Monday, June 12, 2006

A Wonderful Weekend

Haight and I met Todd up in Wisconsin for a well-run bike ride. Did you know Wisconsin had hills??? Well, we conquered them!!

It was my first date with "Iris" and she was oh so kind to me. And now I have to say, It's soooo all about the bike! I couldn't believe how smooth it felt, how quick I was going, how much better my legs worked when using all the muscles due to clipless pedals. I was going to do the 30-mile ride, but at the pit stop at 15 miles I felt so good that I went on for the 50-miler. Todd was the perfect gentleman to come along and keep me company!

I was surprised we didnt see any other bikers along that path. The roads all to ourselves!! Well, except for the idiot driver that tried to pass me on the left as I was turning and properly signaling left! Car tires screeched et al! Damn those car drivers that don't share the road. We also passed a swarm of Hells Angels riders, kinda scarey to ride past them as they vroom-vroom their engines. I gave them all the peace sign, and most gave it back (I know, I know--I'm queer!)

I also did an 8-mile run on Saturday. It was pouring rain when I woke up, but a runner is a runner in all weather, so I braved the 40-min drive to my running group and took off. Ran with three other gals, two eventually took off faster. I wanted to do 10-miles but I was soaked to the core! I came home and napped and then went for my weekly massage with Beast Woman. Her damn cervical cancer has returned and she's getting it all scraped out on Tuesday--God damn that friggin cancer bug--I want to see it wiped out before my days are over. Meanwhile, my hair grows longer, the least I can do is donate the 11" required for cancer victims. She's been in my prayers these last few days.


Todd said...

I see. Steal my picture. hehe. I think that may be the first picture I have of the 2 of us. I got some of me and haight already I think.

With the trunk you forgot the smoke. Tired smoked as it stopped. I am so glad I did not have to be a witness at the murder trial.

next year if I do that route I will have to have a road bike. Hybrids are not cut out for 50 miles of all hills. btw I checked and there was a I think 250+ gain out there also. So when I was like there are more ups than downs I was right.

Jessica Deline said...

I thought it "wasn't" about the bike? hehe.. glad you had a great time conquering the hills of Wisconsin :)

E-Speed said...

I would have gave them the peace sign too :) Geeks rule!

But it is all about the run.

psbowe said...

Woohoo, it's always nice to meet up with others like that.

Yep, a runner is a runner, nicely done.

Reen said...

Sounds like fun!

neese said...

way to go for that 50-miler! iris sounds like a keeper!! i laughed at the peace sign thing too hehee :)

Brooklyn said...

i am so jealous. i want a bike that works with me that well. maybe it's time i dropped some coin? so with the clipless pedals, do you actually pull up as well as push down?

Jack said...

Sounds like a fun bike ride.

One question, is Todd so big or are you so short ;-) By the way, short runner's can run up mountains much easier than tall ones - at least I seem to pass a lot of taller men on the big hills - of course they blow me away on the downhill.

I often hear the saying among long distance runner's here in Germany, "There is no bad weather, only the wrong outfit!" Good job not letting a little rain keep you from running. Neither rain, nor sleet, nor snow, shall keep a runner at home.

robtherunner said...

Sounds like some productive workouts for you. Way to go on the 50 mile ride and the run in the rain.

Mike said...

Way to go! Running in the rain and pushing the mileage on the bike- sounds like you had a productive weekend.
No coke on the bike?;-)
sorry...had to throw that in....

iliketoast said...

my ears are bleeding with that "it's all about the bike" comment ... you redeemed yourself with running in the rain .... now lets never hear you say that again

Lora said...

Jack--Yes--Todd is one big guy--6'6" I think. I'm average size for a chick--5'5".

Brooklyn--yep--clipless pedals make you pull up as well as push down, a total workout for the legs-a great crosstraining for running-drop the cash, you can thank me later. ;)

And, just for the record--running is my true love--but I'm sure as heck enjoying the bike rides!

Umm....Mike--I'll get you back..just wait!

peace ;)

Steve said...

I need to get an Iris of own......sounds like so much fun!

Running Jayhawk said...

50 miles in Wisconsin!? Awesome...and I never would've guessed they have hills there.

...whoa...I just realized you're in Chicago, too. Haights hubby perhaps? Then again, I'm slow at making connections.

Are you two coming to the RBF dinner on Friday?