Saturday, March 17, 2007

Four Days Til Spring!!!

Yeah...I know...not a running related pic, but I'm just sooo excited that jean skirts are back IN...cuz you all know I'm all about being with the IN crowd (blah). Tell the designers to stay out of the special hippy closet....we need to be different!
Now for running.....but first...let me get this off of my daughter got another tattoo! On her neck! Damn....why can't these teens just grow their hair long, smoke weed, and have sex with lots of partners like we did!!????
So my running....I actually wound up taking 3 weeks off unintentionally as I tried to get used to my new work schedule. The half marathon was planned to get Haight through it, no PR's or racing for me at all. As he didn't run longer than 6 miles (I think he followed the Lance Armstrong rules for marathon training!) I knew we'd have a slow time, but the goal was to get to the finish line without a breakdown and we accomplished that!
The weather turned out magnificent---50s to start, up to 70 at finish. The course was just beautiful.....running through the streets of Sarasota, over the bridge, along the shore....quite the beautiful part of America. The course for the half was open for 4 hours and I was pleased with that. I know there's a lot of controversy over limiting times for races, but I'm a real advocate of getting people out there to run/walk---anything to cut down on heart disease (the number one killer in the US). So I loved seeing all sorts of people out there just trying to get thru! Kudos to them!!
I did another couple of 5 milers along the streets of Haight's parents community during the week--real pretty trail going through it. And the weekend following the Half I did a 15 miler--real tired through the last 3 miles, but I made it through. I also visited their neighborhood running store Fit2Run - The Runner's Superstore which boasts being the largest store in the U.S. and I was very impressed with their wonderful customer service. I got a new pair of running shoes Wmn's syncroFLOAT 2 - Pearl Izumi there and had to get new inserts as the new pup decided to chew up my million dollar orthotics!!
I'm back into action now. Even plan on getting the weights in. I figure if I just go for the real needed exercises, I have a better chance of keeping up with it. So it'll be.....
Bench Press
Upright Rowing
.....all done at home with hand weights and a stability ball.
Back to my vitamin regimen that I've tightened up too. Yep, I'm one of those that firmly believes in vitamins--though I know there's lots of controversy over that too. I take, on a daily basis.......
Vit C
Vit A
Vit E
Vit b-complex
Brewers yeast
Fish Liver Oil
Calcium & magnesium
I never get PMS on this ladies take note!! I order my vitamins from which always has a two-for-0ne sale going on, and my readings have shown the quality of their products are very pure.
My goal for this year ends with my first 50-miler at Rocky Raccoon....having my first 50K in May to get me towards this goal. I've hesitated to do it since I've taken so much time off, But I THINK I'm going to go for it (damn these women that always change their minds!), so I'll train towards it and see how it goes. I'm hoping to make it up to a 50-mile training week, with a 3-week taper.
I'm back to my nutritional plan with running too.......
Accelerade before a run
SUCCEED! S CAPS every hour if on treadmill, or hot weather,
GU every 5 miles
EnduroxR4 for recovery.
Come on Spring.....I've been a waitin' for ya!!!!!


Jack said...

...why can't these teens just grow their hair long, smoke weed, and have sex with lots of partners like we did!!????...

Sometimes you just crack me up...but you are so right :-)

Sounds like you are a woman with a plan, go for it!

E-Speed said...

You can definitely handle the 50k! Just remember you can walk as much as you want so just make sure you walk all hills and anytime you need to eat :) If you are like me it will be a lot of walking ;)

I heard Rocky Racoon is great. A real nice course without too many hills!

teacherwoman said...

Great pic! I am too am ready for spring! Or atleast the temps in the above 40 range! Hehehe

Firefly's Running said...

Great pic, Lora. I love wearing denium skirt and hoping they are back too.

JeffM said...

Sounds like a great vacation and you got some running in! In one of pictures you were at a spring training game it looked like- that'd be fun.

robtherunner said...

Nice to have you back, Lora, and congrats on the half-marathon. No worries on the upcoming 50k. You'll do great!

Brooklyn said...

Lora, I'll be in chicago Sunday. I should be in by 1 p.m. Do you want to meet up for a run?

Deb said...

Love all the picks girlie! You are looking very cute. Isn't it funny how all this stuff WE wore in high school is now 'cool'? Plllllllease! I've taken a few weeks off myself & can't wait to get back to lifting a couple times a week. You'e inspried me!

runliarun said...

Ultra Lora is back to business!

Brooklyn said...

My email is brooklyn at dopher dot com.

Ryan said...

Nice job on the wing-it half marathon I enjoyed the pics! I'm glad my daughter's only far the worst thing she did was cover herself with Hello Kitty stamps and I mean everywhere but at least you can wash that off!

Keep up the running and bring on Ice Age = )

Mike said...

Lora- you crack me up. The hair/weed/sex comment was classic!!
I'm with you on the spring deal- it is definitely time.

From Here to There said...

At least the tat wasn't on her face?!? :)

Your post got me soooo excited, both for you and for running in general. You have some energy there girl! :)