Saturday, January 21, 2006

First Mtg with Coach Melanie

If I questioned whether I should be a triathlete before, the meeting with Coach Melanie clinched it. It just so happened we met at a Starbucks right next to a Kiefer Swim Shop!! I told her I've signed up for a half-marathon and an 8k and would like to do a Sprint distance Triathlon followed by the Chicago Marathon.
So here's my goals:
  1. Finish a Sprint Triathlon
  2. Lose 15 lbs
  3. Cut 1 hour time off last years Chicago Marathon time.

She told me I could lose 10 lbs and be perfectly fit (am I loving her more or what??!!) with the program I plan on doing. So here's the weekly breakdown (she'll send me specifics on Sunday)

  1. Run 3x weekly--hills, tempo, long
  2. Swim 1x weekly
  3. Bike 2x weekly
  4. Strength 2x weekly

She is meeting with me at her pool next Monday to deal with my "problem" (Hi, My name is Lora and I have a swimming problem.) We'll do an hour in the pool and each month I'll have her work with me on another area. I suspect I'll mostly need swimming help.

She told me to hold off on getting a new bike until I'm sure I like this trisport thingy. She recommended Pearl Izumi Tri Shorts and goggles. That's my only investment so far. (yeah riiiight--I saw 3 Sports suit she's showing off--I know I'm doomed, but I'm prepared to forge ahead anyways! Must life always be about logic!! NO WAY I SAY--sometimes we must act as children and just say, I WANT THAT!) :::breathe lora breathe::::

And so it begins. To all my fabulous runner blogger pals, a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do. I've watched all those I trained with for the marathon get injuries and I say, "I'm not gonna take it anymore!!" Time to reach out and ask the rest of the muscles to kick in and do their job!!


Okolo said...


A triatlhete is born.

iliketoast said...

I'm feeling a little sad with all this bike and swimming business ...... but very excited about 1 HOUR OFF your Chicago Marathon time!!!!

Black Knight said...

Well now please don't leave your running friends after joined the thriatlon army. Good luck for your 3 goals.

Bolder said...


very exciting developments... look forward to following your success.

a.maria said...

omg i met with my coach to talk about my swimming and upcoming marathon training/weight/life goals this weekend as well...

i walked away a little more afraid of what i'd just gotten myself into more than anything though!

good luck with all of that, can't WAIT to har more about the swimming!

*jeanne* said...

Most people will go right (as opposed to left) EVERYWHERE. Not only at Disney World!

I just stopped by to say, "Hi!"

(E!!ie sent me)


giorgio said...
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