Sunday, August 17, 2008

Sundays Run

I survived my second Sunday of doing 7 hrs on hills!! What a surprise to find my girlfriend, Hannah, waiting for me at the hill!! Her wonderful hubby, Rob, and their pup, brought her over and she stayed with me for 6 hrs!! I'm thinking she should put an ultra on her list of things to do...I'll work on that.

We covered our ears as the Air Show over Chicago continued and the unbelievable Blue Angels circled overhead!! Luckily, I got there early so I didnt have to deal with the traffic that was driving around just a few hours later, desperately looking for a parking spot. Every time we went to my trunk (our little aid station) we were asked by quite a few cars if we were leaving.

Saturday night was the Runners Group Pot Luck at my place. The last pic is of Anastasia (don't you just love her name!) with some yummy dessert she concocted!! And, yay, for leftovers!!!


Firefly's Running said...

Those cupcakes looks so good!

Jack said...

Seven hours of hills, you are truly turning into SuperLady, able to leap sand dunes in a single bound! Mmmm, yummy looking dessert indeed.