Saturday, April 01, 2006

Springtime Excitement

The first race of the season, the Shamrock Shuffle, is tomorrow!! It opens up our racing season here in Chicago--and it is the largest 8K in the World!! Khalid Khannouchi & Costantina Tomescu-Dita will be running. Cracker will entertain afterwards. 25,000 people will run. I can't wait. Today I'm going to Navy Pier to volunteer to give out the goodie bags...I will take my camera and post pics. Flowers are starting to bloom, buds are popping out on the trees and birds are chatting with me on my early morning runs. Life is good!


angie's pink fuzzy said...

good luck tomorrow!!!!

jeanne said...

8k is a great distance! i LOVE 8k!! it's 10 miles I hate!! :) knock 'em dead.

Todd said...

8k? 8k is no k your off the team. hehe 20k is really the smallest k I would want to run but I guess the 8ks hat have big parties afterwards would be cool.