - with her newfound treasure from the road....a porn DVD!! And she asks ME what they're doing in the pictures!

Lisa and Jay - sharing all their knowledge with us!

M calling Jay to confess we got lost and now we are stuck at an electrified fence!!

(open the damn gate M!)

Note to future Camp Runners--NEVER let two city girls go out alone!!

My Girl, Dusty--keeper of secrets!

My adopted son, Chandler, who we expect amazing things from!! Watch for him!!

Matt taking a quick rest in Lisa's home.

Dusty and Steve, who hasn't done anything crazy like this since he's 50.

So Steve is training for the Grand Tetons Marathon - way to let go of your fears, Stevie! ;) I'll be right behind you!

M on the trails!

Ready to Run!!