Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Mums the Word

Just saw these this morning at the local grocery store in my neighborhood. This means Fall is on its way, which also means that "other" season is creeping in.
I'm not happy about this and I'd like to know who I can call to complain!!!!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Sundays Run

I survived my second Sunday of doing 7 hrs on hills!! What a surprise to find my girlfriend, Hannah, waiting for me at the hill!! Her wonderful hubby, Rob, and their pup, brought her over and she stayed with me for 6 hrs!! I'm thinking she should put an ultra on her list of things to do...I'll work on that.

We covered our ears as the Air Show over Chicago continued and the unbelievable Blue Angels circled overhead!! Luckily, I got there early so I didnt have to deal with the traffic that was driving around just a few hours later, desperately looking for a parking spot. Every time we went to my trunk (our little aid station) we were asked by quite a few cars if we were leaving.

Saturday night was the Runners Group Pot Luck at my place. The last pic is of Anastasia (don't you just love her name!) with some yummy dessert she concocted!! And, yay, for leftovers!!!

Saturday, August 16, 2008

My Pace Group

Are they a good looking group of ladies, or what??!! They are always happy and smiling, even when I cut their water stops short! I'm lucky they are with me, as I will get to bring them through the Chicago Half Marathon Race as their pacer. They think I'm doing them a favor, they don't realize how much they give to me while I'm out there training alone and I think of how much this race means to them and how hard they're working on getting towards their goal.

We were challenged today with the Air and Water Show going on at the lakefront. Lots of walkers with big thermos', chairs, strollers in the way. And the cooking smells--how unfair is it that we smell people grilling and they don't offer us a thing!! Harumph!!

But we had great treat--one of the runners brought frosted cupcakes for us all, which we shared halfway, at the 6-mile point. I told them all that this is how we eat at Ultras. I'm thinking some may be heading into the dark side of running shortly!!! So make room for these purty ladies on the trails!!

Monday, August 11, 2008

Weekend Runs

Saturday I ran 1 1/2 hrs before hooking up with the half marathon training program. I was one of the very few out there on the lakefront, so I got to see the sunrise over Montrose Harbour privately!! Also took a pic of a few of my girls stretching at one of the many water fountains on our lakefront. These ladies are so good!!

On Sunday I had orders to run 7 hrs with hillwork. I packed up my car with new foods: rice krispie treats, chocolate peanut butter cups, pumpkin seeds, pretzels, jelly beans, mountain dew, orange soda and water. I was pretty tired of bloks and salt tabs and Heed drinks, so I thought I'd push it a bit and see what happened. Well, it all worked out ok!!

And lots of scenery on the lakefront - I chose to run around the "hill" on Montrose Ave, which has the trail next to it along with bathrooms and water fountains nearby. I lucked out because the 3-Day Walk for Breast Cancer was coming through, and that was very inspiring. A group of men had a picture of a young lady on their backs, walkers carried posters of pics of their Moms, Aunts, Dads and friends. It was pretty emotional. I made sure to get a pic of the pink fairies on their bikes too!! A wonderful old car parked in front of me (I love old cars!!) so I had to take a pic of it (any guesses on what it is??)

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Freds Mountain & Tunes

My orders today were to get on the treadmill and up the grade til it hurts. "Think Fred's", said Coach Lisa. Fred is a really steep part of the Tetons that freaked me out when I was at the training camp. Lisa had to run in front of me to get me adjusted to it before I took it alone.

That's dear ol' Fred in the distance.

I decided my music of choice would be the tunes I downloaded into my ipod titled, "Wyoming". While I was at Lisa and Jay's home, I enjoyed Jay's choice of music so much that I scanned through his selections with him, and jotted down the recently played CD's.

Here they are:

French Cafe

Laid Back - Happy Dreamer

Costes - La Suite

Yael Naim & David Donatien.

It must have worked because I hit Grade 11!! Oh out, Fred!! I'm taking you down boy!!

Sunday, August 03, 2008

Mt Parking Garage

I had to do 5 hours of hill running today. Because my nephew is in town and I wanted to spend more time with him, I took the easy way out and just ran up and down my parking garage. Of course, the pounding on the pavement and the scenery leaves a lot to be desired, but it was a good run. My new shoes, in a bigger size, proved to work out well, so thank goodness for that.

I used my car trunk as my home base, just to make sure some of my stuff wasnt confiscated again!! That worked out well....I walked the uphills, stopped at my car, and then ran back down. 12 Levels!! I drank only Heed, ate cliff bloks every hour and after I got tired of them, had a Cliff bar. Was dreaming of potatoes with salt on them and M&M's--so maybe I'll prepare that for next time.

I had my ipod on the whole time, which I dont always use, but it was a big help today. There were lots of songs with meaning to them, of course, and I spent a good part of the run mourning my Mom and Dad. Lots of tears, but laughter too. My Mom always made sure we all laughed, and as my siblings and I are picking out what to write on her tombstone, a funny joke is so tempting. My nephew said, "How about, "Knock, Knock!" or "There was a preacher and a Rabbi." Guess Mom's sense of humor has passed down.

I've come to see how strong I am on the downhills, and it has me pretty surprised. Who woulda thunk it!! So I'm getting a bit more confident about the race in the Tetons, still in shock over shooting for a 50 so soon (I thought I'd do it in Feb at Rocky Raccoon), but Coach gave her orders and I'm a good student.

My daughter, who joined me at Rocky Raccoon last year along with my Mom, stated she wanted to go back with me since it was also her last time of seeing my Mom. I told her it will be a very powerful trip and she's ok with that. So I'm hoping she'll follow through--it will be very special to have her there again. Though I'm not sure I'll let her run with me in the dark again!!
The pic is my daughter, my nephew and my son's girlfriend.