Sunday, October 29, 2006

Lora & Anne

Here are the girls that will be running together at next years Chicago Marathon at a 4:15 pace! (Rene are you in too??) We'll be sticking together no matter what!

I'm working on getting her to do Ice Age. I think I'm almost there ;)

p.s. This was her 14th Chicago Marathon!

p.p.s. She's skinnier than me--the sweater hides her fabulous figure!

p.p.s.s :::she's single!!::: don't tell her I told you!


E-Speed said...

have fun training for Ice Age and 4:15!

Todd said...

Wow. She is a cutie. not sure if she is cuter than you but still. Wow.

Reen is hardcore I am sure she is more than in. She been so well rested.

Reen said...

I'm in! I can't wait!!

Firefly's Running said...

That's awesome, Lora! Sounds like fun!