Thursday, June 08, 2006

Loving Spring

NYC turned me down!! Yaaay!! Two more refusals and I'm in!! :) So my primary race this year is the Chicago Marathon, with some 1/2 M's in there and my first tri.

Last night my son decided he didnt like my weight training program so he coached me thru a set he created for me. It was much harder than I'm used to, so I've decided to stick with it. How ironic to have this 6'3", 240# MAN that used to cuddle into my arms so I could read to him, powerfully hover over me and tell me I'm doing well. It's the deepest love I've ever experienced and I'll always be grateful for it.

My run today was perfect. Just 4 miles at aerobic pace, but my body is pretty close to adjusting to the humidity (God bless Chicago) and my trail is so beautiful. One of my neighbors rents quite a few spots along the trail to plant his vegetables (which he gladly shares at the end of the season) and I love running by and seeing how things are growing. Unfortunately, his scarecrow has seen better days!

Haight and I decided we better make good use out of the Ravinia Festival this year as we'll have to deal with parking and bus shuttles after the move. I live 1/2 mile from the entrance, so I can easily pack up my little red wagon and trek right on over for a wonderful night of music on the lawn. So Saturday night we're going to hear the BoDeans, a group he turned me onto. We have quite the different taste in music, he's an 80's boy and I'm still in love with the 50's and 60's (though my teen and college years were the 70's). I'm even so peculiar that I hardly own many cd's. I do just fine with any little radio, just need NPR and the oldies station. Who said women were high maintenance????


Haight said...

80's boy?? about "60s to present boy"? :)

Todd said...

haha. I will call him 80's boy from now on.

I tend to like more 80s to present. The Bodeans are cool you will like them. I am more a early to mid 90s boy really. like maybe mid 80s to mid nines boy. ha try calling me that over and over again. NPR is awesome I listen to it like everyday now that I have a commute. My poor mp3 player only gets used now when they spend like all morning talking about dead terrorirst.

my neighbor used to spot for me. it was cool. He was not like your doing great and I am proud of you and man your beautiful. He always was come on you worseless piece of crap. That alwayts worked for me. Espcially when I could over take him and he was like WOW.

yeah your lucky your running. Running is cool. I very much dislike you. hehe.

Reen said...

Do you carry your camera everywhere? ;-)

Mike said...

Lora- glad to hear that your running is back on track....the humidity though..can you really adjust to that!?! ;-)
Also- CONGRATS on Iris..she is a beaut!

Jack said...

Yeah for 50's and 60's music!

That's cool being able to run by the gardens, I would enjoy that too. I think after my 50-miler in two weeks I could probably fill in for the scarecrow for a day or two - I'm sure I'll look quite frightening ;-)

neese said...

the scarecrow is hilarious!
and how great to have a weight training coach i am so envious, i need to get me one of those lol.
i love your race goals, you are an inspiration!! keep us updated on what half you're interested in!


iliketoast said...

i thought it was a scarecrow ... i feel so proud for making it out before you confirmed it further down

love the photos, i wonder what will turnup (sorry, that was lame)

Black Knight said...

Yes, I like the same music you love. By the way on July 19th I will go to the Roxy Music's concert, they are together again!

E-Speed said...

see you in Chicago!

angie's pink fuzzy said...

you are so funny :)