Thursday, February 02, 2006

Which Path to Take

I'm still deciding on whether to do the Ice Age 50k in great support from my fellow bloggers which I so appreciate! Here's what Coach Meredith emailed me about this decision....

"If I were you, I would probably hold off on the Ice Age 50K until next year. Your focus this summer is successfully completeing your first triathlon! That is a big undertaking in itself. I would stay focused on that goal, get your body completely healed, strong & then you could always do it next year."

During the Chgo Marathon in October, my first Marathon and longest distance, my right shin was really aching. It put me down for only 2 weeks, probably because I went right in to see my physical therapist and orthopedist and listened to what they told me. I changed shoes, got an orthotic (for my verrry high arches), iced regularly, and learned how to stretch and strengthen properly. And now with the cross-training of biking and swimming my body feels much stronger during my runs.

Here's the year with the 50k..........

3/19.....March Madness Half Marathon
4/2......Shamrock Shuffle 8K
5/13.....Ice Age 50K
5/21.....Cleveland 10K (would do the 1/2 Marathon if I don't do the 50K)
6/25.....Naperville Sprint Triathlon
7/22.....Waterfall Glen Extreme 10K
10/22.....Chicago Marathon

I've been socially running for 10 years, but this is only my third year of doing races. I haven't done ANY speedwork yet. I've been a back-of-the-packer and my goal this year is to be in the middle-of-the-pack. I'm leaning towards forgetting about the 50K for this year...I'll still have plenty of goals to work on. I'm finding the hardest part of all this is reigning yourself in!!


Sheila said...

If I had it to do over again, I would have worked on my run speed and stuck with shorter tris before I moved up to long distance. It's hard to train both volume AND speed. And once you are on the volume train, it's hard to get faster until you've been at it for a long time.

I began running in 1998, then did 2 marathons in 1999--a 4:51 and a 4:30. In 2000, I began doing triathlons, and did a 1/2 IM. After that it's all been full IM's. Now, in my 6th year of IM training, I am finally able to do some more quality run work without fear of injury. When I tried that 3 years ago, BANG, injury.

Sure, there are fast ultrarunners, but they were FAST RUNNERS first.

One thing at a time--you're young and you have plenty of time!


iliketoast said...

I think the advice is very good ..... there will be time for the ultra later

Black Knight said...

I agree with sir Iliketoast, my gracious Princess. You are so young and the 50K can wait. Now better you spend your precious time winning on shorter distances.

olga said...

I wasn't a fast runner before I became (relatively) fast ultrarunner. And trails are better on your shins than roads - I know, because I have compartment and can't make 10 miles on roads, but don't have any suffering in a 100M soft dirt. As for schedule - it's up to you, what you love most, but if you do go for Ice Age, take off next race completely.
Other than that - progress in long runs and see if YOU think you can make it through 50, or just focus on tri. Tri prep does take a lot of training time.

Todd said...

well there are other 50ks out there. the lakefront 50/50 is fun for the whole family and if you do the 50k you always know there are 50 milers out there on the course with you. I want to do ice age but my stragery did not work I feel and I have to change things around. Ask Julie A. she is a fast 5k now because if you can run 100 miles your heart can just drive you home pretty fast in a 5k.

Jack said...

Good advice so far, an ultra will always be there. I have been debating whether to do a sprint tri, ultramarathon or both this year. For me it was an easier decision - I wanted to take a freestyle class (I can breast stroke and that's it), but it filled in the first half-hour, so that was it until the summer. So I am looking at an ultra, at my age (46) I'm not going to get a whole lot faster (with the time I have available to train) so am just going to go for it. I think a tri is a great idea considering your situation and age. Have fun!

badboy said...

My DreamDomme is directing my running and events this year, and she is choosing an ultra distance event for me. All new for me, and not my original plans for this year. I will be running a lot.