Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Another Great Running Day

I didn't expect today's 4 miles to be so good. I started out a bit achy, with tight hamstrings that I've been fighting for awhile. So I walked and ran--did the hill down Ravine Rd--sweated up a storm. I've been feeling a bit more dizzy after my runs the last few days, so today I took a Succeed tablet as soon as I got home. I'll see how that works out. I naturally have very low blood sugar (90/50) so salt and I are good friends.

I came home and did a strong upper body weight lifting regimen. Honestly, I just can't get over how strong I've been feeling. There are times when I feel I'm too old to really buff up and get into the ultra running world...then there are days like today where I run pass the 20 and 30-something runners and think, "Yeah, this is what 48 looks like, so keep it up!" is in Chicago for business this week. I'm draggin him out on Saturday morning with my running group for 7 miles. Hopefully he'll feel up to running another few with me and my girlfriend Cathy, who is doing NYC Marathon, same as him.

I'll be in NJ next Sunday visiting Mom for a week--she is on a whirlwind of grabbing in theatrical performances (she just saw Music Man & Cats) so I told her to leave something for me to share with her. I can't wait!


Todd said...

hahah. you make me laugh. your being just too cute. Too old for the Ultra world I think not. The Avg age of badwater people I think is like 45. Ultra people tend to be older than like me. We rule the 5ks and you rule the distance.

48? my friend michelle things you look 24 so those 20 somethings just thing your one of them.

Ultras are about distance and not speed. Be careful though sounds like you been maybe pushing yourself too hard if your getting dizzy. I hope you figure that one out.

Steve said...

48? I would have never guessed.

Have a fun run on Saturday and say Hi to Cris.