Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Thinking Back...

to a year ago when I was in training for my first marathon. I had joined a Chicago running group to get me through the training, Higdon's Beginner program. I was so pumped. I hardly missed a training day, had no major injuries and met some wonderful people that I stay in touch with still.

And I learned a lot and grew. Over this past year I:

finished that first marathon
PR'd twice
learned how to run in all kinds of weather
spent hundreds of dollars to run in all kinds of weather
discovered trail running
bought my first pair of trail running shoes
discovered gps running watches
lost 10 lbs
gained it all back
lost it again plus a few more
gained back that few more
learned how to swim
finished my first sprint tri
spent more money on tri clothes
spent gobs of money on a road bike
paid for a coach
went to physical therapy for a hamstring issue
decided, wisely, to have a weekly massage
began to be pulled to the dark side....thinking of doing an ultra
began to run carrying a bottle at all times
always drank Endurox after my runs
wondered why I never tried an ipod
bonked, cried & felt exhilarated on my runs
tried walking after each mile--learned to respect the walk
subscribed to many running mags
wanted to only read books on running
started this blog
discovered runners around the world have hearts of gold
lost my precious Dad
helped Mom deal with newly diagnosed breast cancer during dads illness
learned how strong I can be
learned how much I hate death
became a pace leader
loved to share what i'd learned
didnt keep up with marathon program due to 1/2 training interference
didnt really mind
changed my goal for second marathon-just cut off 15 mins
started to weight train
bought a condo
put my house on the market
having sleepless nights over possibly not selling my house
visited Seattle--ran on amazing trails there
got my wild daughter to graduate HS
wished pot was legal so I could catch a break
and thru it all, I continue to run. Thank you Lord.


Jessica Deline said...

wow! What an awesome list and what a year! Thanks for the chuckles at parts during your list too like this one:
lost 10 lbs
gained it all back
lost it again plus a few more
gained back that few more

I think your list is a good thing to remember the memorable events in our lives.

Firefly's Running said...

Awesome post!!

*jeanne* said...

What a year!
I wonder what I would say about mine...
you've got me pondering.

Brooklyn said...

nice list.

Todd said...

yeah I think pot should be legal. Then I could really run. I heard its the secret of the fast runners.

robtherunner said...

Nice list Lora. You visited Seattle? Next time you are in the area you must let me know.

runliarun said...

This is life lived so intensely that it makes it worth living. Almost tempted to say "wish I were there..." but I know this is not true. We can only live our our own lives. We can only be ourselves.

Deb said...

What a great year! You are one amazing (& blessed!) woman!!

Reen said...

Great list! A water bottle - hummm that is a switch!

Mike said...

"wished pot was legal so I could catch a break"
You always put a smile on my face Lora- great post!

Haight said...

Ummm...dear? I think some are reading into this 'pot' thing differently than you intended...lol

Lora said...

Maybe it's EXACTLY as I intended! ;)

Rose said...

Well, intended or not, I'm with you on wishing I could "catching a break"! ;-)

neese said...

excellent look back, xoxo

Jack said...

Wow, it makes me wonder what the next few months will hold for you, whew!