Sunday, July 23, 2006

Saturdays Run & Street Fest

A perfect Saturday. Had our group run at the lakefront-six miles. I'm down to 9 runners in my group, which is perfect. This week was much cooler than the high of 90s we hit last Sat, so the running was easier. Of course, Lora taking the wrong turn on the trail and having the group miss a water stop didn't help, but we all made it back in one piece for some great stretching and bonding time.

Haight and I went to a fun street fest in Chicago and even dragged my 22-yr old son and one of his buddies. That's Haight's hurricane I'm drinking--I'm a weakling, three sips and I had a buzz! Geeze--cheap date!!


Jack said...

I'm a lightweight too, two beers and I have slurred speech and can't stay awake.

Todd said...

nothing about you Lora is cheap.

Why so few now? chase them all away? did a bunch quit?

*jeanne* said...

I love this photo!
Wish I had a glass of that!