Saturday, August 16, 2008

My Pace Group

Are they a good looking group of ladies, or what??!! They are always happy and smiling, even when I cut their water stops short! I'm lucky they are with me, as I will get to bring them through the Chicago Half Marathon Race as their pacer. They think I'm doing them a favor, they don't realize how much they give to me while I'm out there training alone and I think of how much this race means to them and how hard they're working on getting towards their goal.

We were challenged today with the Air and Water Show going on at the lakefront. Lots of walkers with big thermos', chairs, strollers in the way. And the cooking smells--how unfair is it that we smell people grilling and they don't offer us a thing!! Harumph!!

But we had great treat--one of the runners brought frosted cupcakes for us all, which we shared halfway, at the 6-mile point. I told them all that this is how we eat at Ultras. I'm thinking some may be heading into the dark side of running shortly!!! So make room for these purty ladies on the trails!!


Firefly's Running said...

I am thankful so staying FAR, FAR away from the Air & Water Show as I can. I give your pace group kudos for putting up with the people blocking your way.

kelly said...

Good luck pacing! You should check out . I think you would like it.