Sunday, September 03, 2006

Resting up

Carb loaded at the very "hot" teenage place to be seen. This is a real greasy spoon place that teens have claimed as their own for years now. If you visit Chicago with a young adult, put it on your list!

Ran 13 miles with the lakefront group on Saturday. One of the gals from Alpine Runners, that I used to run with before I was drafted to the lake, showed up. That means only one gal left up there to run by herself!! I just know she's blowing a cork over this. Oh well....gotta do what ya gotta do.

The group hung thru their longest run--everyone made it in running--YAY! I decided not to run Milwaukee Marathon as my 20-miler (even tho I signed up) but to do the Chicago Half Marathon and to share the experience with them all. I'm really looking forward to that--I was signed up for it last year but had to miss it because my Dad took a turn for the worse, so I flew into NJ. Word on the street is that it's a great half....starting at the Museum of Science and Industry (my favorite Chicago museum besides the Art Institute) and thru the streets surrounding the Univ of Chicago and then mostly on Lake Shore Drive which runs along our beautiful Lake Michigan. And now the Half is closed--10,000 runners are signed up. So amazing how this sport is growing.

Tomorrow is my first Half Marathon of the season. I missed the inaugural Half that I like to run in March due to my Dads death. I can't believe I haven't done a running race since the Shamrock 8K in March. Though my focus in the spring was for my first triathlon that I did in July, it still seems odd. Now I'm fully back to just running, as I've discovered that I can't make the time for three sports right now.

There's a 2:30 cutoff for the race tomorrow. Normally I would believe I could do it, but since I ran 13 miles yesterday, I'm not sure I'll be rested up enough. I'll give it my best shot, but we shall see. So to give myself some kind of edge...I'm going for the dreaded Ice Bath today!! So if you hear a blood-curdling scream later in the day, don't get scared.


Todd said...

wait so joined you down there? who is the traitor and betrayer of everything good and decent in this world.

Deb said...

Blood curdling screams aren't always a bad thing! ;)
Good luck for a great race and lot's of fun!!

neese said...

they aren't very forgiving having a 2:30 cutoff! enjoy the ice bath, sip on some hot cocoa while you're in there!:)
just do your best tomorrow you may be surprised how well it goes!! i'll be thinking about ya!! good luck!!

nancytoby said...

A 2:30 cutoff? That's the most stringent I've ever heard of for a big race - an 11:27 min/mile pace. Can you point us to a link on that??

Good luck!

Lora said...

Here's the link for the race:

Only 750 runners will be on the course. They obviously only want the faster runners. Oh well, they're stuck with me ;)

nancytoby said...

Oh! I was confused - I thought you meant the Chicago Half. Duh! Well, good luck!

Firefly's Running said...

I don't want to hear any screams. Put the ice into the tub AFTER you get in. It makes the ice bath MORE bearable. It sounds like you might a TWO BAGGER tommorow.

Good luck!