Thursday, December 29, 2005


How do you like it??? Lucky for me to be chosen by Okolo to create my bloggers head. Talented guy, methinks! And how did he know my fav color was red????? These men today are so clever!!

I"ve been running every other day, 4-6 miles. A bit soreness pops up on my rt inner thigh but Dr Jaime continues to work on it. I"m trying to be real good about stretching and strengthening 3x/week as I'm commited to getting in the best shape I can this upcoming year. I'll be ready for the spring running season when it comes! Just gotta get thru the next 2 months--the worst ones weather-wise here in Chicagoland. God I'm sooooo in need of a sunny vacation!! (Tho I'd spend it in the shade reading!)


Okolo said...

I should be honest and say that I'm not the designer, just the owner of the company who is very happy he has such a good designer.

Glad you like it.

A few more free ones to give away, tell your friends.

Brooklyn said...

hm... "got head" is such a MISLEADING title... nice header though

Flatman said...

Very cool!