Sunday, December 11, 2005

61 Things About Moi

  1. Hot Rocks was my first album
  2. My teenage room was filled with blacklite posters and mobiles
  3. I shared a room with my older sister
  4. She stored her precious makeup in a locked container so I couldn't use it.
  5. I knew how to pry it open.
  6. I am shocked by how many people smoke.
  7. Just Say No was a crock.
  8. Some days I just want a Dove Bar for dinner.
  9. Some days I do just that......with no guilt whatsoever.
  10. I love words....especially onomatopoeia ones.
  11. I was a runner-up in the 3rd Grade Spelling Bee.
  12. I always have to think when I spell "similar" cuz of "familiar"
  13. I love to say the words "mittens" and "buttons" cuz I enunciate the dbl letters.
  14. I think I'm weird at times.
  15. but I don't give a shit.
  16. I have attended and screamed out at a number of Barry Manilow concerts.
  17. I luv Aqualung.
  18. I know the above two don't go together
  19. but I dont give a shit.
  20. There's a tree removal service in my town called "Asplund"--I can't help calling them assplungers.
  21. Another company that sells home plants is called "RenttoKill"---but I don't get it!
  22. I am ashamed at how this country treats it's elders
  23. and our veterans.
  24. When I meet a vet I say, "Thank you for my freedom." Then I ask them to show me their tattoo--they always comply.
  25. I love to listen to the wisdom of our elders--more should try it.
  26. I have never gotten over the movie "Jaws"
  27. Some people have told me I look like Linda Blair.
  28. My sister was horrified by The Exorcist.
  29. I would scare her with sounds from the movie
  30. That was mean
  31. but I don't give a shit.
  32. I think we've all gone crazy with ringtones.
  33. I think the obesity problem in our country is directly proportional to the increasing number of pushbutton features in our cars. Can't we just crank open a window for G-ds sake!!!???
  34. My favorite flower is a daisy.
  35. Yes, I know it's a weed--I believe weeds have rights too.
  36. I love gargoyles--the more grotesque the better.
  37. I have trouble with authority.
  38. Maybe that's why both my kids have had run-ins with the police.
  39. I drive over curbs with my Jeep cuz I can.
  40. I watched Seinfeld only the first year it was on..then it became a fad so I stopped watching.
  41. I am constantly amazed how men can name the title of Seinfeld episodes and break out in laughter together.
  42. I think I have the best masseuse in the world.....I call her Beast Woman
  43. but not to her face.
  44. I can't handle the overstimulation of Las Vegas.
  45. I love Colorado & New Mexico.
  46. I considered moving to Taos.
  47. I'd love to attend a Southern Baptist Service.
  48. I have a terrible singing voice.
  49. I got it from my mother---she used to sing to the radio when we were young, my baby brother always cried.
  50. I love filing my nails, but I dont like nailpolish.
  51. I can multitask to a fault.
  52. I have googled all the men I have dated.
  53. They never knew.
  54. I hired a Private Eye on one of them.
  55. He met me at Dennys with a Trench Coat on.
  56. I eventually confronted the guy with what was found out...the P.I. yelled at me for it, I yelled back and then fired his sorry ass!
  57. I don't like being yelled at.
  58. It brings out the gutter-sounding broad deep inside me.
  59. Running has set me free.
  60. I pray I'll always be able to run!


Black Knight said...

I am impressed for your sentence about the Veterans. Perhaps because I spent 20 years of my life in the Navy?

Lora said...

Stefano--A runner AND a veteran?? My cup runneth over with respect for you. Soooo...where's your tattoo???? ;)

Flatman said...

Barry Manilow???!

*jeanne* said...

A GREAT 61 Things! But they're numbered to 60? (Ah-HA! I get it:
"61. These are only 60 things, but I don't give a $hit")

Just keep running, just keep running! :-)

Lora said...

Yeah! Barry Manilow---wanna make sometin of it????? ;)

you got it right!!