Tuesday, May 30, 2006

working out well

Today's workout: 1 hr bikeride......100 crunches on stability ball. What I learned about myself today is that I truly love being by myself when I run or bike during the week. I get so lost in my thoughts. I also realized that I'm all about endurance. On the bike, it takes me about 1/2 hr to get warmed up....on a run, it takes me close to 3 miles. Then I'm in the groove---what a high!!!!


Todd said...

better not do a 5k. 3 miles warm up and then .1 miles of racing. :).

I wish I could fall in love with the Bike as much as you have. I do not find such pleasures yet. I guess I have to find either a good trail or group or ride with or something.

robtherunner said...

You're lucky. It takes me about 6 miles to warm up.

You are setting a good example by doing crunches. Can you please do 100 for me tomorrow?

Brooklyn said...

me too. About the warm-up thng.

neese said...

way to go, keep on groovin!


IHateToast said...

can i put in an order of 100 crunches for me too

i warm up after an hour ... but i know what you are talking about

iliketoast said...

oops ... those were my comments not Katys