Monday, January 23, 2006

This Weeks Schedule

I'm signed up for Welcome to the 2006 Subaru USWTS Naperville, Illinois a sprint Triathlon!! Annnnnd----my 18 yr old daughter signed up with me! How awesome is that??!! It's a Women's Only Triathlon, so it should be a bit less intense--real good for my first one.

Here's what Coach Melanie has me doing this week:

Monday..........Swim 30 mins, Lift Lower Body
Tuesday.........Run- hill workout, CORE exercises
Wednesday....Bike 45 mins, Lift Upper Body
Thursday.......Tempo Run, CORE exercises
Friday............Bike 45 mns, Life Upper & Lower Body
Saturday........Long Run-9 miles, CORE exercises

She calculated my daily caloric intake requirement at 2000-2100 cals. To lose 1 lb/wk I need to reduce it by 500cals/day. On workout days, I only reduce it by 25o calories. I've purchased this program FitDay - Free Weight Loss and Diet Manager to help me track my daily intake. (I think Mind (AND NOW LEGS!!!) of Iron Sheila first mentioned it on her blog--Thx Sheila!!)

I was invited to a Goal Making Party this past Saturday Night. Lori, the IronMan Hostess, had us write down our annual goals and then pulled out three of them from a hat for prizes: $50 gift certificates to a local athletic store and a TYR bag! Not bad, huh? Unfortunately I didnt win anything, but met lots of interesting people. I stayed late enough to watch them light up a cigar and pass it around! Fun Folks--I had a blast!


iliketoast said...

Great to hear about the mother daughter team on the race with the long name. Will you be wearing matching race gear?

Bolder said...

booyah! wait to TRI!!

great weekly schedule.

Lora said...

hmmmm...matching gear?? havent thought about it....not sure my headstrong/independent/do-it-my-way-or-you'll-hear-about-it daughter would want that...but I'll ask!!! There will be pics for sure!!!

Black Knight said...

mother vs daughter: an interesting match! How can you train for a Tri and follow a diet? Is the coach an accomplice so your daughter will arrive before you?

Lora said...

Diet??? A dirty word on my blog!! It's just a sprint distance...not a biggie. I'll drop the weight before the marathon training which begins right after the tri.

She may have the speed---but Mom has the endurance!!!!

giorgio said...

thanks again to visit my blog.
your actvity (run, swim and bike) is fascinating.
have a nice week end.

Black Knight said...

I beg your pardon Princess Lora, I deserve your just punishment for my careless post. When Mom runs, the daughter must follow in respectful silence, learning the tactic and the style......and taking pictures!

*jeanne* said...

AWESOME! A tri with your daughter, and for women only (so maybe it'll be kinder gentler for a first Tri?)

Way to go! Congratulations!

Susan said...

I hope your workouts this week went well.