Friday, May 26, 2006

Just stop hitting the register button!!

So, The people at Chicago Marathon sent out emails to all of us who did the event last year with a warning of doomsday!! Seems that they are almost at capacity and told us to hurry up and register--within the next day or two!! So guess what silly girl here did??? Yep--gonna do that marathon again. As it was my first and only marathon so far, my time can only get better right?????

So here's the upcoming few months:
6/25 Naperville Women's Only Triatlon--Sprint distance
7/22 Waterfall Glen Xtreme 10-mile Trail Race
9/4 Runner's Edge Trail Half-Marathon
10/22 Chicago Marathon

I've also signed up with Club Lifestyle - Tranform Your Body--Transform Your Life as so highly recommended on Julie Berg: Run On site. Time to lose that last few pounds that are dragging me down.

Ummmm......I'm also putting my house up for sale in the month of June and moving in November. Yeah....I've lost my mind!


Todd said...

OMG I love you. You did it. I was so sad when I saw the email that you did not sign up. I am so happy. oh course you will be running with the 10s and I hopely will be with the 11:00 or 11:30s but I am glad you will be out there also. I am so excited I could kiss some beautiful random woman.

Reen said...

Very Cool! I'll be out there cheering you on or volunteering or something!

robtherunner said...

Let's see, you can run Chicago then New York and then you will be ready for your first ultra. I figure since you have gone mad I might as well prod you in the right direction.

neese said...

slooowly...step away from the register button, you can do it lol!

Jack said...

Staying busy I see. I think Rob is right, an ultra can't be too far off at the rate you're going ;-)

iliketoast said...

you're moving? ... why are you moving? ... did i miss something?

Lora said...

I'm moving 20 minutes south of where I live. Selling the home and scaling down to a condo in the heart of a university-based town. I'm verrrry excited!!

angie's pink fuzzy said...

go lora go!

uh, good luck moving - at least it's *after* the marathon :)

Brooklyn said...

I'll be pulling for you all the way to Chicago and beyond. good luck in all of it.