Friday, December 02, 2005

39 Things About Me

1. I loooove the color Red.
2. I named my dog Bayley after John Bayley, the writer, cuz I was touched by how much he loved and took care of his wife when she had alzheimers.
3. I don’t have to pee sometimes for 8 hrs.
4. New nurses hate to train with me for above reason.
5. I was a "fag hag" in my late teen/early twenties
6. I was also a disco bunny.
7. I am proud of both above labels!
8. I try hard to read only one book at a time, tho I usually have 3 going.
9. I wanted to be a teacher, but in HS they told us there were too many.
10. Cuz of above, I went to 5 different colleges trying to find what clicked for me.
11. I didnt do HS athletics cuz the word on the street was you were a lesbian if you did.
12. I won All Around Athlete at summer camp
13. I learned how to use a tampon under duress cuz I had to "bring the team in" during swim meets at Camp Tagola Color War.
14. I used to work out to Jane Fonda’s workout tape.
15. I love flannel Pjs even tho they make me look matronly.
16. I hate makeup.
17. I hate shopping
18. I curse like a sailor.
19. I’m originally from Bklyn, NY–which explains above.
20. I still can only draw stick figures.
21. I love and admire my Mom
22. My Dad is a chauvinist pig and it drives me crazy.
23. I know how to ease the common cold
24. I believe Andrew Weil is brilliant.
25. I yearn to have a cabin in the woods.
26. I love being alone
27. NYC pizza is the best by far, IMHO.
28. I crave hot dogs with mustard and sauerkraut.
29. I have trouble saying Kaufman midwestern style.
30. When I get mad, my bklyn accent comes out.
31. I hardly get mad
32. I love to people watch.
33. I’d secretly like to disappear with my pup and a backpack into the woods for a week.
34. I hate the town I live in.
35. I love the town I’m moving to at the end of next year.
36. Tom Cruise makes me sick
37. I wish I majored in English Lit with a minor in Philosophy.
38. I worked at Starbucks for 2 years and loved it
39. Sumatra is my favorite coffee and Anniversary Blend, when it's available.


The Spandex-King said...

High School girls in sports lesbians??? At my school the Girls Coaches were all Lesbians. That scared away alot of girls. Great list.

J said...

dude, i love tom cruise. don't hate on the tom!
i'm a guy. none of my coaches were gay in HS, but i did have a string of 3 straight jobs where the dude who hired me was gay(and probably still is).

Black Knight said...

Every thing you wrote deserves many words. Do I have a job to do for my next 39 days????? I cannot begin now because I am going for a 10 miles under the rain. Ciao

Elle said...

You rock...and Tom seriously sucks.

Lora said...

Thanks Elle, I'm enjoying your blog too--for "j",see; Tom has pissed off the chicks!!
Stefano--I'm still waiting for your "many words".