Monday, October 09, 2006

Mom's Thighs

They say you don't get to pick your parents. But when it comes to Mothers, God definitely blessed me. Yes, she it the typical NY Jewish Mother...advice on life, loves to talk and a bad cook. Listening to her Brooklyn accent (which I've basically worked hard to lose--though I still have some words I have to concentrate on--> arrow, orange and kaufman) warms my heart and she is a wonderful role model on how to enjoy your elder years. She is always telling me of the museums, operas, books and lectures she has gone to/read. I'm just so proud of her.

What I could have done without, though, was her thighs. It was always a challenge in my life to lose them, and I finally got to a point a few years ago of accepting them. Well, guess the freakin what??!! They are disappearing!! Right before my friggin eyes!! Go figure!! Oh running gods out there---I do so love and adore you---thank you for all the blessings you have bestowed on me!!!

I ran 12 miles with me ol running group, The Alpine Runners, back up in the NW suburbs on Saturday. My first time back there since I was recruited to the lakefront for the Half Marathon Program in July. It was great to be back running with my pals. These runs are all on the streets, different than the lakefront which has a nice trail path, but my legs had no problems. The orthotic I got made last year has been one of the best investments so far! That, and of course, my shin and calf exercises/stretches which I consistently do.

We caught up on all the gossip and on each others lives. I miss these gals. Though I'm still waiting for Rene and Todd to return. And, of course, one day even Haight!!!

I ran 5 miles this morning down and up the ravines. I'm walking less and less up these hills, feeling stronger and stronger as each week passes. I'm supposed to be tapering now for the Chcgo Marathon, but I'm doing some nice strong runs--only 3 times this week though. I think I'll get myself back into swimming between the runs to make sure my body stays put together. I havent hit the pool since my triathlon back in July! And I will add a Vit C tablet along with my regular Multi Vitamin, just to make sure no viruses get thru.

This Sunday I have an 8-mile Trail Race 3 hours south of my home. My precious lil daughter said she'd go with me...."We have to leave at 4am" I told her (she's 19--she'll probably be coming home around that time!).....but she's still in. Soo, I think I'll ask the RD if she can volunteer at a water stop....who knows, maybe she'll get the bug to get into shape (a mother can dream.....I'd really be happy if she just shows up!!)


Todd said...

yeah a mother can dream. Then again mother's dream of great lives for there children.

You have made a beleive out of me.

Well I never thought you had bad thighs. Trust me I would know.

Swiming is good and swimming is great we should all go swimming evrey day.

I guess 1 min swimming = 1 min running 12 mile pace. Some how the running still seems easier.

I will be back soon I figure better to be off and not push it so I will be back more.

Reen said...

Now - I'm really jealous!! I inherited my Mom's thighs too! Well - maybe someday when I can run again I'll lose mine too!

robtherunner said...

There's a rule in ultra running that you are supposed to run for at least the amount of time it takes to drive to the event. I imagine you will be breaking this rule this weekend, but where would we be if we didn't break the rules once in awhile. Have fun and don't worry we will still welcome you with open arms into the ultra running community.

Jack said...

With kids at your daughter's age you have to consider yourself fortunate that they show up at all. I love your "mother's thighs to runner's thighs" testimony ;-) Have fun at your race!

Firefly's Running said...

That's awesome, Lora! I am losing those thighs too. It's freaking awesome!

It's also awesome that you getting your daughter involved in the race. Have fun!

Deb said...

Love the thighs thing! What the heck!!?! It's our curse for years then when you finally learn to accept those babies, they decide to fly the coup. Happy Day!! Get happy, healthy & fit, and keep the thighs (only if you must!!)

Neese said...

work those thighs! :D
i love how your post began about your mother and ended with your daughter... you are setting a FINE example for your daughter!


runliarun said...

...running gods out there... that set me thinking... who are the running gods out there?

Who came to mind was Hermes Mercury, trickster son of Jupiter, quick mind and fast feet, messenger of gods, wings at his ankles, god of commerce, barter, and communications, and thus god of roads and travels, crossroads and decisions, small exchanges and big trades, highways and robbers - god of us who want to cheat our way out of our mother's thighs and the limits we have inherited, god of our transactions, lighthearted, manifold, nonchalant - golden-locked god of change.

Mike said...

Mother's thighs...Lora you put a smile on my face- hope you have a great race this weekend!

teacherwoman said...

So there is hope! I have been blessed by my father for my wonderful thighs and thought that I would just have to accept them for what they are. I guess I too have something to look foward with all this running...I just need to keep it up then..right? WONDERFUL!!!

GP said...

One of the joys of trail running, the spirit you acquire and how you make a difference.

Happy trails

Black Knight said...

You made me think a lot with the beautiful words on your mom. My mom was a very catholic mother but I see they are similar.
By the way happy trails!