Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Tricking My Mind

I'm going to try a trick with my mind. I'm going to say to myself, over and over, "Hey ultrarunner girl--what's going on? How do you run so fast and keep yourself looking so fantastic???" If I think I'm already there, maybe I'll get there faster!

After lots of reading up on what plan to use to prepare for my first ultra, Ice Age 50K on May 12th, I've decided to concoct my own plan. Well, sort of. I'll use the mileage of Pfitz's 55-mile a week, but go by my body's signs to see about the speedwork. Speedwork is pretty new to me, I play around with it by myself (run as fast as you can to the next tree), but nothing on a schedule. So far, no injuries in the three years I've been seriously running.

I do get a weekly massage (remember Beast Woman??) and I've been doing a series rolfing sessions which leaves me bruised (of which I've received lots of comments and concerns) and I'm sure those have helped my body stay looser. I also stretch during each run after my first two easy miles. I plan on continuing all that (tho I'll stop the rolfing after the 10 sessions--and I will make her ease up when she hits "7" in pain, not "11"---she's shocked how much pain I can take without much facial expressions, but then she says, "Oh yeah, you run marathons"--see what "they" think of us!!?)

So this week starts the training. Unfortunately, I've contracted quite the respiratory bug (I think from all the "infections" you guys gave me on here!) so I've been holding back a bit until I can fully breathe, but I'm rearing to go.

Oh---and, I accepted the new job. Starts next Monday. I've been saying goodbye to all my patients this past week, and I'm not liking that at all. I will miss many of them terribly, it was my most cherished part of the job. No more hands on care--but I'm going out on top--kinda like Michael Jordan huh? (hey....don't mess with my fantasies!)

p.s. I got my first manicure in years to prepare for the management job. Just guess the color!! :)


JeffM said...

Three years with no injuries- you're doing something right. Congrats on the management job!

Reen said...

Red - that's not even hard!!

Yes - Congrats - on both - no injuries and the management job!!

RunnerGirl said...

Congrats on the job Lora!!!!

Deb said...

Congrads on entering a fun new chapter in life. Isn't it great...all these opportunities life throws our way?! I am a little diappointed....what about your toes?! (get em to match!;)..)

Deb said...

Congrads on entering a fun new chapter in life. Isn't it great...all these opportunities life throws our way?! I am a little diappointed....what about your toes?! (get em to match!;)..)

Neese said...

Congratulations on the mgmt job! do your nails match your ipod? :) Looking forward to your training, feel better soon

Jack said...

Congratulations on the new job, I wish you lots of luck.

Once you start running Ultra's you should be able to survive pain level "15" without so much as a blink ;-)

Let me know if the "tricking my mind" trick works, I could use this.

runliarun said...

Tricking your mind works. When I first gave up smoking (more than 13 years ago, when I had not even come to the States) I tricked my mind. I told myself, cigarette after cigarette, day after day, month after month, that I hated smoking. I continued smoking as much as I pleased. But one day my mind bought into the message, and I quit smoking, painfree. All my mind knew was I hated smoking. It lasted ten years, a serious chunk of my lifetime.

Firefly's Running said...

Congrads on the new job. That's SO exciting!!

teacherwoman said...

Congrats on the job, Lora! Your manicure...is it red? I want to get a manicure so bad, but will wait until it is closer to my sis' wedding! Good luck with your training!

Todd said...

There is an old theory. You can not do something you have not already done. That is why I always think I have won the kona lottery and I have completed it already in my head. This way I will train hard and not worry about not making it

Congrads on your new job.

Ryan said...

Great attitude Lora. Sorry that cold could be partly my fault ; ) Get well quick ya'hear! Best of luck with the new job and Ultra-training!

E-Speed said...

I think most ultra runners design their own plans so you are off to a great start!

From Here to There said...

Nail colour... red? gosh I have no idea! Congrats on the job!

You will do great at your ultra. Keep up with the massage, and stretches, and you'll do great!

REALLY looking foward to hearing about your training. If my body allows (heart thing) I will be facing one next fall. Wooop!

robtherunner said...

New job, new manicure, and a new training plan. You're on the up and up. I follow my own plan simply because I cannot follow anyone elses. I wish you the best with your new position.

Ben, aka BadBen said...


Congrats on all of your recent positive changes. You're set for a great 2007!

Watch out with the rolfing sessions. You can stand more pain than the (Rolfer's) average client, so you might get injured.

As far as an ultra training plan goes:
The only thing you should never skip are your long runs on the weekends.
Speedwork is okay...but longer tempo or interval runs are much better for avoiding injury, and tend to make you a tougher ultrarunner, in the long run (pun intended). I usually run 2 tempo runs per week; a 4-miler and a 6 to 8 miler.
The rest of your mileage should be done in your "comfort range."
Also, since most ultras are on off-pavement trails...TRAIN ON TRAILS.

Happy trails,
Bad Ben