Sunday, July 16, 2006

Taxi and Dreamin....

It's one of my favorite songs from my H.S. years. Each time I hear it, it stops me dead in my tracks and pulls me remember where I've come from, where I thought I'd go, and accepting of where I am. Twenty-five years ago today, Harry Chapin died in an auto crash. A senseless death. Gone, but most certainly, not forgotten.

I went on a 2-hr bike ride today. All alone....which I'm getting to really enjoy in the wee hours of Sunday morn as not many people or cars are out yet. My path is a smooth one and I'm able to get lost in my thoughts. I pass by an empty storefront that has recently caught my attention. See, the last 8 yrs or so I've had a dream. A dream that I'd own my own little coffee shop, I even found a great location...until I heard how cutthroat this big chain out there could be....they open up right across the street and wait it out til you close down. I wasnt going to tempt that....and good thing, because they did eventually open a few blocks from the location I wanted.

But this's right off the running/bike path. A good location to stop, take your helmet off, put your feet up and have a ........piece of pie! Homemade crust, fresh fruits --a dab of creamy vanilla ice cream on top. Yep...that's my new little dream. A Pie Place. I doubt it will come true....I know how dreams go at this point in my life. Reality kills the I'll just dream about it every time I pass that spot. It always brings a smile to my face. That's just going to have to be good enough.

I ran with the running group on Saturday. Still some runners wearing long sleeves or long pants. Another lecture from me. Tho, after the run was over, they most certainly got it! We're having record breaking days here in Chicago...and running on the lakefront is brutal.

Good news, leg feels fine. I've been stretching and strengthening my calf, along with icing it daily. I also went to the masseuse again after the run and her wonderful torture of me put me in fine form. Is part of being a runner mean you're also a sadist?? Or is that a know, the one that inflicts pain on themselves and enjoys it?? Well, you all know what I mean....cuz you're probably one too!! We all even have the torture equipment...the stick, the IT band roller, the flexible rubber band....I should probably change my blog name to "Madame Lora". I bet I'd get more hits that way!! It is a strange world out there!! well.....naw......I think I'll just sit here quietly, drink my water and soon check if my pee is light yellow. Ahhhh, the simple life.


Reen said...

I'm so glad your leg is better! That's Great news! Be tough with your pupils - they'll love you forever! Remember how John took care of us ;-)

Todd said...

Well if run by me next weekend I will gladly yell at them for you.

yeah I wish I could love the bike like you. maybe if I had paths like you and was as fast as you I would love it but I can not do either. I am getting exciting about swimming

angie's pink fuzzy said...

"madame lora" I love it :)

It's always good to have a dream :)

neese said...

well i will say i wear the long pants during races because my legs are ugly but for training alone it's shorts. i love your coffee shop dream.

poor harry chapin. have you listened to jen chapin's music?

Ryan said...

The old pee check, lol =). Your wee mornin bike ride sounds nice! I wish I got a morning run in today it was 90 this afternoon…and there were people in downtown Boston running in long pants and shirts, plus the shirts/pants were cotton...crazy!

Cliff said... recent favourite saying..

"Pain shouldn't feel this good."


"Training shouldn't be this much fun."

Yeah i am a mascohist for sure then :0. As for your pie place. If it serves beer, I will be there :-D

robtherunner said...

I'll stop by whether your Lora, or "Madame Lora," all though I do think the Madame adds a certain zest.

Firefly's Running said...

Awesome run!

Black Knight said...

Why Madam Lora? You are H.M. Princess Lora!|