Monday, June 19, 2006

Little Lora

10 pounds....I lost just three weeks! I'm still going....maybe another 10--I'll see how it goes. But damn!! This is great! How am I doing it??--Club Lifestyle - Tranform Your Body--Transform Your Life check it out.

I ran 6 miles on Friday and a little "ping" on the side of my right knee started in--never heard from that knee before! I iced it when I got home but decided to skip my long run on Saturday. On Sunday, Haight and I did a 2-hr bike ride and then I had to work.

The knee is better, but I still feel it a smidge so I'll keep icing--I have my first triathlon (sprint) this Sunday and I want to be in full working order for it!

We saw Al Gore's movie on Saturday, Al Gore, Sundance's Leading Man, and left very disturbed. I recommend it if only I could bike to work!


Todd said...

Wow sounds exciting. Yeah we all missed you Saturday morning. I gained your 3 lbs. Saturday morning I was down and This morning I am up. Go to my blog if you want the complete details of my weekend.

Jack said...

Wow, great jub with the weight loss!

I hope your knee is better soon so you do well at your first tri!

Reen said...

Very cool! I'm going to sign up after we get back from seeing Mom!

I want to see that movie too!

psbowe said...

A friend mentioned how great that movie is too. I'll have to see for myself when I get time and remember.

Ouch, hope the knee gets to feeling better.

angie's pink fuzzy said...

congrats on the weight loss!

hope the knee feels better soon.

Sheila said...

Congratulations on the weight loss!

The "ping" is your IT band, but icing is not the solution. You need to work on your TFL (tensor fascia latae) muscle, which is on the side of your butt. If you have a tennis ball, lay on that baby (ball under TFL) and rotate your hip with your knee bent and leg in the air while you do it.

Get your husband to dig into your butt with his elbow, that is a good thing, too.

See you Saturday!

Lora said...

Hey---I got rid of my husband cuz he was a pain in the butt....I don't want that back!!
(sorry--couldnt resist)

neese said...

lora congratulations on losing 10lbs! i NEED to do that too! it must feel great!

sorry about the kneew - hope the "smidge" turns to "gone" soon!


Brooklyn said...

congrats on the weight loss, but next time, SEND it over here!

keep an eye on the ping...don't want to get injured.

Mike said...

Awesome weight loss- CONGRATS!!
Re: the movie, I really want to see it but dreading it at the same time...scary stuff, I'm sure!

Mike said...

Aaah Shite, forgot to wish you a great race this weekend! Looks like we're all racing this coming weekend. Here's to calm waters during the swim, tailwinds on the bike, and cooler temps during the run!

From Here to There said...

Wow! 10 lbs is amazing! Must look into that.

Hope you had a great race (will get to that post shortly I bet!) and that your knee is behaving!